Diseños de uñas lujosos en negro y dorado para cada temporada

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Black and gold nail design ideas are eye-popping. I love a good neutral nail, but as of late, I have been drawn to bold designs. I just want something that feels a little fancier than my regular color palette.

This season, I love the luxurious combination of black and gold. It’s a classically chic look that I have been seeing all over Instagram and at the salon. Think of it as a much-needed change as the temperatures drop.

Black and Gold Nail Designs

Black and gold nail designs are a classic and luxurious combination that can be customized in various ways to suit anyone’s style. Their versatility means the color combination can be worn with everything and to everything.

The most common way to incorporate the rich gold color is with glitter patterns on a black manicure. An abstract design is a chic design to intertwine the two bold colors.

Scroll below for 20+ classy black and gold manicures to try out.

Black & Gold Inspo

The classic color combination provides endless designs.

Whether it be an abstract, geometric print or chrome nails, there is a design for every type of style.

Gold Accents

Gold Stars

Ripple Effect

Chevron Effect

Fire Nails


These black and gold nails are the most luxe animal print nails you could imagine.

Cheetah Nails

The key to making gold accents pop on these black and gold nails is to choose a matte finish.

Matte nails offer a sophisticated and trendy alternative to glossy finishes.

Black Matte

Gold Matte

Gold Lines


Textured Nails

Gold leaf nails are a luxurious nail design that adds a touch of opulence to your manicure.

This elegant gold leaf nail design adds a touch of sophistication and is perfect for special occasions or when you want to make a statement with your manicure.

Gold Leaf

Gold Foil

Stiletto Nails

Gold Leaf Accents

Gold Foil Tips

Black Foil

Black Marble

Foil Specks

Add a touch of sparkle to your black and gold nails by incorporating glitter.

The most popular way to incorporate glitter is with gold glitter on the black polish.

It really makes the manicure pop for a fun look.

Glitter Party

Party Nails

Just adding a touch of sparkle is perfect for those who love minimalistic nails.

Black & Gold Glitter

Pops of Glitter

These are stunning!

Gold Accent

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