Cat Eye Nails: The Mesmirizing Trend That Will Captivate You

Are you a cat person? These animals are so beautiful and smart, and as it turns out, they can even inspire fashion and nail trends around the world! We all know that they are very gracious, but one of the most impressive things is their eyes! What are the cat eye nails? Why are they so trendy? Should you get them in 2023?

what are cat eye nails

What Are Cat Eye Nails?

As you probably know already, the cat’s eye is very different and unique, and it has inspired a lot of the trends in fashion and not only. Cat eye nails are similar to the velvet manicure that has been around for ages now. The difference is that the cat eye nails have a chrome line going diagonally through them, which imitating a cat’s eye… The base of the nails can be the same shade or a lighter one, to make the other one pop more. Depending on your preferences, they come in a lot of hues that you can choose from and they change colors in a different light. This manicure art have a metallic and chrome finish, which makes it more mesmerizing and captivating. It is perfect for every season and also you can adapt it on any nail trend. Today, we are going to show you some of the best designs in 2023.

cat eye nails 2023 purple

How to Do Cat Eye Nails for Beginners?

If you want to achieve the cat eye nail effect and you are a beginner, then you should follow these steps strictly. If you are not good at doing your nails at home, we highly recommend getting an appointment at a nail salon.

  • First, we recommend getting a magnetic nail polish that has a kit, which will make things super easy!
  • Normally, depending on the brand, you will get a base color, chrome nail polish color and a magnet.
  • Start by applying the base nail polish. I recommend doing two coats, if you want the chrome color to pop out even more.
  • Now, apply the chrome nail polish color on one of your nails and before it dries, place the magnet diagonally over the nail without touching it. This will create the line, which basically imitates a cat eye.
  • Repeat the same with the rest of your nails.
  • Apply a top nail polish and leave it to dry.

how to do cat eye nails for beginners at home easy

Short Ombre Cat Eye Nail Design

short ombre cat eye nail designs 2023

Who said that the cat eye nails should be only two colors? You can create captivating nail designs by mixing different chrome colors and creating this glass effect that will imitate a cat eye. Each of these nails look like a tiny galaxy and it is the perfect nail art for everyone that loves a bold manicure choice. You can even try doing this nail design for Halloween 2023.

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Cat Eye French Tip Nails

french tip cat eye nails 2023 silver and black

French tip nails are the classiest out of every manicure design and you can’t tell me otherwise. The best part about then is that they can easily be customized, which means that you can adapt any new nail trend out there by doing French tips. There’s even cat eye French manicure, which is classy, bold and very beautiful. You can pick any two chrome colors that you like, but we definitely recommend going for silver and black.

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Black and Pink Cat Eye Nails with Golden Decorations

black and pink cat eye nails with golden decorations 2023

The cat eye nails can be easily turned into a galaxy manicure by adding tiny nail jewelry in gold or silver. This black and pink almond shaped cat eye manicure will make you fall in love with it instantly, because of the shade combo and the attention to details. We highly recommend trying it for the Spooky season, if you want something more girly and elegant.

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Cat Eye Nail Ideas 2023

simple cat eye nails 2023

Black and Blue Cat Eye Nails for Women Over 50

black and blue cat eye nails for women over 50

Purple Galaxy Cat Eye Nails Almond Shaped

blue cat eye nails almond shaped

Pop Art Cat Eye Nails in Blue Decorated with Glitter

blue pop art cat eye nail design ideas manicure

Purple Cat Eye Nails with White Stars Decorations

cat eye nail effect design manicure purple with star decoration galaxy

Pastel Colors Cat Eye Galaxy Nails with a Chrome Effect

galaxy cat eye nails 2023 pastel colors

Silver Chrome Cat Eye Almond Shaped Nails

silver chrome cat eye nails 2023

Black and Green Cat Eye Manicure Idea

green cat eye nails with glitter

Purple Cat Eye Nails with a Velvet Effect

purple color changing cat eye nails 2023

Blue and Green Cat Eye Nails: Short Squoval

short squoval cat eye nails green

Green Cat Eye Halloween Stiletto Nails

halloween cat eye nails 2023 green

3D Cat Eye Nails

3d cat eye nails 2023

Cat Eye Nails in Different Colors with a Silver Chrome Detail

cat eye nails with silver chrome effect

Blue Cat Eye Nails with Black Decoration

blue halloween cat eye nails velvet 2023

Galaxy Purple Cat Eye Oval Shaped Nails

purple cat eye nails oval shaped

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