7 Kittens Born with “Fever Coat”, Their True Colors Begin to Show As They Grow.


7 Kittens Born with "Fever Coat", Their True Colors Begin to Show As They Grow.

A sweet black cat gave birth to a litter of seven kittens and all of them were wearing a “fever coat”.

As they grew bigger, the color of their fur began to change.

Friends for Life Rescue Network

Nine months ago, Friends for Life RescueNetwork, a rescue group in Los Angeles, took in a mama cat who was in need of help.

“The owner of the mama contacted us after her cat escaped and became pregnant,” Jacqueline DeAmor, co-founder of Friends for Life RescueNetwork, told Love Meow.

Jacqueline offered to help the mama cat and her babies and get all their pets spayed and neutered as they couldn’t afford the expenses.

In April, 2017, Mama delivered seven adorable kittens with the same silver coat. This phenomenon is known as “fever coat”. Mama cat likely had a fever or stress during her pregnancy which affected the color of their fur. The kittens were born healthy otherwise.

Friends for Life Rescue Network

“As they age, the white hair falls out, and their real color comes through,” Jacqueline added.

The kittens were constantly nursing, keeping mama very busy.

Friends for Life Rescue Network

Little Bane had the lightest coat when he was born, but the sweet kitty turned out to be a tabby.

Friends for Life Rescue Network

As he grew bigger, his stripes began to manifest.

Friends for Life Rescue Network

This is Penguin the baby.

Friends for Life Rescue Network

Penguin a few weeks later.

Friends for Life Rescue Network

Venom was born with black fur covering his head and paws.

Friends for Life Rescue Network

As he grew older, the gray faded away. Eventually he transformed into a gorgeous panther kitty.

Friends for Life Rescue Network

“They were all named after Villains and all were boys – Magneto, Venom, Joker, Penguin, Lex Luthor, Bane and Riddler.”

At five weeks old, their true colors were coming through.

Friends for Life Rescue Network

“All kittens were adopted. One of them, Joker, recently passed away for FIP. He became my personal foster for three months until it was his time,” Jacquline told Love Meow.

The kittens turned out to be extremely cuddly and affectionate.

Friends for Life Rescue Network

“Mama is amazing! She’s put on a lot of good healthy weight (she was extremely thin from nursing seven kittens!).”

Friends for Life Rescue Network

A few months after they were born, their beautiful coats had fully bloomed!

Friends for Life Rescue Network, composition by Love Meow

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