First global brand ambassador of the fashion house Celine: Every time Lisa appears, she brings ‘huge’ media value to the brand

Lisa is known as the multi-talented youngest member of the Korean Girl Group – Blackpink . The female singer quickly received attention from the public thanks to her talent and image. That’s why, right from her debut, Lisa has received many invitations to cooperate from both domestic and foreign brands. Before starting with Celine , Lisa had interacted with and represented brands such as Nonagon, Moonshot Cosmetics.

After becoming the ‘ Muse ‘ of the Celine fashion house, Lisa has shaped her fashion style and gradually conquered the position of the brand’s first Global Brand Ambassador . The collaborative journey between Lisa (Blackpink) and Celine is a testament to the perfect combination of talent, style and influence of an international star with a high-end fashion brand. With this cooperation, both sides have achieved great success and promise to continue to grow strongly in the future. Lisa has become a new generation fashion icon, inspiring young people and affirming Celine’s position on the international fashion map.

Debuting in 2016, the four Blackpink girls have brought a new wave to the K-POP market because of each person’s talent and impressive visuals. Until she had high recognition, Lisa began to come into contact with luxury fashion brands and was invited to famous fashion weeks. In 2018, Lisa was invited to two fashion events of the brands Mulberry and Michael Kors. 

Lisa at Michael Kors and Mulberry fashion event

2018 marked an important turning point in the relationship between Lisa and Celine when she received a Celine 16 bag engraved with Lisa’s full name LM (Lalisa Manoban) , designed by Creative Director Hedi Slimane . This is the first bag Hedi Slimane launched for Celine and was given to only 3 celebrities: Lisa Blackpink, Lady Gaga and Angelina Jolie . This event created a great buzz on social networks, opened new doors for Lisa in the fashion field and laid the foundation for a long-term cooperative relationship between the two sides.

Lisa and the engraved bag gifted by Hedi Slimane

In early 2019, Celine officially announced Lisa (Blackpink) as the brand’s “Muse”. This noble title not only affirms Lisa’s position and influence but also proves Celine’s trust and respect for the talented female singer.

Celine muse – Lisa posed for the cover of Dazed Korea magazine 

As the “Muse”, Lisa is continuously favored by Celine in advertising campaigns, appearing on famous magazine covers and wearing brand-sponsored outfits in music activities. Every appearance of Lisa attracts great attention from the media and fans because of her impressive fashion style and perfect harmony with the Celine brand image. 

After becoming the Muse, Lisa was given two major magazine covers by Celine at the end of 2019, Madame Figaro Japan’s 30th anniversary issue of the Japanese publication and a 2019 X-Mas Book cover of Vogue magazine. Hong Kong . In particular, the photos appearing on these two magazine covers were all taken by Hedi Slimane himself for his Muse. 

Lisa was given two consecutive magazine covers by Celine: Madame Figaro Japan and Vogue Hong Kong

Within a year, Lisa was continuously invited to attend the launch event of Celine’s new fashion collection in June and September 2019. The outfits the female singer wore all suited her and proved that Your image is a pair of cards that match the fashion house. 

Lisa’s resounding success in the role of “Muse” has led to the next important step in the partnership between the two parties. In September 2020, Celine officially announced that Lisa – Blackpink became the brand’s first and only Global Ambassador , through a set of black and white photos taken by the talented hand – Hedi Slimane. This announcement created a fever on social networks with the hashtag #CELINEambassadorLisa surpassing 1 million tweets in just over 17 hours and being top 1 trending globally, affirming Lisa’s influence in the international fashion industry and opening up a A promising new chapter for the collaborative journey between her and Celine. 

Announcement of Celine’s first Global Brand Ambassador on Instagram

When Lisa officially became the global and only brand ambassador of the Celine fashion house, she shared: “For me, Celine is a special brand and Hedi Slimane is a very talented person – from design outfits to photography. He has created a world of rare, incredible and desirable fashion through his vision It is an honor and a pleasure for me to work with Hedi as Celine’s first Global Ambassador.” 

Success after success, during the launch event of the Celine Spring – Summer 2020 collection within the framework of Paris Fashion Week, Lisa was favored by the fashion house to sit in the first row and when Lisa appeared, she had the hashtag #LALISAxCelinePFW set a record of 2 million tweets in just 10 hours and 35 minutes. 

Since becoming Celine’s Global Ambassador, Lisa has always shown her dedication and enthusiasm for the brand. She often wears Celine outfits in personal activities, brand events and even includes the brand in rap lyrics in Blackpink’s MVs.

Lisa wore a dress from Celine’s Fall – Winter 2020 collection in the MV “How You Like That”

An important milestone marking this collaboration must include Lisa being trusted by the fashion house to walk on the runway in the Spring – Summer 2022 fashion collection and Celine’s “Celine Women Winter 22” campaign , directed by Creative director Hedi Slimane. 

In addition, Lisa is also the first global representative of the “Celine Haute Parfumerie” perfume collection since this product line launched in 2019.  

Lisa’s photo set represents the perfume collection “Celine Haute Parfumerie”

After Lisa became the Global Brand Ambassador, Celine’s revenue grew significantly. Thanks to Lisa’s influence, Celine’s Triomphe bag broke out to become a best-seller in 2019 with searches and revenue increasing by more than 66%. 

According to Vogue Business , the Celine Spring – Summer 2021 collection launch event reached 4.7 million USD MIV (Media Impact Value) , of which Lisa contributed 1.4 million USD through promotional posts on Instagram. In addition, Lisa also topped the rankings of artists with the highest EMV (Earned Media Value) index within the framework of Paris Fashion Week 2022 with 29 million USD 

In addition, Lisa is also the only Asian artist to appear in the Top 6 most powerful fashion icons in the world in 2019 voted by Vogue magazine and the female singer also appears in the list of Top 10 Characters. Lyst has the greatest influence on the world fashion industry in 2019 . In 2022, Lisa is one of the most influential people on social networks with more than 77 million followers on Instagram , according to Hypeditor statistics.

Lyst’s ranking of the 10 Most Influential People in the World Fashion Industry in 2019.

Not only does it bring commercial benefits, Lisa (Blackpink) also contributes to shaping the image of the Celine brand, attracting young people and bringing Celine closer to potential customers around the world.

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