Family Picks Up Dog From Groomer And Notices Something’s Off About His Breath

The other week, Rachel Huertas decided that her dog, Oscar, was in need of haircut. His curly, white fur had become a tad bit overgrown.

So, Huertas scheduled him an appointment with her local pet groomer.

Little could she have guessed, however, at the confusion that would follow.

Rachel Huertas

When Huertas got the call that Oscar was ready to be picked up from the groomer, she knew to expect him to look a bit different, what with his fresh new ‘do. But it didn’t take long for her and her family to notice that Oscar’s hair wasn’t the only thing different about him post-groom.

Some age spots on Oscar seemed to be mysteriously absent. And there was something else — his characteristic bad breath was suddenly much fresher than before.

The pup also looked somewhat concerned and confused.

Rachel Huertas

Eventually, the strange truth was uncovered.

“Some days are weird and you bring the wrong dog home from the groomer,” Huertas wrote in a post online. “That is NOT Oscar.”

Turns out, there had been a little mix-up. Instead of being handed Oscar at the groomer, Huertas was given a dog named Gus.

It’s hard to blame anyone for the case of mistaken identity, though — Oscar and Gus do look incredibly similar.

Rachel Huertas

And with that, the mix-up was ultimately set right. The dogs both ended up back with their rightful families — thanks in part to Oscar’s bad breath, and Gus’ lack thereof.

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