Compilation of National Birds Across the Globe Along with Their Scientific Designations | Unveiling the Criteria for Selecting National Avian Symbols

National Birds of all Countries: Birds are majestic symbols for various nations in the world. National birds are the ideal symbol of the country that represents grace, beauty, joy, and love. Also, various national birds demonstrate the broad diversity of Avifayna across the world. It reflects a country’s rich and varied heritage also may resemble on coins of a nation, notes, coat of arms, seal, and stamps. In this article, students can get the complete guide on National Birds of all countries like how to choose them and the list of national birds of various countries.

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How to Choose Country’s National Bird?

For every country, National Symbols play a major role in representing the culture and tradition of a country in a symbolic form. Most of the countries are better known for their symbols rather than the country itself. So, choosing the correct national symbol like a national bird is very important for the country officials. National birds are chosen carefully recognizing their abundance, ubiquity, and uniqueness. The country government creates pretty strict laws to protect their national birds and it is illegal to hunt or harm them.

Also, these national birds are selected on the basis of national character, rooted in the history and culture of that country and found in a broad range in that country. Whereas a few of the official birds chosen for their astonishing beauty, others for melodious voices. In the below module, we have listed the national birds of various countries in the world. In the provided list. some are officially recognized, some are unofficially adopted.

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List of Different Countries National Birds with Scientific Names

National Birds of all Countries in the world list is available below. Check out the provided list of different countries’ national birds in alphabetical order & score more marks in various competitive exams. Also, you can refer to this table for knowing the scientific names of birds of each country.

Country Bird Name Scientific Name
Afghanistan Golden Eagle Aquila Chrysaetos
Andorra Bearded Vulture Gypaetus Barbatus
Angola Red-Crested Turaco Tauraco Erythrolophus
Anguilla Zenaida Dove Zenaida Aurita
Antigua And Barbuda Magnificent Frigatebird Fregata Magnificens
Argentina Rufous Hornero Furnarius Rufus
Armenia Golden Eagle Aquila Chrysaetos
Aruba Burrowing Owl Athene Cunicularia
Australia Emu Dromaius Novaehollandiae
Austria Barn Swallow Hirundo Rustica
Bahrain White-Eared Bulbul Pycnonotus Leucogenys
Bangladesh Oriental Magpie-Robin Copsychus Saularis
Belarus White Stork Ciconia Ciconia
Belgium Common Kestrel Falco Tinnunculus
Belize Keel-Billed Toucan Ramphastos Sulfuratus
Bermuda Bermuda Petrel Pterodroma Cahow
Bhutan Common Raven Corvus Corax
Bolivia Andean Condor Vultur Gryphus
Botswana Lilac-Breasted Roller Coracias Caudatus
Brazil Rufous-Bellied Thrush Turdus Rufiventris
British Virgin Islands Mourning Dove Zenaida Macroura
Cambodia Giant Ibis Thaumatibis Gigantea
Cape Verde Grey-Headed Kingfisher Halcyon Leucocephala
Cayman Islands Cuban Parrot Amazona Leucocephala
Chile Andean Condor Vultur Gryphus
China Red-Crowned Crane Grus Japonensis
Colombia Andean Condor Vultur Gryphus
Costa Rica Clay-Colored Thrush Turdus Grayi
Croatia Nightingale Luscinia Megarhynchos
Cuba Cuban Trogon Priotelus Temnurus
Denmark Mute Swan Cygnus Olor
Dominica Imperial Amazon Amazona Imperialis
Dominican Republic Palmchat Dulus Dominicus
Ecuador Andean Condor Vultur Gryphus
Egypt Golden Eagle Aquila Chrysaetos
El Salvador Turquoise-Browed Motmot Eumomota Superciliosa
Estonia Barn Swallow Hirundo Rustica
Faroe Islands Eurasian Oystercatcher Haematopus Ostralegus
Finland Whooper Swan Cygnus Cygnus
France Gallic Rooster Gallus Gallus
Germany Golden Eagle Aquila Chrysaetos
Gibraltar Barbary Partridge Alectoris Barbara
Greece Little Owl Athene Noctua
Grenada Grenada Dove Leptotila Wellsi
Guatemala Resplendent Quetzal Pharomachrus Mocinno
Guyana Hoatzin Opisthocomus Hoazin
Haiti Hispaniolan Trogon Priotelus Roseigaster
Honduras Scarlet Macaw Ara Macao
Hungary Saker Falcon Falco Cherrug
Iceland Gyrfalcon Falco Rusticolus
India Indian Peacock Pavo Cristatus
Indonesia Javan Hawk-Eagle Nisaetus Bartelsi
Iran Common Nightingale Luscinia Megarhynchos
Iraq Chukar Partridge Alectoris Chukar
Ireland Northern Lapwing Vanellus Vanellus
Israel Hoopoe Upupa Epops
Italy Italian Sparrow Passer Italiae
Ivory Coast White-Cheeked Turaco Tauraco Leucotis
Jamaica Doctor Bird Trochilus Polytmus
Japan Green Pheasant Phasianus Versicolor
Jordan Sinai Rosefinch Carpodacus Synoicus
Kenya Lilac-Breasted Roller Coracias Caudatus
Latvia White Wagtail Motacilla Alba
Liberia Garden Bulbul Pycnonotus Barbatus
Lithuania White Stork Ciconia Ciconia
Luxembourg Goldcrest Regulus Regulus
Malawi African Fish Eagle Haliaeetus Vocifer
Malaysia Rhinoceros Hornbill Buceros Rhinoceros
Maldives Oriental Turtle Dove Streptopelia Orientalis
Malta Blue Rock Thrush Monticola Solitarius
Mauritius Dodo Raphus Cucullatus
Mexico Golden Eagle Aquila Chrysaetos
Mongolia Saker Falcon Falco Cherrug
Montserrat Montserrat Oriole Icterus Oberi
Myanmar (Burma) Grey Peacock-Pheasant Polyplectron Bicalcaratum
Namibia African Fish Eagle Haliaeetus Vocifer
Nepal Himalayan Monal Lophophorus Impejanus
Netherlands Black-Tailed Godwit Limosa Limosa
New Zealand Kiwi Apteryx Mantelli
Nicaragua Turquoise-Browed Motmot Eumomota Superciliosa
Nigeria Black Crowned Crane Balearica Pavonina
North Korea Northern Goshawk Accipiter Gentilis
Norway White-Throated Dipper Cinclus Cinclus
Pakistan Chukar Partridge Alectoris Chukar
Palau Palau Fruit Dove Ptilinopus Pelewensis
Palestine Palestine Sunbird Cinnyris Oseus
Panama Harpy Eagle Harpia Harpyja
Papua New Guinea Raggiana Bird-Of-Paradise Paradisaea Raggiana
Paraguay Bare-Throated Bellbird Procnias Nudicollis
Peru Andean Cock-Of-The-Rock Rupicola Peruvianus
Philippines Philippine Eagle Pithecophaga Jefferyi
Poland White-Tailed Eagle Haliaeetus Albicilla
Puerto Rico Puerto Rican Spindalis Spindalis Portoricensis
Romania Great White Pelican Pelecanus Onocrotalus
Russia Tundra Swan Cygnus Columbianus
Saint Helena Saint Helena Plover Charadrius Sanctaehelenae
Saint Kitts And Nevis Brown Pelican Pelecanus Occidentalis
Saint Lucia Saint Lucian Parrot Amazona Versicolor
Saint Vincent And The Grenadines Saint Vincent Parrot Amazona Guildingii
Samoa Tooth-Billed Pigeon Didunculus Strigirostris
Scotland Golden Eagle Aquila Chrysaetos
Serbia Griffon Vulture Gyps Fulvus
Singapore Crimson Sunbird Aethopyga Siparaja
South Africa Blue Crane Anthropoides Paradisea
South Korea Korean Magpie Pica Serieca
South Sudan African Fish Eagle Haliaeetus Vocifer
Spain Spanish Imperial Eagle Aquila Adalberti
Sri Lanka Sri Lankan Junglefowl Gallus Lafayetii
Sudan Secretary Bird Sagittarius Serpentarius
Swaziland Purple-Crested Turaco Tauraco Porphyreolophus
Sweden Common Blackbird Turdus Merula
Taiwan Taiwan Blue Magpie Urocissa Caerulea
Thailand Siamese Fireback Lophura Diardi
The Bahamas American Flamingo Phoenicopterus Ruber
Trinidad And Tobago Scarlet Ibis Eudocimus Ruber
Trinidad and Tobago Cocrico Ortalis Ruficauda
Turkey Redwing Turdus Iliacus
Uganda Grey Crowned Crane Balearica Regulorum
Ukraine White Stork Ciconia Ciconia
United Arab Emirates Peregrine Falcon Falco Peregrinus
United Kingdom European Robin Erithacus Rubecula
United States Of America Bald Eagle Haliaeetus Leucocephalus
Uruguay Southern Lapwing Vanellus Chilensis
Venezuela Venezuelan Troupial Icterus Icterus
Wales Red Kite Milvus Milvus
Zambia African Fish Eagle Haliaeetus Vocifer
Zimbabwe African Fish Eagle Haliaeetus Vocifer

List of National Birds of Neighboring Countries

Students who are preparing for the SSC Exams or various govt exams should aware of the questions from neighboring countries like National Birds, Animals, Flags, etc. Hence, we have listed the important National Birds of Neighboring Countries below. Take a look at the table and memorize the answers to such questions.

Country National Bird
China Red-crowned Crane
Afghanistan Golden Eagle
Pakistan Chukar Partridge
Myanmar Grey peacock-pheasant
Nepal Himalayan Monal
Bangladesh Magpie robin
Srilanka Junglefowl
Bhutan Raven

For quick reference, you can also go with this below video on National Bird of Every Country in the World:

FAQs on All Countries National Birds in the World

1. What is the national bird of the world?

The Bald Eagle is the ultimately decided bird to represent the world as the National Bird in 1782.

2. Which country is known as a land of birds?

Australia country is the home to one in 10 unique world bird species. So, it is called a land of birds.

3. How many birds are there in the World?

There is no exact count of the birds leave in the world but the roughly estimated figure is 10,000 to 13,000 bird species and 200 to 400 billion individual birds are there in the world.

4. What is the World’s Smallest Bird?

Bee Hummingbird is the smallest bird on earth.

5. Which bird is known as Kind of All Birds?

Eagle is the King of the Birds. As per Hindu mythology, the title – ‘King of the Birds’ has been given to Wren (Garuda).

6. What is the tallest and heaviest bird on the planet?

The tallest and heaviest bird across the world is ‘Ostrich’ – with its long neck and brown plumage.

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