7 Gorgeous Pergola Ideas with Refreshing Plants


To maximize the comfort and facilities of the house for the family, a pergola is a very interesting thing to have. Pergolas are usually in the backyard area for relaxing with some furniture such as chairs, sofas, tables, and other interesting decorations. Additional plants are also the perfect touch to present a fresh and not boring look. The following few ideas will help you to get 7 Gorgeous Pergola Ideas with Refreshing Plants.

Plants for roof

This small pergola in the corner of the backyard will be a home facility that you will find difficult to leave. The use of wood adds a natural and soothing impression, making it ideal for relaxing comfortably. Additional plants on the roof can also create a more shady relaxing area to maximize the fresh look.

A touch of fresh plants

This pergola, located in the garden area, has refreshing grass as well as comfortable lounge chairs. Fresh plants can also be seen on the poles, which have been left to propagate naturally. To avoid boredom, place a planter in the corner of the pergola for easy-to-move plants.

Beautiful Bougenville

If you’re tired of only green plants, this pergola design is ideal for you to try. The use of bougenville as a pergola roof brings life and beauty to this area. Grow bougainvillea trees in the garden and allow them to freely climb the pergola.

Use grid for roof

This pergola has a wooden frame as well as an iron grid on the roof. This is done so that the plants can grow and become a fresh and shady pergola roof. Of course, you must select vines that are resistant to the elements.

Living wall ideas

This intriguing concept will assist you in creating an unusual pergola. Plants can be used to create a living wall on the pergola’s lattice walls. Long-growing plants will cover the walls well and provide a lovely sight as you relax.

Plants as curtain

Aside from serving as a roof, plants on the pergola can also be used as curtains to create a private area. Place the plants close together so you can see how quickly they grow and how much they produce.

Hanging plants idea

Hanging plants on this pergola is a unique idea that you can replicate. Divert your potted plants by attaching a rope to them so they can be hung on the pergola’s roof, taking up less space. Don’t forget to have a relaxing bench nearby.

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