Beautiful Rosefinches Are Always Pretty In Pink

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While I’m not a fan of pastel, powdery colors in general, I do think that a vibrant pink can be a really happy hue. Maybe it’s because it brings to mind spring flowers and Easter chocolate and the end of a long, gray winter.

Aside from flamingos, we tend to think of pink as a floral color, rather than a bird one. There are plenty of red birds, but not many in shades of its lighter, friendlier cousin.

There are roughly 25-30 individual species within the rosefinch genus, all with variations of pink shades.

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Others, like this Sinai rosefinch from Israel, lean towards pure bubblegum.

There are also species where the pink leans a bit more to the dusky and purple side.

It’s such a lovely color!

As far as I can tell, rosefinches are found pretty much everywhere except North or South America. On those continents, a separate genus split and evolved.

Though they are still called common rosefinches or scarlet rosefinches, birds in that genus don’t get quite so pink.

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They’re yet another example of how amazing and varied the bird world can be.

h/t: eBird


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