Es temporada de bodas, y no puedo dejar de pinear estos 21 diseños de uñas para bodas.

I’m not engaged, nor am I expecting to be anytime soon. But I’m just a girl, and it’s my prerogative to pin things to my Pinterest board, crowdsource for wedding-day manicures, and stay up to date on the best bridal hairstyles. After all, if an engagement ever happens, I want to be prepared.

I also have multiple friends getting married this summer, which makes sense considering June is the classic kickoff to bridal season. As such, I’ve been helping them with their big-day beauty prep by researching the best hair accessories, sending them all the makeup recommendations I can muster, and flooding their phones with elegant, romantic, and timeless nail designs. Ahead, see the 21 wedding nail colors and designs I can’t (won’t) stop sharing.

The Classic Wedding Manicure

The almond shape, the sheer finish, the milky shade—this manicure is perfect.

Snow White

I love when brides choose a classic shade of bright white for their big day.

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Cutesy & Coquette

I’m not afraid to go big when it comes to my wedding manicure, which is why I’ve had this picture bookmarked for months. I love everything about it, including the 3D pearls, the bow details, and that luxurious high-shine finish.

Polished Pearl

This is another timeless wedding nail color. It’s giving “old money,” and I love it.

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Modern-Girl Pearl

There’s something about this 3D pearl manicure that feels so cool and editorial.

Minimalist Diamonds

I saved this one in case I want a subtle take on the nail gem trend.

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Blue Florals

This blue floral nail design is so whimsical and romantic. I love it.

Soft Velvet

Yes, velvet nails can work for a wedding! This manicure is proof.

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Posh Peach

A peach manicure feels youthful yet posh. The key is to opt for a subtle shade.

Micro French Manicure

A classic French manicure is modernized when it comes in a micro version.

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Soft-Girl Bow

Yep, I’m a sucker for bow accents. They’re so romantic and whimsical—perfect if you’re a fan of the TikTok-viral “coquette” or “soft-girl” aesthetics.

These tiny hearts are adorable without being over the top.

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The Iconic “Glazed Donut” Manicure

Hailey Bieber’s “glazed donut” manicure is now a bridal classic, and I can see why.

Something Blue

Did you catch the little blue heart placed on the pinky nail? This is a clever way to incorporate that “something blue” into your wedding day.

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Black Tie

A swipe of Black nail polish is unexpected yet elegant and sophisticated.

Nearly Nude

The ultimate “clean girl” manicure, this is subtle, simple, and polished.

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A Chrome-Diamond Combo

Another maximalist look, I think this chrome-diamond combo is to die for.

For brides who love a little sparkle, this glittery French manicure is just the thing.

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Diamond Inlay Design

Another diamond nail design, this one feels cool, modern, and minimalist.

Lovely Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is supposed to enhance feelings of love. Why not incorporate it into a wedding-day manicure? To me, this nail design is subtle and sophisticated.

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Classic Petal Pink

I’ll never get sick of seeing brides with soft, petal-pink nails. They’re timeless.

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