Elegance for Every Event: 30+ Elegant and Classy Nail Designs for Any Occasion



As much as I love really cool, trendy nails, you can simply never go wrong with a classy manicure.

Elegant nails will always be in. Of course, there’s a way to get an elegant manicure and still follow the trends.

I find that most classy manicure looks aren’t too extreme. They’re subtle and delicate, but the nails can still have some really gorgeous designs.

I recently realized that in all of my nail posts, I have never covered straight up classy nails! Classy or elegant nails are my go-to when I’m unsure what I want, so I simply had to write this post.

Today I’m compiling my favorite classy nails and manicure looks for this year! These nails are all super trendy but are classic enough to do for a black tie wedding.

Some of my favorite trends to incorporate into your classy manicure are:

Square nails. While square nails have always been in, we’re seeing a lot of this shape right now especially. I typically add a small tip to my regular nail so that the length is a bit longer than the end of my finger.

French tips. Again, French tips are totally back! I especially love French tips with a twist or cute extra design. See the inspo photos below for more details.

Ombre. Of course, the ombre isn’t traditionally classy, but there are some ways to do ombre nails that look truly timeless.

Elegant & Classy Nail Ideas

Here are my favorite elegant manicures and classy nails.

Feel free to save any of these photos to your phone for later! Just press down then click save to camera roll. Enjoy!

Tips With Pearls

Thick French Tips

Nude & Marble

Soft Pink Nude

Mauve & White

Neutral Tones

Thin Almond Tips

Silver Design

Nude Coil Design

Nude With Thin Tips

Natural Nude Tips

Soft Black Tips

Soft Ombre

Beige With Bow Bling

Deep Toffee

Thin Rounded Tips

Geometric Tips

Pink & White

Soft Pink

Square Pink & White Ombre

Clear With Gold Tips

Willowy Design

Cool Neutral

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