BLACKPINK reclaims top spot in December’s Girl Group Brand Value Ranking after six months; NewJeans, IVE follow

BLACKPINK secured the top spot in the Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation’s latest girl group brand rankings for the month of December, reclaiming it after six months. Following closely behind are NewJeans and IVE.

BLACKPINK secured top spot in December’s Girl Group Brand Value Ranking after six months following contract renewal with YG

In the latest release of December’s Girl Group Brand Value Rankings by the Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation, BLACKPINK has staged a remarkable return to the top spot. Their resurgence to #1 follows the buzz surrounding their contract renewal, propelling their brand value index to an impressive 6,148,842. This figure marks a substantial leap, more than doubling their previous month’s metrics.

Despite a mere 0.02% decrease from the previous month’s index, NewJeans slipped from the top position to secure second place, boasting a commendable index of 4,730,218. Meanwhile, IVE secured third place with a brand value index of 4,547,363, experiencing a 1.82% decline from their prior standing.

The analysis of big data highlighted the prevalent association of terms like ‘renew contract,’ ‘skyrocket,’ and ‘conclude contract’ with BLACKPINK this month, reflecting the impact of their renewed contract on their brand perception. Conversely, the keyword analysis centered around ‘all members,’ ‘Yang Hyun Suk,’ and ‘YG Entertainment’ as the most searched terms related to the group.

BLACKPINK’s resurgence to the top echoes their ongoing influence and popularity within the industry, reinforced by the public’s keen interest in their contractual developments. The rankings showcase the dynamic nature of girl group brand values and the diverse factors contributing to their standings, from contract negotiations to public perception and member-related associations. As the year draws to a close, these rankings serve as a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of K-pop and the enduring impact of groups like BLACKPINK on the global stage.

Here are the top 30 girl groups on December’s Girl Group Brand Value Ranking

December’s Girl Group Brand Reputation Rankings showcased a shift in dynamics, with BLACKPINK reclaiming the top spot, followed closely by NewJeans securing second place. IVE trailed closely behind, locked in third position with impressive brand reputation indices of 4,730,218 and 4,547,363, respectively.

A notable newcomer, YG Entertainment’s BABYMONSTER, made a striking debut, entering the rankings in fourth place with a brand reputation index of 2,691,229. This newcomer’s entry signifies a promising start and hints at potential future impacts in the industry.

Meanwhile, aespa, maintaining a steady ascent, rounded off the top five with a notable 16.07% surge in their brand reputation index since the last ranking period, securing a commendable index of 2,594,605. This rise highlights their consistent growth and resonating influence in the competitive landscape of girl group brand rankings.

Take a look at the top 30 girl groups that hold a rank in December’s Girl Group Brand Value Ranking;

  2. NewJeans
  3. IVE
  5. aespa
  7. (G)I-DLE
  8. TWICE
  9. Red Velvet
  10. OH MY GIRL
  11. Girls’ Generation
  12. cignature
  13. Girl’s Day
  14. fromis_9
  16. NMIXX
  17. H1-KEY
  18. STAYC
  19. Dreamcatcher
  20. EXID
  21. WJSN
  22. LABOUM
  23. Apink
  24. APRIL
  25. Kep1er
  26. LOONA
  27. Ladies’ Code
  28. ALICE
  29. DIA
  30. ITZY

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