Get Inspired to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets by These Before-and-After Pictures

Farima Ferguson
Painting Kitchen Cabinets: 20 Before and After Pictures
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Before: Basic Basement Wet Bar

A basement bar area before remodeling

Casa Watkins Living

Stephanie Watkins loves bold, modern color, but her basement wet bar didn’t reflect that. The cabinets were a beautiful warm wood, but she wanted a fresh pop of color to match the rest of her basement.

After: Modern and Bold

A cheerful yellow basement area area

Casa Watkins Living

Since the basement is small, Stephanie decided against a dark color for the cabinets, but she still went bold. This rich yellow color, Saffron Strands by Behr, is carried through to the ceiling soffit and complements the new teal tile backsplash perfectly.

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Before: Plenty of Potential

A midcentury modern style kitchen

@nudeandthenovice / Instagram

This kitchen has a lot of potential, from the midcentury modern shaped cabinetry and the functional layout. It’s lacking in color and personality, though.

After: A Retro Feel

A mint green and pink kitchen

@nudeandthenovice / Instagram

Sarah wanted to make the horizontal upper cabinets even more playful with a coat of mint green paint and minimalist knobs. The geometric, bubblegum pink tile backsplash paired with the cabinets adds a cool, retro feel.

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Before: A Cluttered Look

A builder grade kitchen before a remodel

Casa Watkins Living

The dark cabinetry and countertops in this kitchen made the kitchen feel cramped and cluttered, despite it being a decently-sized space. Stephanie wanted to transform this space into something brighter and more open.

After: Contrasting Cabinets

An open, inviting kitchen area

Casa Watkins Living

Stephanie redesigned her kitchen into an all-white kitchen with a twist. To bring in some contrast, she incorporated stained wood cabinets with refreshing bright white ones. A wood island replaces the bulky dining table that was previously taking up half the kitchen.

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Before: Outdated Design

An outdated kitchen

Finding Lovely

When Jackie of Finding Lovely first bought this house, she knew the kitchen needed some serious updating. But, it has good bones, from the solid wood cabinets that reach the ceiling to the state-of-the-art appliances.

After: A Refreshing Update

A small kitchen with white cabinets and a green island

Finding Lovely

Jackie went with her favorite white hue, Chantilly Lace from Benjamin Moore for all the cabinetry. She wanted the island to be the focal point of the kitchen, so she painted it a contrasting neutral, Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore.

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Before: Dysfunctional Kitchen

A dark, outdated kitchen

Hannah Tyler Designs

The outdated wood cabinets make this dysfunctional kitchen shape feel even more cramped and cluttered. The U-shaped cabinets don’t offer a nice flow for a functional space like a kitchen. It needed a new redesign and color palette.

After: Black and White Beauty

An kitchen with black cabinets and plenty of natural light

Hannah Tyler Designs

Hannah and Tyler tore down some walls and extended the cabinet and countertop space to create a more functional space. Extending the bottom cabinets meant they could add more windows for extra natural light. With so much natural light coming in, they went with a matte black cabinet finish to add interest without making the space feel too overwhelming.

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Before: Dark Everything

A traditional kitchen with dark wood cabinets and black countertops

@wildrosecountryhome / Instagram

Jenn’s kitchen featured dark everything, from the cabinetry to the flooring and countertops. Even with all the natural light in her home, her kitchen felt dark and confined.

After: A Farmhouse Makeover

A kitchen with white cabinets and natural wood island

@wildrosecountryhome / Instagram

With a little paint and light DIY work, Jenn transformed her kitchen from dark to bright and open. The white cabinetry paired with the black backsplash and countertops blend beautifully with the natural wood accents.

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Before: A Traditional Kitchen

A traditional style kitchen

Rebecca Rollins

This kitchen probably takes you back to your childhood where your parents or grandparents cooked many meals for the family. But, the traditional backsplash and dark wood cabinetry need a serious refresh.

After: A Contemporary Refresh

An all white kitchen

Rebecca Rollins

Designer Rebecca Rollins completely revamped the space with lighter cabinetry that extends all the way to the ceiling and a wrapped range hood to match.

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Before: Vintage Pegboard Cabinets

White pegboard kitchen cabinets

@dazeyden / Instagram

This ’50s kitchen designed by architect William Krisel features midcentury modern design from the vintage pegboard cabinets to the tile countertop. Even though the original fixtures were well preserved, the kitchen wasn’t up to code anymore, so it was time for an upgrade.

After: Midcentury Modern Orange Hues

An orange kitchen

@dazeyden / Instagram

The new kitchen stays true to midcentury design with a colorful update in orange hues. Now, the kitchen has the perfect mix of style and functionality.

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Before: 90s Maple Wood Kitchen

An outdated kitchen with builder grade cabinets

@martinas_cosy_crib / Instagram

This kitchen was outdated from top to bottom, including the maple wood cabinetry. Even though it was outdated, Martina decided to keep and update most of it since the cabinetry was in good shape.

After: A Soothing Color Palette

A cozy kitchen with light sage green cabinets

@martinas_cosy_crib / Instagram

The kitchen can be a busy, hectic place in the home, but a soft color palette can bring a relaxed, laidback feel to the space. Some of the maple cabinetry was refinished in an eggshell color, while the butcher block countertops add the perfect contrast.

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Before: 60s Pink

An outdated kitchen that needs to be gutted

Hannah Tyler Designs

Everything about this kitchen is straight from the 60s, from the pink accent cabinets to the old appliances and pegboard wall. The kitchen needed new cabinets and a new color palette for a more contemporary look.

After: A Sleek Look

A kitchen with soft gray cabinets and black granite countertop

Hannah Tyler Designs

By opening up that one wall, the kitchen lets in more natural light. This means that going a bit darker with the cabinets and countertops won’t make the space feel cramped. Instead, it adds dimension and texture.

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Before: Outdated Cabinets

A large kitchen with outdated cabinets

Home Made by Carmona

Not only were these cabinets outdated, but they were all comprised of a system of cabinets that all open up to each other. This was an issue for Ursula Carmona when she found a family of mice living in them. The cabinets had to go, and this was her opportunity to change up the look.

After: Two-Toned Cabinets

A kitchen with white upper cabinets and blue lower cabinets

Home Made by Carmona

Ursula went with two-toned cabinetry to add interest and height to her space while keeping the design timeless. The upper white cabinets open up the space, especially with the glass front cabinets, while the lower navy cabinets add elegance.

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Before: No Personal Aesthetic

A kitchen with a large island and white cabinetry

@houseofharvee / Instagram

Although this kitchen certainly doesn’t look like a before, it lacked the aesthetic Krystal wanted. Her personal aesthetic features lighter, brighter colors that are warm and welcoming.

After: A Cheerful Kitchen

A kitchen with white cabinets and a pink tile island

@houseofharvee / Instagram

The bright white cabinetry and pink tile island completely change the look of the kitchen from dreary to relaxing and refreshing. The light wood accents complete the sunny, bright look.

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Before: Tiny and Dated

An outdated kitchen with yellow cabinets

Hannah Tyler Designs

Not only is this kitchen small, but everything about it is dated, from the mustard yellow cabinets to the laminate countertops.

After: Tiny Yet Stylish

A white galley kitchen

Hannah Tyler Designs

To make the space larger, Hannah and Tyler torn down the wall between the old kitchen and dining room. This allowed for six more feet of space, so they replaced some of the cabinetry for open shelving to make the sink area feel more open. Bright white cabinets open up the space by reflecting natural light from the windows.

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Before: Dated Pine Wood Cabinetry

An outdated kitchen with wood cabinetry

@kirsten.diane / Instagram

The pine wood cabinetry in this outdated kitchen makes the kitchen feel dark and uninspiring. Kirsten wanted a little more drama in her kitchen space.

After: A Dramatic Finish

A kitchen with black cabinetry

@kirsten.diane / Instagram

Kirsten loved the idea of black cabinetry, and it’s the perfect addition to their newly renovated vaulted ceiling. With the high ceiling, the black cabinetry adds a dramatic effect without feeling too loud or busy.

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Before: Dark Green Cabinets

A kitchen with dark green cabinets

@dazeyden / Instagram

The kitchen was plain and felt dark and small with the dark green cabinets. The kitchen needed a bright upgrade.

After: Retro Blue and Green Kitchen

A colorful kitchen with a blue and green palette

@dazeyden / Instagram

Some of the cabinets were kept the same green, but the kitchen now has a brighter feel with the addition of blue, white, and retro-style wallpaper.

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Before: Functional Yet Bland

A traditional kitchen with white cabinets

Rebecca Rollins

At first glance, this kitchen looks great, from the pretty white cabinetry to the brass hardware. But, the space feels small and cramped.

After: Bright and Cohesive

A kitchen with natural elements

Rebecca Rollins

Designer Rebecca Rollins added cabinetry that extends to the ceiling and went with lighter cabinetry to give the illusion of a taller ceiling. The natural wood ceiling beams are carried through to the kitchen island for a cohesive look.

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Before: In Need of a Reno

An outdated white kitchen

Hannah Tyler Designs

When Hannah and Tyler bought their condo, the kitchen was so outdated it had a yellow oven and cabinets that were in rough shape. The kitchen needed some serious TLC.

After: An All-White Beauty

An all white kitchen

Hannah Tyler Designs

The all-white cabinets, open shelving and countertops bounce light around the small kitchen from the open window. The combination of open shelving and large cabinets brings interest to the all-white space.

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Before: No Personality

A builder grade kitchen before a remodel

Ajai Guyot

This builder grade kitchen doesn’t have a distinct design style, and it lacks color and functionality. Designer Ajai Guyot wanted to not only bring design into her kitchen area, but functionality and durability.

After: A Curated Space

A kitchen with black cabinets

Ajai Guyot

Because her kitchen had water damage, Ajai had to tear down the upper cabinets, but open shelving still provides extra storage and an opportunity to decorate. She opted for black bottom cabinets since the kitchen is a high traffic area, but it’s also a nice contrast with the open shelving and adjacent lighter cabinets.

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Before: A Large Kitchen With No Color

A large, traditional kitchen

Rebecca Rollins

This large kitchen is a dream, from the arched window by the sink to the kitchen island cabinetry. A space like this provides opportunity to showcase color and your personal design aesthetic, but this space was all beige.

After: A Stunning Kitchen Island

A kitchen with white cabinets and a blue kitchen island

Rebecca Rollins

Now, the kitchen feels even larger with a brighter color palette that’s refreshing and contemporary. Designer Rebecca Rollins incorporated bright white cabinetry that’s a good anchor for the stunning blue island and gold accents.

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Before: All-White Bar

An all-white bar area

@dazeyden / Instagram

This all-white kitchen bar area lacked color and personality. It didn’t fit the rest of the home’s style, so it was time for a color upgrade.

After: Rainbow Upgrade

A bar area with rainbow shelving and cabinets

@dazeyden / Instagram

The rainbow shelving brightens up the space instantly, while the kelly green cabinets and pink patterned-bar add a tropical feel to the bar area.

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