BLACKPINK’s Jennie Causes Unexpected Chaos In Her First Variety Show Appearance In Five Years

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie has wowed netizens with her return to variety shows but shocked them with her “questionable” rice-making skills.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Netizens haven’t been able to contain their excitement as teasers of Jennie’s appearance in Apartment 404 have slowly been released.

On February 23, the first episode of Apartment 404 aired and from the minute Jennie appeared on screen, the idol captured the hearts of fans. In the first scenes, Jennie made fans soft with her shyness about appearing on a variety show for the first time in five years.

Throughout the first episode, Jennie proved that aside from being beautiful and talented, she was also extremely smart.

Yet, it seems like Jennie’s talent has one exception… and it comes to cooking rice.

During one of the scenes, Jennie offered to make some rice and the other cast jumped at the chance to have rice made by the idol.

It quickly turned into chaos as Jennie started washing the rice. By squeezing the rice very hard to get the starch out…

Lee Jae Seok was confused by what she was making, wondering if it was meant to be rice balls, not just rice.

The struggles continued more as Jennie struggled to work out how to switch the rice cooker on.

After so much work, it was time to see the results. However, as soon as Jennie opened the cooker, she knew it didn’t go well as the captions explained that there was too much rise in the cooker even after cooking.

Even Jennie admitted that the rice definitely didn’t go to plan by saying, “It’s an NG (no go).”

When the video was shared online, netizens couldn’t get over Jennie’s “lack” of skills when it came to cooking, loving how adorable she was when making the rice for everyone. Like the other cast members, many also questioned Jennie’s techniques for washing the rice and how it resulted in “porridge.”

Jennie is smart, talented, beautiful, and charming, but it seems like her one weakness is rice, and it made netizens LOL.

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