Garden Retreats: A Piece Of Paradise In Your Back Yard


Getting away in the backyard is a perfect idea for these spring and summer days that are coming. A nicely designed garden retreat can be your sanctuary during the day and also in the beautiful summer nights. There is nothing better than a calm and relaxing space for yourself and your friends and family whenever you want to get away from the everyday madness.

In order to enjoy this, you need to plan out your space, and have some ideas of how you would want it to look. First of all, the furniture you choose needs to be comfortable in order your experience to be pleasant.

Then, about the plants and gardening. Planting a bunch of plants and trees around a bench is not the solution. In order to have your dream-garden oasis, you need to look into every aspect of it, such as: the shading, the fences and walls, having a mosquito protection, the flooring and of course the lighting.

After this, you can start with the choice of textures, designs, colors, furniture and materials that you would like to use.

Creating a garden retreat like this, doesn’t always have to be expensive, look and these photos bellow and you can get some inspiration which you can then fit to your budget and need

Simple design with 2 plastic chairs and a small coffee table under a beautiful trellis

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