8 Nail Art Designs That Are Glam but Super Easy


Nail art is one of the favorite things of makeup lovers & beauty enthusiasts, especially when easy nail art is involved. What can be better than nail art designs that you could do at home without having to spend a bomb at the nail art salon? And since Monsoon 2023 is incredibly amazing, most of us are at home on weekends, leaving us with ample time for at-home nail art ideas. Who doesn’t like to utilize their free weekend time with a simple nail design that looks glam and trendy?

So, here are 8 easy nail designs that you can achieve at home in Monsoon 2023. What are you waiting for? Get your favorite nail polish shades & get started with these amazingly easy nail designs to glam up your nails.

#1 This Easy Nail Art Design with Season’s Fave Shades – Brown & Nude Shimmer Nails!

#2 This Galaxy Nail Design That Looks Intricate But is as Easy as It Gets!

#3 These Water Marble Nails That as Pretty As It’s Fun to Create

#4 This Baby Pink & Blue Ombre Nail Art Design, which is OMG so Pretty!

#5 This Simple Nail Design That’s So Gorgeous You wouldn’t Guess How It Is Achieved!

#6 This Shimmery Pastel Ombre Nail Art That’s Slaying Left, Right, & Center!

#7 This Pop Art Nail Design with Pastel Nail Polish Shades

#8 This White & Peach Ombre Nail Art with Falling Glitter Nail Art… Awesome, Right?

So, which of these amazing yet easy nail designs do you like the most? Tell us in the comments and share your favorite nail art pics in the comments too. XOXO, darlings! 🙂

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