Add Some Color to Your Living Room With These Wallpaper Ideas

Rabekah Henderson
Add Some Color to Your Living Room With These 23 Wallpaper Ideas
living room wallpaper ideas

rikki snyder

Ready to switch things in up in your living room? Or give it a little extra ‘oomph’? Hang wallpaper. Though wallpaper may seem like an intimidating wall covering, it brings with it tons of personality and style. Plus, with all the patterns out there, there’s bound to be one that’s a great fit for your living room. Keep reading to take a look at 23 living room wallpaper ideas.

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Radiate Red

living room wallpaper ideas red

dazey den

Get ready for your living room to be the centerpiece of your home with red wallpaper. The bold red patterns of the wallpaper above in Dazey Den‘s living room make the space feel eye-catching and exciting, and the pops of red from the furniture and décor don’t hurt either.

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Install Textured Wallpaper

textured living room wallpaper ideas

bespoke only

Textured wallpaper, sometimes made of linen or silk, is a great choice for a space where you want some visual interest without it feeling too overpowering—like living rooms. The thick weave of the muted green wallpaper above makes the living room feel lush and calming.

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Add Foliage

living room wallpaper ideas foliage

bespoke only

There are countless wallpaper patterns out there, and wading through them can be quite the chore. But one type of pattern that’s always a winner in living rooms is a foliage-filled pattern. These patterns add just a touch of whimsy and help bring the outside in.

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Add Abstraction

living room wallpaper ideas abstract pattern

katherine carter design

For living rooms walls that look like they belong in a modern art museum, look for wallpaper with abstract patterns. We love the patterns in the living room above from Katherine Carter Design, as they add excitement to an otherwise neutral color and give it a unique twist.

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Go Green

green living room wallpaper ideas

rikki snyder

Green is the perfect color for your living room: it’s earthy, welcoming, and rich all at once. And it’s a great wallpaper color pick too, as the living room above shows so perfectly.

If you want your wallpaper color to stand out, pick a pattern that has a few small details in another color. These will contrast against the main color and help it shine.

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Bring in Black and White

black and white living room wallpaper ideas

katherine carter design

Wallpaper can be an easy way to bring loads of color into your home. But it can also be used to bring in some color-less (or color-full, depending on how you look at it) classics too, like black and white. Black and white wallpaper is a great choice for funky or visual-illusion-inspired patterns, and it certainly makes quite the statement.

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Repeat After Me

repeating living room wallpaper ideas

studio peake

If you’re bringing a pattern or motif into your wallpaper and you want to ensure it stands out, look for repeating wallpaper where the pattern or designs are spaced apart. This ensures that you notice what you’re looking at and that the intricacies of the design aren’t lost in repetitive chaos.

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Go for Gray

gray living room wallpaper ideas

gail davis designs

An elegant and grown-up wallpaper look for the living room can always be found in gray. (Rather than thinking it’s a boring color choice, consider it reliable.) It’s a wonderful pick for more formal seating areas, like living rooms or libraries.

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Wallpaper Your Fireplace

fireplace living room wallpaper ideas

LA designer affair

Want to add some wallpaper to your living room in a more budget-friendly way? Wallpaper your fireplace. Note that this probably isn’t the best choice for fireplace surrounds that heat up (ie: wood fireplaces). However, it’s still a great way to show off electric, gas, or non-functioning fireplaces.

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Add Some Birds

living room wallpaper ideas birds

katie leclerq

Vintage-inspired wallpaper patterns can give a living room character and history, so adding them to your home should be a no-brainer. But there are a fair number of vintage wallpapers out there too, and picking one can be a challenge. But one type of vintage-inspired pattern that stands out is wallpaper with bird motifs, like the one in the space above from Katie LeClerq.

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Try Teal

living room wallpaper ideas teal

rikki snyder

Why add just a pop of color when you can douse your living room in it instead? That’s what happened in the living room above, and the home is all the better for it. The lush teal wallpaper makes the space feel one-of-a kind and vibrant.

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Go Beige

living room wallpaper ideas beige

rikki snyder

Just as wallpaper comes in many crazy colors, it comes in plenty of neutral colors too. Neutral wallpapers can be great choice for living rooms where there’s already a lot going on and you want to avoid the wallpaper becoming the centerpiece of the space.

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Don’t Forget Trim

living room wallpaper ideas trim

royal roulotte

Trim is key in taking your living room wallpaper to the next level, so don’t forget it. For a historical look, use thicker trim around the wallpaper and doors. For a luxe look, use ornate, detailed trim. For a minimalist look, use simple, unadorned trim.

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Use a Mural

living room wallpaper ideas mural

rikki snyder

For truly unique wallpaper in the living room, use a mural of one of your favorite pieces of art. Though this option can be a bit pricey, there’s nothing quite like it. Plus, what better way to show off art you love?

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Add Some Geometry

living room wallpaper ideas geometry

rikki snyder

Bold and bright shapes can have just as much of a home in the living room as anywhere else. And one way to bring them in is through wallpaper. Colorful geometric wallpaper is a great pick to bring some fun vibes to a statement wall in your living room, and it’s an easy palette to design the rest of your space around.

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Go Dotted

living room wallpaper ideas polka dot

nude and the novice

The classic polka dot pattern can be found on nearly any time if you look long enough, so it’s no surprise it makes its appearance in living room wallpaper too. Pick this pattern for a fun and classic look.

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Go Vintage

living room wallpaper ideas vintage

rikki snyder

Wallpaper often has the reputation of looking old-fashioned. But for some people, that’s a good thing. Vintage wallpaper can give your home character and style, and it’s the perfect wall covering pick if your home is already historic.

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Embrace Pattern

living room wallpaper ideas patterns

rikki snyder

Maximalists, this one is for you. Wallpaper patterns can be busy and bright, but that doesn’t mean they can be the only pattern in the room. Instead, add a few more patterns to your living room and embrace the fun and collected look.

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Bring in Botanicals

living room wallpaper ideas botanicals

rikki snyder

As wallpaper makes its comeback, certain trends are coming back with it strong. One trend that we love is botanical prints—they add a delicate and slightly-whimsical look, and they can give your living room a vintage twist too.

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Try Fabric Wallpaper

living room wallpaper ideas fabric

yael weiss interiors

Textured fabric wallpaper brings a luxe look to living room walls anywhere. Thicker than the standard paper or peel-and-stick wallpaper, fabric wallpaper can elevate once-ordinary walls and make them feel five-star-hotel-worthy.

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Do a Half-Wall

living room wallpaper ideas half wall

royal roulotte

Love the look of living room wallpaper without the commitment or the cost? Try a half-wall installation, like Royal Roulotte did in the living room above. Use the top half of the wall for the wallpaper, and cover the bottom half of the wall in an accent color, paneling, or beadboard.

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Use Tiny Patterns

living room wallpaper ideas tiny pattern

chasing paper

Of course, wallpaper patterns don’t have to be oversized or big—they can also be pretty and petite too. Tiny patterns are a fun addition to smaller living rooms or statement walls, and they’re a great optical illusion that almost looks like one color from a distance too.

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DIY Your Wallpaper

living room wallpaper ideas DIY

nude and the novice

If you want the look of a patterned wall without the hassle of installing wallpaper, DIY it. With the help of a paintbrush, paint, and a tutorial or two, you can paint a pattern onto your wall.

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