Dog Sees Actor Playing Dead And Decides To Join In, Too

Earlier this week, a team of first responders and medical students convened, for training purposes, at a square in Puerto Montt, Chile. It was the scene of a staged accident — a mock collision between a vehicle and a cyclist.

An actor playing the cyclist was laid out on the ground, feigning injury as part of the simulation.

But soon, someone unexpected decided to join in, too.

Jaramillo Pame

Turns out, a beloved local dog named Gigante had apparently caught wind of the demonstration underway in the square — and soon the faux-grim scenario took an oddly adorable turn.

As if taking a cue from the “injured” actor, Gigante plopped down beside her and played dead, as well.

Best of all, Gigante’s acting paid off.

As first responders treated the scripted crash victim, they didn’t neglect to attend to him with pets in the process.

Jaramillo Pame

For those familiar with Gigante, like animal advocate Jaramillo Pame, seeing him join in wasn’t so surprising.

Jaramillo Pame

“He’s a puppy in the body of a big dog,” Pame told The Dodo. “Every time there’s an event in the plaza, he is participating. He loves being at the center of attention.”

Though Gigante doesn’t have a traditonal family per se, Pame said he’s considered a cherished pet by the entire community.

“He does not lack in love or company. Everyone knows him and gives him affection and food,” Pame said. “And he makes us laugh with his antics.”

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