BLACKPINK “It took a long time to debut, so I had a hard time… I prepared so I wouldn’t fall behind.”


[Newspim = Reporter Yang Jin-young] YG’s new girl group Blackpink has taken off all its veils. They put aside their mysticism for a while as they began their second activity with the double title song ‘Playing with Fire’ and ‘STAY’. Blackpink’s true self was that they were infinitely shy or playful girls.

Blackpink released their new album ‘SQURE TWO’ on the 1st and faced the media without CEO Yang Hyun-seok for the first time since their debut. His charismatic expression on stage was nowhere to be seen, he was so nervous that he froze stiffly, and it seemed difficult to even utter a single word. ‘Child-like’ was my first impression of Blackpink.

“I’m nervous and looking forward to our comeback with the new ‘Playing with Fire’ and ‘Stay’. It’s a comeback that feels like a debut. As it’s a new song, we prepared it with a new heart. I hope you love it a lot.” (Jennie, Jisoo)

“We also prepared a lot. Please look forward to our performance on stage. We have only debuted so far, so this is our first comeback, so please look forward to it.” (Lisa, Rosé)

Upon debuting last August, Blackpink recorded a double hit with their first double title songs ‘Boombayah’ and ‘Whistle’. With ‘Whistle’, they also took first place just two weeks after their debut. The enthusiasm continued with ‘Playing with Fire’ and ‘STAY’ activities. As soon as the new song was released, it entered the top ranks of various music charts, proving that YG was a special new artist that put a lot of effort into it.

“Actually, I had a little(?) expectation, but I think the results exceeded my expectations. It was amazing, and I’m grateful that many people listened to me even though I didn’t get a lot of broadcast exposure after my debut. If I say expectations, will I actually make it into the top 10? I thought to myself, I did. I didn’t have high expectations because I didn’t get to meet many people in many places.” (jisoo)

In fact, Blackpink is a girl group that was born with the golden spoon of YG in its mouth, but at the same time, even though it debuted, it was surrounded by mysticism with no trace of it. Recently, it became a hot topic when it became known that MBC Every1’s ‘Weekly Idol’ was filming. YG announced that it plans to increase broadcasting activities in the future.

“The CEO said that we will be doing a lot of broadcasting activities in the future, so I think we will be able to see him on many broadcasts. He has also appeared on ‘M Countdown’, and I think he will be able to appear on various broadcasts.” (jenny)

“I think they are very protective of us because we are still very new and afraid that we might make mistakes. I hope that if they see that we can do well, they will give us more.” (jisoo)

“I was really nervous because it was my first time appearing on ‘Weekly Idol’ on a variety show. Since we didn’t talk much, the fans were naturally curious about us. I was nervous and nervous, but I did my best while filming. If I get another chance to do a variety show, I’m confident I’ll do my best. .” (Lisa, Rosé)

“Jung Hyung-don and Defconn oppa worked very hard. They also gave a lot of encouragement. Jennie was so nervous that you could see her mouth shaking. Everyone said she looked strong on stage, but she looked like a child. She showed off her individual skills and had fun. “I came here to film.” (jisoo)

Blackpink is said to have worked harder than anyone else while preparing for their comeback with ‘Playing with Fire’ and ‘STAY’. We spared no effort to find any shortcomings from our last activities and improve them. In addition, they relatively naturally accepted the criticism that their powerful, chic, charismatic stage and music with emotional codes were reminiscent of 2NE1. It was clear what the four members were aiming for, as they were seniors who always had a lot to learn.


“I prepared the performance and the stage as hard as I could. I wanted to show a better image than when I first came out. The CEO personally watched me a lot and gave me advice. In line with the chilly season, the atmosphere of the song itself was more emotional and contained pastel tones. Joe. We paid more attention to the vocals. I think Rosé will be able to show a different side of herself in Stay, such as playing the guitar herself.” (Jenny)



“A lot of foreign choreographers also participated, and the president took great care of that aspect as well. This time, the choreography has become bigger and more complex, so we plan to use headset microphones as well.” (jisoo)



“When I watched the debut stage, it was my first time seeing a performance on screen, so I saw some awkward parts. I always had a learning attitude and tried to make up for my shortcomings. This time, I tried to prepare with more confidence.” (Rosé)



“Being compared to 2NE1’s older sisters is actually a good feeling in itself. Rather than wanting to go in a different direction, I think it’s better to follow along as best as possible since they were a senior team that showed YG’s colors well. The stage is very charismatic and I hope we can look like that too.” (jisoo)



“I don’t want to break away from the 2NE1 girls by changing genres. Nevertheless, I think we can show Blackpink’s unique color, which is a little different from 2NE1, and there are people who see it that way. We worked on the song with the idea of ​​trying it in our own color. “Looking at it, I got some results.” (jenny)



Blackpink is a group of four girls who are only 20 to 22 years old. I’d like to emphasize this again, but the four on stage were so shy and nervous that I wondered if they were part of that girl group, and while they were cute, they also looked a little sad. When asked how she hides this shyness on stage and what the real personalities of the members are, Jenny once again couldn’t continue her words and just smiled shyly for a long time.



“I was a trainee for up to 7 years, focusing on stage, singing, and dance performances. I’m more familiar with that than directly talking to people and showing what I see. I’m still not familiar with other parts, and This position is very stressful. “I’m nervous.” (Jenny)



“Lisa is a foreigner, but she speaks Korean really well. She makes proverbs out of the blue and doesn’t get exposed, so it’s a shame that many people don’t know about her. She’s a foreigner, so it’s hard to believe that she can’t speak well, but she speaks really well like a Korean.” (jisoo)



“Jisoo is probably the biggest unexpected character. She looks feminine, but her real personality is very humorous and playful. “She likes games and has an easy-going personality.” (jenny)



As Blackpink reached the top right after debut, they secretly expected to win the Rookie of the Year award. Jennie’s eyes lit up as she said, “It would be a lie if I said I didn’t have any expectations. I would be very happy if they gave me the Rookie Award.” When asked about the most difficult moment during his short promotional period, he answered “now” and made the reporters laugh.



“Actually, I’m the most nervous today. It’s my first interview without the CEO, so I was really nervous. I’m not good at speaking, but please be kind to me. The best moment is meeting the fans. It’s much better than I expected, “It’s an amazing and new experience. I’m so excited that you’re watching us.” (jenny)



Although all Blackpink members spent a long time as trainees, Jennie finally debuted 6 years after the first teaser was released. Jisoo’s face has also been known for a long time. He modeled for various advertisements and also appeared in music videos of senior singers.



“Of course, we thought they would debut soon, but it took a long time, so we had a hard time. Every time it was announced in the news that a YG girl group was coming, we saw it too. We were pushed back by a month, so 5 years have passed. Meanwhile, the team composition was established and the picture was drawn. “Once I started losing, I started to relax a little.” (jenny)



“I was also shocked because it’s been a long time since the photo surfaced. (Laughs) It’s been about 1-2 years since my face became fully known, so it’s better than Jennie’s.” (jisoo)



As the awkward atmosphere began to gradually ease, it was time to end the interview. Blackpink was nervous but did his best, and he said he would try harder in the future. YG’s youngest girl group, whose CEO Yang Hyun-suk cherishes like a daughter, was definitely lovely. Because it was a completely different character from 2NE1, I was even more excited about Blackpink’s next activities.



“We haven’t been very active yet, but I want to become a group that people can trust and automatically take interest in whenever we come out.” (Jisoo)



“I want to become a group that people listen to no matter what song they come out with. I want to satisfy everyone with music and on stage, and my goal is to become a team that suits and likes no matter what genre we play. Although we were clumsy today, we were clumsy, but we performed ‘Playing with Fire’ and ‘STAY’. ‘I hope you listen to and love it as much as we’ve been working on it for a long time. We prepared a lot to not fall behind among many girl groups.” (Jenny) 




[Newspim Newspim] Reporter Yang Jin-young ([email protected]) · Photo = YG Entertainment


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