Chic November Nails: 23 French Manicure Ideas for the Thanksgiving Seaso

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Somehow, some way, November is upon us. While that means that Thanksgiving meal planning, holiday shopping, and Black Friday sales are undoubtedly top of mind, we’re here to remind you that November is also a super fun month for pretty fall manicures. This year, our mood board is filled with unique takes on French tips, autumn color palettes, and more.

To show you the many, many ways you can outfit your nails for the month, we rounded up nearly two dozen November nail art ideas to try in the days and weeks to come. Scroll on to find your next manicure.

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Brown and green are quintessential autumn colors, so this tri-tone nail look is spot-on for the season. If you have a steady hand, you can trace on the squiggly swirls with a fine-lining nail art brush—otherwise, book a nail appointment to perfect the look.

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These half-and-half leopard nails (or tortoiseshell, depending on how you view them) are a great November nail art idea. The pumpkin-colored stripe makes it even better.

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Hoping to see a sweet potato casserole on your Thanksgiving table? Embrace the vibes of the sweet treat with this toasted marshmallow-inspired mani. To get the look, start with an ombré brown and cream base, then top it off with crisp white French tips. Finish with a matte top coat, like the Olive & June Matte Top Coat ($9).

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Chrome nails are among the most popular 2023 manicure trends, so this mushroom-accented iteration is a fabulous choice for November. It’s earthy, autumnal, and chic all at once.

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The leaves may be transforming before our eyes, but earthy green hues remain a staple color of autumn—and, as such, of November nail art ideas. To DIY this pretty mani, check out our guide to water marble nails.

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Aura nails are another major 2023 mani trend, so this muted, earthy nail look makes for a perfect November set. To DIY aura nails at home, paint your nails with your preferred base color. Then, paint a sponge in that same color with a dot of your aura hue in the middle; sponge it on and use a small angled brush to touch up the edges.

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Gold foil nails are impossibly chic, not to mention perfect for the overall November aesthetic. You can DIY this look at home by pressing gold foil (such as these Gold Leaf Flakes, $6) onto your nails and encasing them with a glossy top coat.

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Pop art nails may be too juvenile for some preferences, but in an autumn color palette and surrounded by thin black lines, they can look quite elevated. The trick to mastering any comic book-inspired manicure is using black lines and white dots to create a cartoonish effect.

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Square nails turn heads all on their own, but in a pretty milk chocolate color palette with caramel gold accents, they’re even more eye-catching.

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Cranberry doesn’t just work well in Thanksgiving side dishes and cocktails—it’s great on nails, too. Here, bright red and burgundy unite for a vibrant November mani we can’t stop swooning over.

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To embrace the season’s cozy warmth on your nails, consider a metallic brown manicure—like the one above—that seems to glow. This exact nail look was created using a combination of Mooncat Nail Lacquers ($15) in the shades Dark Horse and Bootlegger.

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Prefer more of an abstract nail look? This terrazzo manicure might be just what you’re looking for.

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Teal and mustard scream November. This unusual French mani combines the warm and cool colors, perfectly encapsulating the month’s vibe.

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Remember, just because the leaves are shades of red, yellow, orange, and brown doesn’t mean that shades of green don’t still work for November. Case in point: This multicolor matte green French mani, topped with chic gold squiggles.

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The long, square shape of this manicure offers plenty of room to show off a snakeskin print. Given the intricacy of the design, you’ll likely need an appointment with a pro to perfect the look.

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Your nails don’t have to be uniform to look beautiful this November. Just look at this mismatched mani featuring shades of burnt orange, gold, and shimmering black. Gorgeous, no?

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Tired of classic French tips but don’t want to cover your nails in color? Consider a geometric skittle French mani like the one above.

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While we’re on the topic of shades of brown, check out this ombré brown and tan nail look featuring cute white deer spots. To DIY the print, start with a brown, tan, and white ombré base and top it off with white dots.

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Rich burgundy nail polish is another quality choice for November. To jazz it up a bit, opt for a shimmery finish and black art deco-inspired accents.

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Orange might be most closely associated with October and Halloween, but we say the glowing hue works just as well for November. To recreate this aura nail look, you’ll need essie Expressie Quickdry Nail Polish ($10) in the shades Outside the Lines and Send a Message.

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