Big Dog Meets Her Tiny New Sister And Immediately Decides She’s Her ‘Baby’

When it comes to looks, dog siblings Bella and Tinkerbell couldn’t be more different. Bella, a 7-year-old German shepherd, towers over her 4-year-old Chihuahua sister. And Tinkerbell could easily get lost in her shadow.

They may not have a lot in common physically, but the two dogs are identical in spirit. And they’re absolutely obsessed with each other.

“They share a brain cell,” Whitney Gayle Boswell, the pups’ mom, told The Dodo.

Whitney Gayle Boswell

When Boswell welcomed a newborn Tinkerbell into her family, she wasn’t quite sure how then-3-year-old Bella would react. The independent girl was known to be standoffish towards other dogs.

But as soon as Bella sniffed her new baby sister that first night, she fell instantly in love.

“She treated Tinkerbell like her baby,” Boswell said.

Whitney Gayle Boswell

Bella stayed by Tinkerbell’s side as the little puppy grew. No matter where Tinkerbell went, Bella was sure to follow.

“She is very protective of Tinkerbell,” Boswell said. “She watches over her all the time. While she eats, drinks water or goes to the bathroom.”

Whitney Gayle Boswell

As Tinkerbell matured, her personality blossomed — and it turned out to be surprisingly similar to Bella’s, especially when it came to other dogs.

“Around other dogs, they both bark and act slightly aggressive when in close contact,” Boswell said. “But they have never fought with or acted aggressively toward each other.”

Whitney Gayle Boswell

Instead of feeling intimidated by one another, Tinkerbell and Bella find comfort in being together. So much so that they can typically be found attached at the hip.

“Tinkerbell usually just jumps right on Bella’s back, and Bella never minds it,” Boswell said.

Whitney Gayle Boswell

Although Bella is much bigger than Tinkerbell, Boswell never has to worry about her accidentally stepping on her sister.

“Bella is extra gentle and careful with Tinkerbell because, even though she thinks she’s a tiny lap dog herself, she knows Tinkerbell is much smaller than her,” Boswell said. “She’s an awesome big sister.”

Whitney Gayle Boswell

They’re still not big fans of other dogs, but Bella and Tinkerbell can’t get enough of each other. And, as Boswell sees it, that’s more than enough.

“They’re both very affectionate and sweet,” Boswell said. “They’re so loved and spoiled.”

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