HOT: BLACKPINK officially renewed the contract with YG, the stock increased vertically!


YG has reached the final conclusion on renewing the contract with global girl group BLACKPINK.


On the morning of December 6, YG reached the final conclusion about extending the contract with the global girl groupBLACKPINK. After a long time of making the media and the public “half-trustful”, BLACKPINK’s future has finally been decided with a satisfactory ending for the BLINK fan community. Accordingly, YG has completed the re-signing and maintenance of the exclusive contract for group activities based on strong trust with 4 members Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé, Lisa.

BLACKPINK renews group contract with YG

Specifically, YG issued an official announcement: “We have completed the board of directors’ resolution to sign an exclusive group contract including 4 members. member of BLACKPINK”. Yang Hyun Suk added: “I am very happy to continue my relationship with BLACKPINK. In the future, BLACKPINK will try our best to shine even more brightly in the global music market as an artist representing Kpop as well as our company, we also give support and trust. firmly believe in their series of actions”.

HOT: BLACKPINK officially renewed the contract with YG, the stock increased vertically! - Photo 2.

Fans can fully expect BLACKPINK’s new album or epic world tours with support from YG.

Thus, BLACKPINK’s future will continue to be maintained and developed under YG’s management. However, the 4 members’ personal contracts with the company have not yet been finalized. Even though the “script” BLACKPINK maintains group activities while pursuing independent individual activities. Fans can fully expect to have new albums or epic world tours with support from YG.


The good news was shared, social networks exploded with reactions, BLINKs simultaneously congratulated. As expected of being the “hen that lays golden eggs” BLACKPINK, YG stocks immediately grew in a “straight line” after notice of re-signing.



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