Give the Unused Corner of Your Yard New Life With these Corner Garden Ideas

Stacy Fisher
35 Corner Garden Ideas That Will Save You Space
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Practical Corner Garden

A corner garden with plants and mulch.

@jlandscapedesigltd / Instagram

This corner garden idea can be used anywhere in your yard, and this one is cleverly tucked away in a corner formed by the house.

You can add plants and flowers to this small garden or even vegetables. Mulch is used to keep the weeds away and brick edging keeps everything tidy.

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Shady Corner Garden

A corner garden with a potting bench

@sixat21 / Instagram

This beautiful corner garden designed by Yvonne Purcell really takes the idea to the next level.

There’s a trellis, potting bench, plants, and even vines that make up the garden. She picked a shady corner to keep her plants protected from the hot summer sun, and the results were dreamy.

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Corner Garden Cedar Planter Boxes

Cedar planters in a corner garden

With Love, Mercedes

This corner garden fits in where the privacy fence meets in the backyard. This is a perfect area for a corner garden.

With Love, Mercedes has done this with cedar planter boxes that can be filled with whatever you like. Pavers and rocks help further customize the area.

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Benches and Firepit Corner Garden

A corner garden with benches and a fire pit

Delia Creates

Delia Creates had a corner garden idea that’s perfect if you have a larger space that you need to fill.

Flower beds set off with garden edging and raised beds surround a fire pit that has plenty of seating for everyone in the family. It makes a corner that not only looks great but provides a place to gather and relax.

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Vertical Garden

A corner garden with a vertical garden

Sugar & Cloth

Perfect for a small corner, Ashley from Sugar & Cloth has built a vertical garden that can be used for herbs or vegetables. It not only saves space, but it adds a lot of interest to the area.

Decorative stepping stones have also been added as well as some potted and hanging plants.

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Tropical Garden Corner

A tropical corner garden

The Kiwi Home

The Kiwi Home has taken an unused corner of the backyard and created an inspiring corner garden.

Raised planters showcase tropical plants, sitting on a layer of gravel. A couple of chairs and a table are there too, making it a great place to relax and enjoy your garden.

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Urban Chill Out

A corner garden with plants and trees

Antonia Schofield Garden Design

Take this corner garden idea from Antonia Schofield Garden Design and make it a reality.

This corner space is packed with potted trees, plants, flowers, and some raised planter boxes. There’s even a small bench so you can relax and enjoy all your hard work.

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Full Corner Garden

A corner garden with lush plants

@jaysgardenjournal / Instagram

Janice Groves has taken a large corner and created a lush corner garden that will be the envy of all the neighbors.

There are several areas for flowers and plants, filled to the brim with greenery. There’s also a wide path in the middle so you can walk in your beautiful corner garden.

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Front Yard Corner Garden

A corner garden with wooden edging

@maisonsnap / Instagram / David Pellerin Photography

Corner gardens don’t have to be limited to a backyard. This one enhances curb appeal, by being front and center in the corner of the front yard.

Raised wooden planter boxes set it apart from the rest of the yard and pink plants add an exciting pop of color.

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Corner Garden Gazebo

A gazebo as part of a corner garden

@decorativegardenantiques / Instagram

This corner garden idea adds a touch of whimsy to an otherwise formal yard. A wooden gazebo is flanked by concrete pots filled with greenery.

It sits not quite in the corner, giving you room to expand the garden in the future.

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Stop and Smell the Roses

A corner garden with a bench and rose bush

@kezzabeth_blog / Instagram

A corner garden doesn’t have to be so formal as shown here where everything has an organic feel to it.

Sweet-smelling pink roses are what make this corner garden stand out from all the rest. It fits into a small corner of the yard and includes privacy fences that act as a garden trellis so you can have even more plants in your limited space.

A bench is also added so you can really sit and enjoy the smell of the roses.

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Pallet Garden Walkway

A corner garden with a pallet walkway

Funky Junk Interiors

Donna over at Funky Junk Interiors shows you how to add a walkway to your corner garden. This walkway is made from pallets, giving it a natural look that fits right in with the rest of the garden. The walkway is surrounded by a wide variety of plants and flowers.

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Tropical Living Plant Wall

A corner garden with tropical plants

A Piece of Rainbow

Bring a piece of the tropics to your corner garden. This plant wall is made from recycled pallets and can be placed in any corner you like. Ananda from A Piece of Rainbow shows you how this wonderful DIY project is perfect for a smaller space.

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Corner Vegetable Garden

A corner vegetable garden

@scottishveggiegarden / Instagram

If your dream corner garden is filled with vegetables, this idea by Suz Reid may be just what you’re looking for. A few slightly raised planter boxes keep everything tidy and make it easy to harvest. The unique design takes full advantage of a corner of the yard.

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Tucked Away Corner Garden

A corner garden up against a house

@drwoodstyles / Instagram

Here’s a corner garden idea that’s perfect if you have a small area in the outside corner of your home. It’s slightly terraced with bricks and decorative edging.

A fence keeps critters away from all the growing vegetables that are planted in the ground as well as vegetables in pots.

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A Corner Garden For the Birds

A bird bath in a corner garden

@jaysgardenjournal / Instagram

The highlight of this corner garden is a concrete birdbath, offering a place for the birds to drink and rest.

It’s surrounded by beautiful flowers in white and purple. There are also some stepping stones and rock edging to make it something special.

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Water Feature for a Corner Garden

A corner garden idea of adding a water feature

@ladylandscape / Instagram

Here’s a corner garden idea if you’re looking for something special. The focal point is a water feature that has some floating plants. Vines climb up one side of the wall while the other has trees, bushes, and a few flowers.

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Natural Corner Garden

A natural corner garden

@ladylandscape / Instagram

This corner garden sets itself away from the rest of the yard with a layer of mulch. The natural look of the garden includes a small rock garden, flowers, a tree, and some other plants. Pavers make sure that you have a path to use while you enjoy your beautiful garden.

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Outside Living

A seating area and dining table in a corner garden

@s.j.styling / Instagram

Expand your living area to the corner of your yard with this corner garden idea. There’s a place to lounge as well as an outdoor dining space that can be used to enjoy a meal.

Potted trees and plants are brought in to give some life and color to the area. It’s the ultimate outside space that you won’t want to ever leave.

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Hanging Basket Corner Garden

A hanging basket corner garden

A Beautiful Mess

Tucked into the corner of a house, Rachel at A Beautiful Mess has created a hanging basket vertical garden. Polyester rope holds the baskets in place, which are then filled with herbs and flowers.

This project shows you that even with a small space, you can create a corner garden that you’ll love.

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Contemporary Corner Garden

A corner garden on a concrete pad

@thedistinctivegardener / Instagram

If you’re looking for a larger garden, here’s an idea that you have to check out. Large pavers have been put together to create this contemporary corner garden.

It features small areas for trees, plants, and flowers. There’s also a lounging area so you can enjoy your space.

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Raised Planter Box

A raised planter box as a corner garden

Chatfield Court

Kristi from Chatfield Court has built this pretty raised planter box that has a farmhouse-style feel to it. It makes the perfect corner garden if you’re tight on space and can be put literally anywhere. There’s also a shelf down below for potted plants.

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Mid-Century Corner Garden

A corner garden with orange and yellow highlights

Dazey Den

Dazey Den has designed a mid-century corner garden that fits in perfectly with the rest of the home. There are a whopping three sitting areas that are surrounded by desert plants you can grow including shrubs, cacti, and other succulents. With a garden like this, you’ll never want to leave.

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Solar Fountain Corner Garden

A solar fountain in a corner garden

Design by A Piece of Rainbow

You can place one, two, or a whole group of solar garden fountains in any corner of your yard or near your house.

You can expand the corner garden by adding potted plants, trees, and flowers. Ananda from A Piece of Rainbow shows you just how to do it with both written directions and a video.

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Container Garden

A corner garden made up of pots

Design by Dazey Den

Pots and planters in various sizes have been put together to create a corner garden. This idea can be used no matter how small or large of a space you have.

Dazey Den has designed this area where potted flowers and trees are surrounded by manicured bushes, giving it a formal and natural feel all at the same time.

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Relax and Unwind

A corner garden with a relaxing chair

@life_of_isatu / Instagram

A corner garden that has seating for just one can be a great place to go relax and unwind after a long day.

Potted plants and trees surround the chair as well as a raised planter box full of greenery. A concrete slab and gravel are used to separate it from the rest of the backyard.

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Playful Corner Garden

A small playhouse in a corner garden

@mindygayerdesign / Instagram

Here’s a corner garden that can be a place for both kids and adults to enjoy. A quaint playhouse is built right in the center of it, inviting kids to stay and enjoy the magic of the garden.

The rest of the garden is full of plants and trees. A creek with a bridge adds to the whimsy of the area.

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Tiered Planter Box

A tiered planter box as a corner garden

Anika’s DIY Life

Here’s a corner garden idea that takes the garden off the ground, making it easier to plant and tend to the flowers.

Anika’s DIY Life had the clever idea of adding a tiered planter box that does just that. It can be placed in any corner you like, including places near the house where you don’t have a yard. It’s a three-level planter that costs only $10 in materials to build.

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A Touch of Purple

A corner garden in a yard

The Spruce / Photo by Adelyn Duchala

This neutral corner garden is mostly green but has touches of purple flowers. It’s all set on a pea gravel patio and includes some interesting plants that you won’t see in every garden.

You can stroll through the yard and enjoy the color and beauty that the garden adds to your outdoor space.

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Vertical Plant Stand

A vertical planter stand in a corner garden

Angela Marie Made

A small corner garden, flanked by a privacy fence and hedge, shows off a petite vertical plant stand. There’s room for three potted plants, which you can fill with flowers, herbs, or veggies.

Angela Marie Made has all the instructions on how to build this so you can add it to your yard.

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Small Corner Garden

A corner garden with pavers

@athomeforrealcomfort / Instagram

Here’s a corner garden idea that will fit in just a small corner of your backyard. Even though it’s small, there’s a small pathway that you can use to care for your outdoor plants. There are some flowers in the corner as well as a cute DIY birdhouse, inviting birds to come and visit.

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Self Watering Corner Garden

A drip irrigation system for a corner garden

Houseful of Handmade

Kati at Houseful of Handmade shows you how to build a corner vegetable garden that has drip irrigation. You won’t have to worry about watering your vegetables every day, and before you know it, it will be filled with seasonal veggies. Long cuts of lumber separate the garden from the rest of the yard.

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Dream Garden

A corner garden with a swimming pool

@thedistinctivegardener / Instagram

If you’re lucky enough to have room for a swimming pool in your outdoor space, you can surround it with a corner garden that’s made to be enjoyed.

This garden will take your breath away with lots of areas for plants as well as a fire pit and sectional.

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Manicured Corner Garden

A manicured corner garden

@graywalkerinterios / Instagram

This beautiful garden can be used in any corner of your yard, big or small. This corner garden starts out with small flowers in the front, medium ones in the center, and a large bush right in the corner.

These layers of plants really make it something unique. It has a lovely feel to it, and depending on what plants you pick, you can make it as formal or natural as you like.

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Wooden Obelisk

A wood obelisk in a corner garden

Chatfield Court

The smallest of corners has room for this wooden obelisk that was put together by Kristi at Chatfield Court. It can hold hanging plants and potted plants and even act as a tomato cage. Surround it with even more plants and flowers to complete the look.

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