A Starving Dog Wakes Up From Her Despair Surrounded By Rescuers


She was nothing but skin and bones when she was found inside a dumpster at a nursery and on the verge of giving up.

She didn’t yet have a name when she was found in a dumpster at Redland’s Nursery. They didn’t know if she’d survive because she was nothing but skin and bones, dehydrated, and could only move her eyes.

Her rescuers were told she had been there with no food and water for 5 days, but it seemed longer. But they didn’t let her give up. They loaded her onto a tarp so they could take her to the vet so that she’d get the help she desperately needed.

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Once at the vet, they had to bring out a gurney to carry her inside. Once strapped to the board, it was easy to see what terrible shape she was in. They could only hope that they got her help in time to save her.

After some tests, they determined that she couldn’t walk. They worried she had a spinal cord injury and performed a CT scan but found her problem was due to malnutrition and neglect. Now, her rescuers had some hope to hang onto.

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By that time, they named her Susanna. She began having therapy and even started swimming to help her build her strength. After a while, she was able to walk on her own even though she was still very weak and had trouble with her coordination.

But with lots of work and determination, soon she didn’t resemble the same dog. She had a long way to go but the fact that she survived was a miracle and her rescuers were going to be by her side to see her through to the end of her recovery.

Susanna made so much progress her rescuers didn’t know whether to laugh or cry with gratefulness. She was their miracle girl who survived being abandoned in the hot Florida heat and went on to live her best life and even leaping into the pool.

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We hope you liked sweet Susanna’s rescue story. She was so close to death when they found her and thankfully, she decided to fight. She’s such a brave dog. Please share her story with your friends.

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