Exclusive: 16 Winter Chrome Nail Ideas for a Festive and Frosted Manicure

Cobalt Chrome Nails

Cobalt Chrome Nails - Byrdie Winter Chrome Nails
@phoebesummernails / Instagram

Whether you’re celebrating Hanukkah or just looking to embrace ultra-cool colors for winter, these cobalt chrome nails are worth checking out. Nail artist Phoebe Summer created them using the blue powder from the Duufin Metallic Chrome Powder Set ($16)

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Silver Polka Dot Nails

Close up of a French manicure with silver chrome tips and jewel accents
@melanated.mani / Instagram

We love this polka-dot silver French manicure. It was created using Cirque Colors Nail Polish ($13) in the shade Sterling. The polka dots are the Cirque Colors Razzle Dazzle Rhinestones ($10).

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Blue and Silver Swirl Nails

A manicure with navy blue and silver chrome accents
@nails_and_soul / Instagram

Blue and silver is a classic winter color combo (not to mention one that works well for anyone celebrating Hanukkah). This winter chrome nail look is more minimalist, with only the slightest hint of silver. Still, the impact is eye-catching.

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Santa Hat Chrome Nails

Close up of a chrome manicure with santa hat French tips
@pop_polished / Instagram

How adorable is this Santa hat French manicure? The opalescent chrome base gives it a cool, whimsical vibe. Nail artist Franci created the look using Cirque Colors Nail Polish ($9) in Sashay and Soleil.

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Metallic Gold Nails

A solid gold chrome manicure
@melanated.mani / Instagram

Gold might seem like a warmer tone reserved for summer, but we’re here to remind you that it’s a regal color deserving of the mani spotlight all year round. This particular shade is Trophy Life ($14) by Holo Taco.

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Split-Tip Chrome French

Close up of a stiletto manicure with half black, half chrome french tips
@nails_and_soul / Instagram

This stiletto winter chrome nail look is a bit of an optical illusion. It was created using black and silver chrome polish that gives it the appearance of a shade-shifting metal—when, in reality, it’s a split-tip design.

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Iridescent Moonstone Nails

An iridescent "glazed donut" manicure
@melanated.mani / Instagram

Looking for solid-color inspo but in a cooler tone? This mani was created using a combo of Cirque Colors Nail Polish ($15) in Silver Lining and Mystic Moonstone.

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Black and Silver Abstract Nails

A chrome manicure with negative space/black detail accent nails
@nails_and_soul / Instagram

While silver chrome nails are top of mind, check out this abstract nail art showcasing the shade. To get ultra-crisp lines, we suggest using nail tape or ultra-thin washi tape to section out your borders.

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Silver Marble Nails

A chrome marble manicure
@lolo.nailedit / Instagram

Embrace an icy nail look with a marbled silver mani. To recreate this exact mani, you’ll need the Holo Taco Participation Trophy Bundle ($50) and the patience to try your hand at water marbling.

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Red Winter Chrome Nails

Red velvet stiletto manicure with a chrome base
@nails_and_soul / Instagram

For a spicy and festive winter chrome nail look, you can never go wrong with red—especially a red velvet chrome set combining two of the year’s biggest trends. Simply start with a black base and top it off with red chrome powder. Finish with a shimmery velvet on the French tip nails.

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Purple Chrome Nails

A dark purple chrome manicure
@lolo.nailedit / Instagram

Purple chrome nails might feel more autumnal, but as a cool shade, we say they can work for winter, too. This purple chrome nail look was created using UNDN LAQR Depressionist Vegan Black Nail Polish ($18) and Orion Chrome Nail Polish ($20).

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Light Green Chrome Nails

A green chrome manicure
@lolo.nailedit / Instagram

Pale green metallic nails fit into two categories: chrome and hints of spring. They’re soft and subtle, cool and inviting, all while looking ahead to warmer weather. The exact shade used here is essie Nail Polish in Head to Mistletoe ($9).

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Simple Silver Swirl Nails

A matte "your nails but better" manicure with chrome swirl accents
@nails_and_soul / Instagram

If you love the idea of minimalist silver chrome nails sans a pop of color, here’s what it could look like. Pretty, no?

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Chrome Winter Skittle Nails

A jewel-toned chrome manicure
@melanated.mani / Instagram

This multicolored chrome manicure reminds us of a moodier Skittle nail look while evoking brightly-colored Christmas baubles. You can DIY the look using polishes from the Cirque Colors Superfuture 2 Collection ($15 each).

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Teal and Silver Chrome Nails

A manicure with teal, silver glitter, and chrome nails
@disseynails / Instagram

Teal is a retro winter hue that pairs beautifully with silver, glitter, and opalescent finishes. We like how the color is used in a jelly iteration here.

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Pastel Opal Nails

Close up of a chrome fairy manicure
@lolo.nailedit / Instagram

For ultra-subtle winter chrome nails, consider a pastel glazed donut manicure. To recreate the look, you’ll need Cirque Colors Nail Polish ($15) in Serenity, Siren, Soliel, Moonbeam, and Mystic Moonstone.

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