Blackpink is *officially* coming back with new music and a world tour

After months of speculation from fans and industry analysts, YG Entertainment has confirmed that Blackpink is making their comeback in August. The nearly two-year drought is finally about to end.

A representative from YG Entertainment announced today, July 6, that Blackpink is in the final stages of recording for their upcoming album. The members are set to start shooting a new music video in July and fans can anticipate its release during their August comeback. “A lot of music that is Blackpink-esque has been completed with much effort over a long period of time,” the source said. If it’s anything like the group’s first studio-length album, “The Album,” we’re already expecting hits.

And that’s not all. The source also stated, “In order to expand Blackpink’s emotional connection with fans all over the world, they will set out for the largest-scale world tour in K-pop girl group history until the end of the year along with their comeback. Furthermore, big projects fitting of that status will continuously follow.” 

Yes, Blinks, a world tour means that their return to the Philippines might be approaching sooner than we anticipated. We’ll have to wait for the tour details but we’re already hoping to add Blackpink to the list of K-pop acts returning to Manila this year. Labelmate Treasure is already coming, so why not?

Blackpink initially told Rolling Stone about their plans to release new music this year when they graced its cover. Aside from personal stories about their past, members Jennie, Rosé, Lisa, and Jisoo also shared how much they still value creating together and how there’s still a lot of room for them to grow sonically and performance-wise.

We can’t wait to see what the girls have prepared for us—and it seems we aren’t the only ones. After the comeback news broke out, YG stocks rose by around 10%. That’s what we call impact and bankability. 

Blinks who’ve been holding out for this comeback, we’re with you: We can’t wait to hear the words “Blackpink in your area” again.

Photo from Blackpink’s Facebook page

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