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Desde gemas plateadas hasta puntas de confeti

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A medida que nos acercamos a decir au revoir al 2023 y bonjour al 2024, pensamos en cómo queremos recibir el nuevo año , y ¿qué mejor manera de hacerlo que con una manicura festiva? Ya sea que te estés preparando para una noche de fiesta con amigos o viendo la Nochevieja Rockin Eve de Dick Clark con Ryan Seacrest en la televisión con la familia, un set nuevo puede ponerte en un estado de ánimo más festivo. ¿Quieres que tus manos brillen como el baile de Nochevieja? ¿O prefieres deslumbrar tus uñas con lentejuelas que combinen con tu atuendo más brillante ? ¿Qué tal empezar con las últimas tendencias en uñas, como el cromo plateado, las puntas francesas modernas o las uñas aura, antes de que el reloj marque la medianoche? Las opciones para las uñas de Año Nuevo son infinitas, por eso elegimos los 40 diseños que más destacaron.


1. Marmoleado de amatista

Entre los coleccionistas de cristales, la amatista se considera una piedra protectora. (Incluso se ha relacionado con evitar los excesos y las resacas ). Si bien no podemos prometer que una manicura amatista hará esto por usted en Año Nuevo, ¿quizás el tono púrpura pueda servir como una señal visual para al menos beber más agua durante la noche?

Consigue el diseño: esmalte morado Essie ($10); Pincel para decoración de uñas ($11)


2. Francés negro y dorado

Dale un giro a un look clásico pintándote las uñas con brillantina y aplicando esmalte negro mate en las puntas. La combinación de negro y dorado agrega un acabado elegante que funcionará para cualquier banquete o fiesta posterior de Año Nuevo.

Obtenga el diseño: esmalte negro OPI ($ 12); Esmalte de oro Essie ($10)


3. Consejos Art Déco

Este estilo Art Déco no tiene por qué ser perfecto. Diviértete con las diferentes líneas y formas usando un pincel de uñas para crear tu propia obra maestra geométrica. Es útil comenzar con un color (como el dorado) y aplicar capas de los siguientes dos tonos encima (hacia las puntas).

Obtenga el diseño: kit de brochas Sally Hansen ($ 8) ; Pulidor de oro Sally Hansen ($9)


4. Pegatinas celestiales

Las pegatinas son simples, pero hacen una declaración audaz (especialmente cuando se trata de oro). Comience con un color base y déjelo secar completamente antes de aplicar las pegatinas paralelas a la cutícula. Séllalo todo con una capa superior para mantenerlo todo en su lugar y agrega un poco de brillo a tus uñas de Año Nuevo.

Get the design: Celestial nail stickers ($10)Essie top coat ($13)


5. Golden Hour

Want to rock gold without being too blinged out? This chic look will be right up your alley. First, add a layer of clear polish before using nail adhesive to transfer the gilded foil onto your nails. (If you need a bit more guidance, here’s a helpful tutorial to get you started.)

Get the design: Nail glue ($10)Deco Beauty nail art stickers ($10)


6. Glitter & Gold Tips

This glitter and gold number reminds us of delicious champagne and the wonderful toast you’ll give before the ball drops. Use nail tape to lay out your desired shape before coating your tips with gold polish.

Get the design: Nail striping tape ($6); ILNP gold polish ($10)


7. Holographic Quartz

It’s all about the glitz and glamour on New Year’s. Prime example: These holographic nails that are great for any party or any NYE-themed game night. The iridescent finish makes it so that you get a different hue at every angle.

Get the design: Essie metallic polish ($10)


8. Viva Magenta

“Viva Magenta” was Pantone’s 2023 color of the year and what better way to honor the past than wearing this vibrant shade on your nails? Keep a shimmery gold as your base, then add magenta swirls for a pop of color.

Get the design: Essie magenta polish ($10)Essie gold polish ($10)


9. Silver & Black Chevron

Black goes with everything and adding silver to the mix is a match made in mani heaven. For this style, it’s all about precision. A good nail art brush (or a French tip template) can help you get the lines nice and crisp.

Get the design: French nail art templates ($10)


10. Gold Chrome

And the Oscar goes to…you. This gold chrome mani will surely turn heads at your next event. All you need to achieve it is gold polish or some nail foil.

Get the design: Nail art foil ($8)


11. Glitter Bomb

Similar effect as #10, but with glitter instead. This shimmery rose gold mani will look perfect against your champagne flute.

Get the design: Nails. Inc rose gold polish ($8)


12. Blue Marble

Did you know that the color blue signals inspiration, stability and calmness? By that token, this blue and gold mani can bring you good vibes once the clock strikes 12. When it comes to a marbled style, it’s a blend of art and science. First, mix your blue and white polish together (similar to this tutorial). Once you have a base color on, apply the freshly mixed combo on your nails. Then, top it off with small pieces of gold foil for some finishing sparkle.

Get the design: Essie blue polish ($10); Gold foil flakes ($6)


13. Outlined French Tips

Take your French tips for a modern plunge by outlining them in black instead of painting them white like you did in the ‘90s. Whether you have an almond, stiletto or square shape, the stark lines are sure to make a statement.

Get the design: Nail art brushes ($8; $5)Sundays black polish ($18)


14. Silvery Outline

A nail art brush (and a steady arm against a flat surface) can help give the right amount of control needed to paint such a detailed silver design.

Get the design: Nail art brushes ($5)Silver chrome powder ($7)


15. Confetti Explosion

Nothing says, “Happy New Year!” like a confetti explosion on your nails.

Get the design: JINsoon confetti polish ($18)


16. Designer Motifs

Here’s another (more affordable) way to dress in designer for your upcoming New Year’s bash. This Versace-inspired manicure definitely deserves its own runway. Grab some gold and black polish, as well as a stripping brush, to paint on the iconic logos. (Or you can always opt for stickers instead.)

Get the design: Gold nail art stickers ($9)Nail art brushes ($19; $7)


17. Shining Stars

This ombré style is the glam mani you’ve been searching for. Aside from painting your tips with a glitter polish, there are various ways to achieve the stars. You can opt for stickers or try hand-drawing them instead. Either way, your nails will sparkle brightly.

Get the design: Olive & June silver polish ($9)Olive & June nail art brush set ($16)


18. Negative Space

This negative space technique calls for some nail tape, black and glitter polish and, most importantly, a party-ready mindset.

Get the design: Nail art templates ($10; $7)


19. Gold Gems

Fact: Gold gems will elevate any manicure. A few well-placed gems not only look super cool but they also give your nails dimension and edge.

Get the design: Gold gems ($12)Makartt nail glue ($15; $7)


20. Shades of Blue

Who says you have to rock just one color on New Year’s Eve? Deck each nail out in its own shade of blue—then, add some gold foil to a finger or two while you’re at it.

Get the design: Essie blue polish ($10)


21. Sage Green Tips

While sage green was technically the official color of 2022, this greenish-gray shade can still offer a sense of comfort and manifest growth for the year ahead. Throw in a few specks of gold foil and you’ll have a real winner on your hands (literally).

Get the design: Sundays sage green polish ($18)


22. Gold Splats

Art is always up for interpretation. Have fun with scattered splats of gold polish—like your very own Jackson Pollock painting. FYI, it’s all about the flick of the polish brush.

Get the design: OPI rose gold polish ($12)Sally Hansen pro brush kit ($8)


23. Animal Print

Tortoise print plus a hint of gold equals one elevated mani. Watch this handy tutorial to guide you through the intricate print (or book an appointment at your local salon).

Get the design: Makartt nail art colors ($20)


24. Mixed Mani

Feeling indecisive about which nail design you should get? Consider this mixed mani with a milky white finish on one hand and a classic matte black polish on the other. And of course, a touch of gold to bring the look together.

Get the design: Chanel black polish ($32)Chanel white polish ($32)


25. Confetti Tips

The party will begin as soon as you arrive because these colorful tips demand it. First, paint on a base coat using clear polish and, before it fully dries, begin placing individual confetti flecks onto your nails (if you prefer a specific layout) using a nail brush. Once you get your preferred design, gently seal the confetti in with top coat. The rainbow confetti reminds us of all the festivities in Times Square.

Get the design: Nail art decals ($20; $10)


26. Diamond Studded Tips

Alexa, play “Diamonds” by Rihanna. The ball isn’t the only thing getting the spotlight this New Year’s. Use jewels to decorate the tips of your nails and let them shine bright like a…you know.

Get the design: Beetles rhinestones ($13; $10)


27. The Golden Girls

“We are family. I got all my polishes with me…” Whether it’s rose gold, bronze or your classic gold, you can’t go wrong. Mix and match the shades for a multi-dimensional mani.

Get the design: OPI gold polish ($11)


28. The Ball Drop

This mani is our ode to NYE. Bedazzle your tips by applying a silver glitter polish before topping them off with jewels.

Get the design: Londontown silver polish ($16)Nail art gems ($20; $10)


29. Confetti Streamers

If you’re confident with freehanding those fine, festive lines with a slim nail art brush, go forth, Picasso. (But if you need a little help like we do, some painters tape will come in handy.)

Get the design: Nail tape ($9)


30. Golden Moon

Speaking of tape, you know those hole reinforcement stickers you used back in grade school? They make for great half-moon stencils on your nails as well. Just make sure to let your polish dry completely before you peel the stickers off.

Get the design: Hole reinforcements ($15; $7)Paintbox gold polish ($22)


31. Pretty In Pearls

This glam mani provides a 3D effect that will have everyone doing a double take. To recreate the look, apply a coat of black gel polish before adding as many pearl stickers as you see fit.

Get the design: Pearl stickers ($12; $8)Chanel black polish ($32)


32. Velvet Outline

This fresh take on the negative space mani puts the focus on the outer edges of each nail. FYI: Any color would work, but there’s something about this sparkly green that feels extra special.

Get the design: OPI green polish ($11)


33. Chrome Blobs

If you’re looking for a next-level manicure, the blob trend is the way to go. First, apply a silver base onto your nails before mixing up some silver polish with acrylic powder to create a paste. Then, using a nail art brush, begin painting swirls and drips all over your manicure. If you need more guidance, we found a tutorial to help you perfect your skills.

Get the design: Modelones dip powder kit ($50; $26); Nail art brushes ($19; $7)


34. Silver Drip

This silver mani is giving major glam rock vibes. Apply a clear shimmery polish onto the entire nail before using a nail art brush to create the dripping silver decal on your tips. And don’t forget to add a few gems to really bring out the shine.

Get the design: Sephora Collection silver polish ($5)Nail art brushes ($4)


35. Glazed Donut

Glazed donut nails are beloved for their subtle shine, but we’re going to take them to another level for New Year’s. After putting on a glossy base, use a striping brush to create little stars and hearts that will twinkle brighter than the Time Square ball.

Get the design: Nails.Inc white polish ($8)Nails.Inc nail art set ($8)


36. Lunar New Year

December 31st isn’t the only time we celebrate the new year. In February, we plan to pay tribute to the first new moon of the lunar calendar with this mani. After painting on a solid black base, use a nail art brush to create the different moon cycles on each finger.

Get the design: JINsoon black polish ($18); JINsoon gold polish ($18)


37. Golden Outlines

The Great Gatsby-inspired NYE party you RSVP’d to calls for this glamorous mani. After you apply a coat of white and black polish, use a striping brush and some gold polish to outline each nail for contrast. It will definitely take your basic manicure to new heights.

Get the design: JINsoon gold polish ($18)Nail art brushes ($16; $7)


38. Mixed Metals

A silver and gold combo will always be a great option for New Years and this look is proof. Use silver and gold metallic polish to decorate your nails. Whether you’re into a negative space style (like the one above) or a more linear striped design, have fun with these holiday hues.

Get the design: Nails.Inc silver nail pen ($5)Nails.Inc gold nail pen ($5)


39. Glittery Press-Ons

If you want a temporary look (or you’re just not very good at freehanding designs), press-on nails offer the perfect solution. This limited-edition set from Paintbox was all over New York Fashion Week this fall, so you’ll be totally on-trend at your NYE party.

Get the design: Paintbox press-on nails ($28)


40. Blue Nova

Pantone’s color of the year for 2024 is “Blue Nova,” a shade that’s all about “capturing the spotlight with endlessly classic appeal.” Add some gold detailing over the blue for an extra pop of color that will help you do just that.

Get the design: Paintbox blue polish ($22)Paintbox gold polish ($22)

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