Clematis, the queen of climbing plants – great ideas for your yard and garden

Thanks to its wide and impressive flowers, Clematis belong to the classical ornamental plants and at the same time its ability to grow quickly with healthy flowers, ranks it at the top of the climbing plants. Below you will see how applying some basic care can transform your garden into a queen.

The variety of species is great. It starts from a green vines and reaches a large vines. The species differ in their growth rate and blooming season but have one thing in common: the ability to climb bare walls of buildings, fences and trees.

The most beautiful trees for a truly spectacular yard and garden

Planting period

The best time to plant the plants you purchased in a flower pot is between August and October. To remove the vines from the flower pot, you can cut it carefully so as not to injure its delicate roots. The soil in the pot must be kept moist. If the soil dries, place the flower pot in a bucket of water.

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