Blackpink reveals eating habits that few people know

The group Blackpink consists of 4 members (from left): Rosé, JIsoo, Lisa and Jennie.

The group Blackpink consists of 4 members (from left): Rosé, JIsoo, Lisa and Jennie.

Known as the most popular girl band in Korea, Blackpink has a huge fan base. Everything related to idols, from their hobbies, habits, and places the four girls have been to, are sought after by fans. With an open personality, all members often share everyday moments. In the show Star Road , Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé and Lisa revealed their favorite and “least favorite” foods.

1. Jisoo

Blackpink reveals food preferences - 1

Blackpink’s eldest sister said she likes to eat rice because this basic dish is suitable and perfect with most other dishes. In reality TV shows, she does not hesitate to reveal this. In addition, Jisoo also loves to eat dishes containing cheese, strawberries, crab and bulgogi (Korean barbecue), her favorite being pork belly. However, the beauty born in 1995 does not like to eat mangos and seafood, especially clams and oysters, in addition to avocado and eggplant because Jisoo does not like soft, mushy fruits.

2. Jennie

Blackpink reveals food preferences - 2

The group’s female rapper loves sandwiches, especially the ones with avocado on top. Having lived abroad since childhood, Jennie still keeps many Korean eating habits. She is obsessed with nurungji, a Korean dish made from scorched rice, often served with soup or stew. This is a delicious dish, ideal for cold winter nights. Besides, Jennie is also addicted to pollock roe rice – a popular fish in Korean cuisine. In addition, the female idol said she likes to eat milk-flavored ice cream.

Jennie’s least favorite food is pizza. Besides, during a show in Thailand, Jennie once revealed that she does not like eating coriander, so she hopes fans will pay attention to this when giving food. After that, Lisa translated it into Thai so that when restaurants served Jennie’s dishes, they would not add coriander.

3. Rosé

Blackpink reveals food preferences - 3

Although she has a slim body, Rosé is a “holy eater”. Every time he eats and drinks, Blackpink’s main vocalist is satisfied and smiles. Born and raised in New Zealand and Australia – multicultural lands – so Rosé has quite an international taste. She likes to eat Italian food, especially pasta. The female idol has a lot of love for Vietnamese pho, has enjoyed this dish in many countries and said “wants to eat pho when she goes to Hanoi to tour at the end of July”.

When she came to Singapore, Rosé also expressed her love for chili crab, a specialty of the island nation. Normally, she buys the biggest and juiciest crabs at the market to process. Rosé also has a lot of love for traditional Korean dishes such as japchae mixed vermicelli with vegetables, beef and sweet and salty sauce or bibimbap and kimchi jjigae. The female singer likes to eat mangoes but especially dislikes avocados and eggplants like Jisoo because of their fatness and soft texture.

4. Lisa

Blackpink reveals food preferences - 4

Being Thai, Lisa really misses her homeland’s dishes when she is away from home. A few months ago, she showed off a plate of mango salad (som tam mamuang) on ​​Instagram with the caption: “Mango salad sent directly from Thailand.” The photo only existed on the story for 24 hours but caused a fever in the Thai culinary industry, causing this dish to sell out “on all fronts”.

Besides Thai dishes, Lisa’s taste matches Korean dishes like gamjatang. This is a spicy pork bone soup stewed with potatoes. Lisa is addicted to eating all spicy dishes such as spicy Japanese ramen or spicy potato chips. In addition, the group’s “dancing queen” is also addicted to Japanese specialty tempura and Thai-style pad krapow. Lisa’s least favorite food is eel.

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