60+ Gorgeous Wedding Nails


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bride in wedding dress

French Manicure and Tipped Wedding Nails

From a classic white French tip to glam glitter-tipped nails, get all your bridal nail inspiration in this section that’s full of tipped wedding nail designs. 

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Classic Nude Nails

Classic soft pink or cream nude nails never go out of style and are anything but simple. Browse gorgeous nude nail looks for long and short nails here in different shades and shapes. 

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Glazed Donut/Chrome Wedding Nails

This trend is absolutely stunning and perfect for someone who loves simple glam for the big day. 

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Glitter & Shimmer Bridal Nails

Glitter nails are stunning for any event, especially for a bride who loves some shimmer and sparkle for her look. Browse glitter-encrusted wedding nails in this section!

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Bridal Nails With Decorated Cuticles

The reverse of tipped nails – decorations such as stones and glitter along the cuticle of the nails are a simple way to add some flair to a classic bridal nail. 

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Pearl/Crystal Encrusted Nails

For the ultimate glam wedding nails, browse this collection of gem, crystal and pearl encrusted nails for an over the top manicure!

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Marbled Nails

Marbled nails are a trendier nail look for brides looking for something new and fun. They often incorporate gold or silver flakes and designs worked throughout the nail. 

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Floral Nails

Flowers and weddings go together like me and chocolate. Add a gorgeous floral design to your bridal nails for a romantic touch. 

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Which wedding nail style is your favourite?

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