Dark Chocolate Nails: Try the Chic Nail Trend for Fall 2023!


Instead of the common fall colors like black and burgundy red, chocolate brown is the new nail polish trend to adopt this season. Do you also want to try this deep and beautiful color? Dark chocolate nails are suitable for both younger and older women because they are classy and chic.

The nail polish that is trending for fall and winter 2023/24 is a deep brown, just like the color of the popular winter drink and your favorite dessert. Many celebs have already adopted this hue for the fall season – the dark brown is a universally flattering neutral shade.

Dark Chocolate Nails: How to Do Them by Yourself?

dark chocolate nails trending for fall 2023

Cosmetic fads come and go. And when we are talking about manicures, you’re always looking for a new, cool trend, right? For those wanting a simple nail design, we have good news: Apparently, dark chocolate brown is the new neutral manicure color that everyone is obsessed with. Now is the time to get a fresh, new look for your nails. Even better: you can even do the chic dark chocolate manicure at home by yourself!

dark chocolate nails manicure do it yourself

For a manicure at home, you should start with clean nails and file them into the desired shape. Then choose a shade. You can play it safe with a chocolate brown tone or try something bolder like an espresso brown. Apply a top coat to finish and protect your manicure.

dark chocolate nails to do yourself with different shades

Can’t decide which color to go with? Combine a chocolate manicure with another current trend by painting each nail in a different shade of brown, from light to dark. Alternatively, you can create an ombre effect by dabbing on different shades of brown with a makeup sponge.

Trending Nail Designs in Brown for Fall 2023

brown tones for manicure trends in 2023

The trending brown manicure is best exemplified by neutral, simple nail designs in different shades of brown, whether or not they feature nail art. However, these colors come in a wide range of tones that suit different aesthetic preferences. Here are some chocolate nail polish ideas to try in fall 2023.

Simple Dark Chocolate Nails

plain stylish dark chocolate nails

Dark chocolate nail polishes are very popular in the cooler months, but their rich color is also very flattering year-round. This is especially true if you want to finish your manicure with a shiny top coat. The elegant design is perfect for various occasions and can be easily combined with different outfits.

Combine 2 Complementing Colors

dark chocolate nails color combination

A manicure combo in rich chocolate and cream colors will make you feel very trendy. Look for nail polishes with comparable, neutral shades to pair for this design.

Beautiful Elegant Floral Nail Art in Brown

beautiful elegant flowers nail art with brown

Although most floral nail art ideas are created in bright colors, that doesn’t mean a neutral color scheme can’t be just as stunning. This versatile chocolate daisy nail design is proof of that. The best part is that it’s not that hard to recreate. The delicate flowers can be created by painting your nails and then adding white dots with a stippling tool and a contrasting nail polish color.

Dark Chocolate Nails with Shiny Tips

dark chocolate nails with glossy tips

These trendy fingernails can be worn by ladies who are ready to experiment. A matte base with shiny ends is the happy medium between understatement and sass. This manicure is perfect for different nail shapes – whether you love and wear short or long nails.

Trending Chocolate-Cinnamon Nail Polish

chocolate cinnamon nail polish is trending

Almond shaped nails look amazing with the warm undertones of a cinnamon nail polish color. This muted, brown shade avoids the artificial feel of other colors while still achieving the same natural effect on a long-form manicure. It is particularly attractive for cooler days – you can combine the manicure with all fall outfits.

The Matte Manicure Is Still in Fashion

matte manicures as still in fashion in 2023

While the chocolate nail polish color is usually associated with a glossy look, a matte finish gives your nails a trendy, modern touch. Use different shades of brown on each nail to create a cool effect in your manicure. Your nails are already a real eye-catcher!

Trending Animal Patterns for Nails

cheeky brown nail design with animal pattern

Your nails will become the center of attention when you wear an elegant leopard print over a solid brown polish. We see animal patterns everywhere – now they’re on our nails too.

Experiment with Different Colors and Designs

dark chocolate nail designs 2023

Trendy and adorable: chocolate nails come in many shapes and sizes. This manicure design shows how well the chosen color scheme suits both checkerboard and optical illusion.

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