Goddess of goddesses


Without talking about Rihanna’s brilliant singing career for more than 10 years dominating the charts and the most prestigious award ceremonies, let’s talk about a goddess of goddesses – someone with the power to conquer the world. with brief appearances lasting only 5 minutes but fully recorded by hundreds of paparazzi lenses. Rihanna has her hair tied up like a Japanese geisha, Rihanna has smoky eyes and nude lips, Rihanna has dreadlocks with a bare face… It’s no exaggeration to say, you are living in a world surrounded by thousands of news every day revolving around black girls from That island of Barbados.


Unlike other fashion/beauty “icons”, Rihanna makes an impression every time she appears in public simply because she has no manners when it comes to dressing or makeup. She can appear with blunt bob hair and monochrome makeup or “slash” anyone who dares to stand in the same frame with her high bun hairstyle, thin bangs and bright purple-painted eyes. Whenever she’s gentler, Rihanna makes people faint with her smoky eyes and nude lips or simply her bright red lips and flowing brown hair.

Regardless of her choice, Rihanna always surprises fans with her “descendants”. Maybe Rihanna is not a girl with the face of a beauty queen or the absolutely perfect body of a supermodel, but Rihanna is certainly the boldest, most daring beauty icon with sometimes unique experiences. no one dares to do it.

More importantly, no matter what happens, she still maintains her “billion dollar” charisma, making people look at her and then die just because of a curvy glare or a melancholy flip of her hair. From singer to fashion icon, Rihanna only needs to go a very short distance.

Every time she appears, Rihanna transforms without discipline

Understanding the power of the name Rihanna, fashion and beauty brands are racing to join hands with her, hoping their products will turn into pure gold in the midst of an overloaded market. In 2013 alone, MAC cooperated with RiRi (Rihanna’s short name) to consecutively launch 4 different product batches, from Rihanna hearts MAC, Viva Glam I, Viva Glam II and the fall collection. This is also considered a milestone for MAC, when for the first time up to this point, they carried out a long-term collaboration with an entertainment artist.

Moreover, Rihanna is not just an entertainer, she is also a fashion designer, jewelry designer, a volunteer activist, and an iconic monument to creativity and innovation. style in art. Even the 7 bottles of perfume she produced with Parlux, although not as heavily promoted as the products in collaboration with MAC, still earned 75 million USD globally – a number that many people do not dare to dream of. next.

MAC x Rihanna lipstick collection signed by the singer

Fenty Beauty pure gold block

And Fenty Beauty appears as a sweet fruit formed from the long-term love marathon of Rihanna and the beauty world. Fenty Beauty was born under the auspices of Kendo – a company under the LVMH group, which created success for Kat Von D Beauty and Marc Jacobs Beauty.

On September 8, 2017, Fenty Beauty landed with 90 products at the Sephora retail chain and on the brand’s own website. Unlike regular cosmetic brands that choose lipstick and eyeshadow as their main products, Fenty Beauty focuses on foundation, highlighter and contour – products for the skin.

Fenty Beauty’s 40 foundation colors

Fenty Beauty has charming pastel pink packaging with a beautiful minimalist design, humorous product naming that fits Rihanna’s personality: Highlighter Trophy Wife, Killawatt… If you pay attention to lipstick, you probably won’t be able to didn’t know about the huge aftershock last September when Fenty Beauty brought 40 foundation tones for every skin tone in the world. And perhaps, it was only when Rihanna appeared as the savior with 40 bottles of foundation in every color in her hand that other beauty brands exclaimed that they had been neglecting an extremely important market segment for a long time. big for women of color. The sight of shelves stocked with Fenty Beauty’s dark foundation range is a real boost to brands’ perception of what remains an obscured part of the beauty world.

With Fenty Beauty’s highlighter and contour products, users can also use eyeshadow and lipstick as replacements depending on their preferences and boldness. During a Fenty Beauty launch event in Spain, Rihanna applied a color to her lips from her Match Stix highlighter and cheek color line. Rihanna’s sophistication and efforts to please women around the world are rewarded with impressive numbers and compliments from today’s most popular beauty vloggers such as Jaclyn Hill, Jeffree Star, Nikkie Tutorials… And even though the holiday season isn’t here yet, the waiting list for Fenty Beauty’s limited edition collection can already be measured in miles.


The appearance of Fenty Beauty causes newly released products from Kylie Cosmetics or KKW Beauty (Kim Kardashian West’s cosmetic line) to somewhat reduce the heat. But don’t rush to equate Fenty Beauty with the other two brands just because they are both created by celebrities. Fenty Beauty is an effort to reach all customers with different skin tones and conditions, while Kylie Cosmetics and KKW Beauty simply sell lipstick and contouring products commonly used by the Kardashian sisters. .

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty collection launched in early September this year


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