Bad Influence ‘Guide’ Dog Always Leads Her Dad To Her Favorite Bar

Sharing a life with a faithful dog has proven to come with numerous health benefits — from lowering stress and anxiety levels to promoting increases in physical activity and exercise.

But for Rai Valenzuela, who adopted his dog, Bernardita, last year, pet ownership has spurred on some different kinds of lifestyle changes.

“She makes me drink!” Valenzuela told The Dodo.

Rai Valenzuela

Bernardita is a St. Bernard.

But she’s also a bit of a boozehound.

Rai Valenzuala

After adopting Bernardita, Valenzuela began taking her everywhere with him around their home in Santiago, Chile — including, on occasion, trips to the local bar.

As Valenzuela would sit and enjoy a beer or cocktail, Bernardita reveled in the attention she’d receive from other patrons. Sometimes, Valenzuela would even order a snack and share it with her.

A positive association to that watering hole soon formed. And, before long, the pair’s visits to the bar became more and more frequent — by no choice of Valenzuela’s.

Rai Valenzuela

Nowadays, anytime Valenzuela and Bernardita step out for a stroll, she leads him forcefully back to the bar.

“She’ll start pulling me there,” Valenzuela said. “I’ll be wanting to go shopping [at the store], and she stubbornly leads me to the bar.”

Here’s video of Bernardita in action:

Once inside the bar, Bernardita will refuse to budge. So, Valenzuela usually ends up ordering a drink or two — drinks he hadn’t been intending to have.

“She’s a ruin to my wallet,” Valenzuela said. “Bernardita gets what she wants. There’s no way you can pull that dog away.”

Rai Valenzuela

Occasionally, after finally deciding it’s time to leave her favorite bar, Bernardita will then lead her dad to yet another bar nearby.

“She likes bar hopping,” Valenzuela said.

Fortunately, popping into the bars isn’t Valenzuela and Bernardita’s only pastime. They still get plenty of healthy activities in, too.

Rai Valenzuela

“We walk about 10 kilometers a day. This is an awesome city, full of parks, nice sidewalks and trees. And cold beers,” Valenzuela said. “Bernardita is the happiest dog on Earth — and the best drinking buddy.”

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