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You may have an old outhouse sitting on your grounds with a toilet seat or an outdoor shower that was initially used as a bathroom years ago. This is due to an old tradition where most people believed in creating an outhouse bathroom in order to keep filth out of the house.

This is not a matter of discrimination but simply to maintain hygiene within the household. You see, in olden times, they did not always have the means to build an indoor bathroom as either there was limited space or a dire need to keep the dirt and dust out of the house due to limited cleaning facilities.

This concept was later adopted by porter-potties and movable bathrooms. Eventually, it was conceptualized into an outhouse bathroom.

Now for bathroom design ideas, since this space is outside the house, you may want to consider warming it up with a heated toilet seat and a steam shower. This is simply to ensure that while in there, the user doesn’t suffer from hypothermia.

Speaking of a steam shower, you can also consider converting your outhouse bathroom into a steam room. Ordinarily, wood is an excellent choice for a steam room, therefore, using some reclaimed wood you can really build it into a comfortable space. Not to mention, adding some home decor pieces from Etsy could liven up the outhouse bathroom much like your indoor lavatory.

If your outhouse is going through a remodel, this might be a good time to consider installing a paper holder and a towel rack if you want the outbuilding bathroom decor to be cozy and comfortable. Needless to say, a full-bodied septic system is a necessity and you have to pay special attention to the airflow to ensure that the inside space doesn’t get mucky and uncomfortable.

Potpourri, some scented candles, maybe an area rug can really turn this space into a modern outhouse bathroom with adequate amenities and appeal.

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outhouse bathroom design

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Lastly, let’s talk about the extraordinary quality of a composting outhouse. This is not to be confused with an outhouse bathroom with a composting toilet. No. This what we are talking about is a revolutionary method of creating a space for your own gardening mulch and manure.

To be perfectly honest, there really aren’t a lot of design ideas that go into constructing a composting outhouse. You can very well use the roofing system to store some of your climbing gear and whatnot, but focusing on the interior makes for a simple outhouse.

You see, if you are enthused by gardening, horticulture, agriculture, and all the botanical sciences, then converting your outhouse into space to develop your own compost may be an ideal plan. It is needless to spend chunks of money purchasing manure and soil fertilizers.

Did you know that most of the mulch accumulated from shaving trees or clearing your grounds and even some portions of your garbage can be used as nourishment for the soil?

Yea, it’s true. All you need is a little knowledge of what portion of the muck is useful for your plants, shrubs, trees, etc., and what you need to throw away. And of course, you must know how to decompose these substances to create the fertilizer. Sure the outhouse is going to smell a little as you cannot install proper airflow in most situations. But that is why we have air fresheners and exhaust fans, even electric air purifiers.

A gardening and horticulture enthusiast understands the importance of making your own manure in a compost outhouse. It is highly nutritious and serves well to grow healthy foliage. Therefore, your simple outhouse doubles as a compost maker with minimum effort, and you have a healthy lawn or garden. It is also good for the environment which only adds to the benefits.

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outhouse storage shed

Image Credit: greenretreats.co.uk

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