55 Spring-Inspired Pedicure Designs Suitable for All Ages and Always in Fashion for Your Next Nail Session


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Getting your toe nails done up is such a great way to get your feet looking cute! Getting a manicure is one thing, but there is just something so fun about getting a pedicure. Especially now that there’s so many toe nail designs and colors you can try! There is nothing that beats that happy feeling you get when you catch a glimpse of tour toes after a trip to the nail salon or a DIY session.

Most of us are usually only focused on getting manicures, but pedicures can be a form of self care too, a chance to treat yourself and get pampered even if it’s just for you or you love to rock open toe shoes.

When it comes to toe nail colors there are a tone of options to pick from but there are a few colors we all know will look good on anyone! There’s the classic and totally loved white toe nails. As much as we all love a good white pedicure, we need to be set free from the chokehold that color has on us all. There are so so many fun colors that are just waiting to be tried! And they’ll totally surprise you. This post is a round up of so many cool pedicure ideas, there’s the favorites like white and french tips but there also some unexpected one mixed in as well… Maybe you’ll find a new favorite pedicure color or design!

1. Classic French Tip Pedicure

2. Gold Glitter Big Toe with Solid Red Toe Nails Design

3. Pink French Pedicure

4. Orange Toe Nails with French Tip Big Toe

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5. Burgundy Pedicure

6. Black Toe Nails with White and Black Marble Big Toe Design

7. Peachy Pedicure

8. Lilac Toe Nails with Glittery Toe Nails Design

9. Aquamarine Green Pedicure

10. Pink and White Alternating Toe Nails

11. Blue to White Ombre Toe Nails Design

12. Dark Blue Pedicure

13. Milky Pink and White French Tips Pedicure

14. Pink Toe Nails

15. White French Tips on White Base Toe Nails Design

16. Glossy Black Pedicure

17. Yellow Toe Nails with French Tip Big Toe

18. Light Pink Toe Nails with Cow Print Big Toe Design

19. White Pedicure

20. Blue Toe Nails with One White Design

21. Yellow Pedicure with Two Glitter Toe Nails

22. Straight Line French Pedicure with Glitter Big Toe

23. Hot Orange Pedicure

24. Baby Pink Toe Nails with French Tip Big Toe

25. Light Green Toe Nails

26. Neon Green French Tip Toe Nails

27. Yellow Toe Nails with Pink Big Toe

28. Pastel Yellow Toe Nails

29. Black French Tip Pedicure

30. French Tip Pedicure with Gems on the Big Toe

31. Lavender Pedicure

32. Yellow French Toe Nails on White Base

33. Black Pedicure with Gems

34. Hot Purple Pedicure

35. Blue French Tip Toe Nails

36. Bubble Gum Pink Toe Nails

37. Pink Nude Toe Nails

38. Pink French Tip Toes with Milky White Base

39. Hot Pink Toe Nails with Pink and White Swirl Big Toe

40. Peachy Orange Toe Nails with French Tip Big Toe Design

41. Hot Pink Toe Nails

42. Hot Pink Toe Nails with Two Glitter Nails

43. Orange French Tip Toe Nails

44. Blue French Pedicure

45. Green French Pedicure

46. Blue Toe Nails

47. Red Pedicure with Two Gold Nails

48. Pink on Pink French Pedicure

49. White Toe Nails

50. Pink Toe Nails with Silver Flakes

51. Peach Orange Pedicure

52. Lilac and White French Pedicure with Gems

53. Bright Pink Pedicure with French Big Toe

54. Natural Toe Nails Color

55. White French Toe Nails Pedicure

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