55 DIY Christmas Centerpiece Ideas That You Can Make in an Afternoon

Kristin Hohenadel
55 DIY Christmas Centerpiece Ideas to Elevate Your Tablescape
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Wintry Whites

black and white christmas centerpiece ideas

Finding Lovely

For a wintry, Scandi-style centerpiece, place foraged branches in a clear vase or jar and decorate with ornaments. Scatter some simple wooden candlesticks and white tree figurines in a variety of shapes and sizes to fill out the center of the arrangement, and finish off the table with woven placemats and bowls edged in black, like this table from Finding Lovely.

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Festive Polka Dots

christmas centerpiece polka dots

Design by Courtney St. John Studio / Photo by Brent Bingham

Make a traditional Christmas table feel fun and kid-friendly by playing with patterns in classic red and green. This Christmas table from Courtney St. John Studio has a simple centerpiece of natural greens piled into a pleated vase with a polka dot pattern. Green polka dot Christmas crackers and hand-painted Christmas tree plates reinforce the playful feel.

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Star Garland

christmas centerpiece star garland

Lobster and Swan

A centerpiece doesn’t have to be big or showy to create a festive feel. Lobster and Swan decorated this rustic Christmas table with a simple silver star garland that dresses up the bare wood, adding candles to create a warm glow.

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Eucalyptus Crown

christmas centerpiece round table

John McClain Design / Photo by Zeke Ruelas

Create a Christmas centerpiece that can stay up all season for a breakfast nook or dining room. This round table from John McClain Design has a eucalyptus wreath at the center that is dotted with red-and-white lillies and filled with a couple of pillar candles and a tree ornament. Swap in apples, pomegranates, clementines, or a holiday cake on a stand to change up the look.

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Gingerbread Houses

christmas centerpiece gingerbread houses

Finding Silver Pennies

Line the center of your table with greens and dried flowers and add a selection of candles to create the base for a display of gingerbread houses on little round cake stands down the center, like this Christmas centerpiece from Finding Silver Pennies

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Fresh Mandarin Towers

fresh mandarin tower christmas table centerpiece

A Beautiful Mess

Impress guests with a DIY centerpiece made from simple natural ingredients. A Beautiful Mess set these vibrant mandarin and curly kale tree centerpieces on cake plates for extra height. A mandarin on each plate ties it all together.

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Bottle Brush Tree Forest

scandi-style christmas centerpiece

Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

Create a snowy Scandi-style Christmas centerpiece with a cozy hygge feel by layering a fluffy faux fur table runner on top of a simple white tablecloth. Scatter the center of the table with bottle brush trees, flocked branches in a clear vase, and house-shaped candle votives to create a hygge setting like this breakfast nook table from Emily Henderson Design that’s perfect for family gatherings and inviting friends over for a holiday brunch or tea.

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Red and White Flowers

christmas centerpiece breakfast nook

Modern Glam

Decorate an all-white kitchen table with bright red accents to create an instant holiday mood. Modern Glam placed a compact bouquet of white and red Christmas flowers and greens in a basket at the center of a round kitchen table that spreads holiday cheer from morning until night.

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Soup Urn Centerpiece

traditional christmas centerpiece ideas

Design by Joshua Smith Inc.

Fill a decorative vintage-style soup urn with greens and surround the base with greens, pine cones, bells, and berries for a simple, elegant centerpiece that works well in traditional settings. Interior designer Joshua Smith Inc. threw in some brass candlesticks and a glass cherub as a finishing touch.

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Modern Garland

christmas garland centerpiece

Urbanology Designs / Matti Gresham Photography

To create a more casual, modern feel, instead of draping your garland down the exact middle of the table, give it an asymmetrical feel by swagging it around candles, like this table from Urbanology Designs.

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Farmhouse Centerpiece

christmas breakfast table centerpiece

Liz Marie Blog

Create a casual centerpiece on a breakfast table that will make Christmas last all season. This farmhouse table from Liz Marie Blog includes a tabletop tree and tree-shaped candlesticks that complements the tree-themed throw pillows for a neutral space with plenty of charm.

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Flowers and Candles

christmas centerpiece ideas

Bria Hammel Interiors / Brooke & Lou

Stick to muted shades of green and white to create a modern holiday table with a timeless Christmas feel. Place a central bouquet with an assortment of green and white flowers and leaves in a large white vase, and flank it with extra-tall olive green twisted taper candles in simple candlesticks for an elegant feel, like this Christmas centerpiece from Bria Hammel Interiors and Brooke & Lou.

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Signature Centerpiece

magical christmas centerpiece

Design by Courtney St. John Studio / Photo by Brent Bingham

Highlight a souvenir from a favorite trip or turn a signature object sourced at a flea market into a family heirloom and tradition by making it the centerpiece of your Christmas table. The round wooden table and chairs in this East Vail, CO, townhome from Courtney St. John Studio is decorated for Christmas with a whimsical handcrafted German Christmas pyramid that spins. The table is finished with small wooden trees, cut-crystal stemware, an antique white runner with red stitching, and plaid chargers and napkins.

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Forest-Inspired Centerpiece

scandi christmas centerpiece ideas

Finding Lovely

Run a series of branch-filled vases down the table and fill in with greenery and silver baubles to create a forest-inspired holiday centerpiece that can stay up all season long, like this farmhouse dining room from Finding Lovely.

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Simple Branches

christmas brunch centerpiece

Sugar and Charm

Make a simple and budget-friendly centerpiece for a holiday brunch by lining up a selection of white and gold-dipped vases down the center of the table, and fill them with scattered branches. Sugar and Charm energized this simple holiday table with touches of red that complement natural greens and gold accents.

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Soft and Romantic

romantic christmas centerpiece

Bria Hammel Interiors / Brooke & Lou

For a soft and romantic take on Christmas decor, build your centerpiece around a bouquet of pale flowers and brass candlesticks with a mix of straight and twisted taper candles in a salmony shade that subs in for red, like this white Christmas table from Bria Hammel Interiors and Brooke & Lou.

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Starfish and Candles

coastal christmas centerpiece

Finding Silver Pennies

Create a simple coastal centerpiece by arranging fresh greenery on an antique platter, adding taper candles, and scattering it with dried starfish that can be repurposed later, like this dining room from Finding Silver Pennies.

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Vintage Ornaments

vintage christmas centerpiece

Modern Glam

Decorate a green garland with a mix of vintage Christmas ornaments, add a gold-toned strand of mini LED lights, and place bright red taper candles in midcentury modern brass candlesticks to create a simple and cheerful holiday display with color and shine, like this holiday table from Modern Glam.

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Tree Cloche Forest

christmas centerpiece apartment dining table

Inspired By Charm

In a small space, use a tray to create an easy Christmas centerpiece that can stay up all season, and can be moved when you need extra room at the table. Inspired By Charm filled a tray with miniature trees and houses placed under glass cloches for this apartment dining area, but you could sub in any ornaments that you choose.

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Modern Rustic

rustic neutral christmas centerpiece

WRJ Design / Photo by Audrey Hall

Set an understated modern rustic Christmas table for a grown-up holiday with greens, creams, and silver accents, like this log cabin dining room from WRJ Design.

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Red and White Flowers

simple christmas centerpiece

Design by GordonDunning / Photo by Mali Azima

Place alternating red and white flower stems in bud vases down the center of the table and intersperse with simple white taper candles in brass candlesticks for a simple, elegant Christmas centerpiece, like this space from GordonDunning.

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Extra Long Centerpiece

extra long christmas garland centerpiece

Urbanology Designs / Matti Gresham Photography

Run an extra-long garland down the center of a bare wood table and let it puddle artfully on the floor to create an effortless feel, like this modern Christmas table from Urbanology Designs.

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Glass Hurricane Lanterns

christmas centerpiece with glass hurricane candle lanterns

M Starr Design

Pair a voluminous green garland with glass hurricane lantern candle holders filled with soft gold taper candles for a natural take on a Christmas centerpiece that requires just a few elements, like this warm and welcoming holiday table from M Starr Design.

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Pine Cone Mini Tree

christmas centerpiece crochet

@homesteadcitydwelling / Instagram

Choose a single star element to decorate a small round table for Christmas, like this rustic pine cone tree centerpiece from Homestead City Dwelling that is set on a round crochet doily and flanked with a pair of candlesticks.

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Staggered Candles

simple christmas centerpiece

Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

If your dining room is decorated with a tree and an oversized green garland draped around the windows, keep your Christmas table centerpiece simple and streamlined to keep from overwhelming. Emily Henderson Design created an easy holiday table with a striped runner, staggered pillar candles, and a simple wood vase filled with a few dark berry branches to add height while maintaining a light and airy feel around the table.

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Trio of Candlesticks

cozy christmas centerpiece

@cottageandsea / Instagram

Place a trio of gold-toned candlesticks in a close bundle in the center of a long table and fill in the centerpiece with mixed greens to add a cozy feel to a long, narrow dining table like this one from COTTAGE + SEA.

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White, Green, and Wood

christmas centerpiece tree ornaments

Finding Lovely

Create a soothing Christmas table by pairing light wood candlesticks with white Christmas tree figurines. Intersperse the candles and tres with simple pine needles layered on top of a white runner, like this centerpiece from Finding Lovely.

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Vintage Roses

christmas table centerpiece

Lobster and Swan

Tuck a short vase with a trio of trimmed pale pink roses into a centerpiece of simple greens and black candlesticks to create a moody vintage centerpiece for a table dressed in simple china and antique flatware, like this Christmas table from Lobster and Swan.

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Centerpiece Sideboard Combo

christmas centerpiece and sideboard

Design by GordonDunning / Photo by Emily Followill

Match your centerpiece with your sideboard decorations for a cohesive feel that will save space on a smaller dining table. This Christmas dining room from GordonDunning includes a simple centerpiece made from skinny black candlesticks filled with white taper candles and a central bouquet of white flowers and magnolia leaves placed in a footed bowl on the round table. A voluminous magnolia leaf garland on the adjacent sideboard visually ties in with the centerpiece to make the display feel generous and festive.

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Barbie Pink

pink christmas centerpiece

Will Brown Interiors

Channel your inner Barbie with an all-pink Christmas centerpiece. Will Brown Interiors decorated the center of the holiday table with sparkly pink mini trees and small pink and silver balls and baubles in glass jars that complement the all-pink tree and put an irreverent spin on traditional holiday decor.

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Paper Trees

christmas centerpiece paper trees

Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

For a holiday party, create a bountiful edible centerpiece on the dining room buffet table. Set out charcuterie boards on a bed of greens, place cakes or quiches on cake stands, and add height with a few decorations like the colorful paper trees on this holiday table from Emily Henderson Design.

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Red, White, and Blue

red and white christmas centerpiece

Thistlewood Farms

In a blue-and-white dining room, create a vivid Christmas centerpiece by adding bold red accents. Thistlewood Farms piled a selection of bright red Christmas ornaments in white serving dishes and vases, dressed the table in red-and-white striped linens, and added a giant snowflake ornament for a graphic touch.

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Candlesticks and Crystal

elegant christmas centerpiece

Design by Kibler & Kirch / Photo by Lucy Call

In a formal dining room decorated to the nines for Christmas, create a cozy feel by arranging your centerpiece in a tight cluster at the center of the table. Montana-based interior designer Jeremiah Young of Kibler & Kirch created a little island of Christmas cheer at the center of this lush holiday table by mixing pillar candles in varying heights and sizes with crystal and bronze candlesticks and filling it in with the same magnolia leaves used on garlands and wreaths spread throughout the room.

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Gingerbread Jars

gingerbread house christmas centerpiece

Modern Glam

Display mini gingerbread houses in large glass jars filled with sugar snow to add volume to a Christmas centerpiece while maintaining an airy feel, like this simple and homey holiday centerpiece from Modern Glam.

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Colorful Ball Ornaments

colorful christmas centerpiece

Casa Watkins Living

Make a colorful and budget-friendly Christmas centerpiece with shiny ball ornaments set atop candlesticks of varying heights, then add a green glass vase and scatter the table with some golden bells, like this holiday table from Casa Watkins Living.


Before you go out and buy something new, challenge yourself to create a no-waste, low-cost DIY centerpiece that incorporates or repurposes things that you already have around the house.

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Mini Candles in Bud Vases

casual christmas centerpiece

M Starr Design

For a casual family gathering, a few simple touches are all you need to create a warm and easy centerpiece. Just line the center of the table with scattered greens, berries, and flowers, and add mini taper candles in small vintage brass or bud vases for an effortless feel, like this Christmas table from M Starr Design.

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Gold and Black

christmas eve table centerpiece

Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona

If you celebrate Christmas Eve with as much enthusiasm as you do Christmas Day, or you are from a part of the world where gifts are exchanged on the 24th, set a special table with a centerpiece made from LED pillar candles, gold-dipped ornaments filled with sparkly baubles, and small presents wrapped up on gold and black, like this space from Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona.

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Green Wreath Centerpiece

wreath centerpiece

Liz Marie Blog

In an open plan room, adding a simple centerpiece will prevent your off-duty dining room table from feeling undressed. Use a natural or faux green wreath to create an easy centerpiece that can be filled with anything from ornaments to LED candles, like this farmhouse table dressed for the season from Liz Marie Blog.

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Black and Gold Centerpiece

gold and black christmas centerpiece

Ajai Guyot for Emily Henderson Design

Create an elegant outdoor table centerpiece by lining up gold-toned candlesticks and vases of varying heights on a simple table runner, like this patio holiday table setting from Ajai Guyot for Emily Henderson Design.

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Gold Metallic Trees

christmas centerpiece gold trees

Styled by Emily Bowser and Erik Kenneth Staalberg for Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

Create a high-impact centerpiece with a minimum of elements by choosing a theme and sticking to it. This minimalist Christmas table styled by Emily Bowser and Erik Kenneth Staalberg for Emily Henderson Design features a green table runner, gold loop taper candlesticks filled with dark green candles, and a collection of metallic gold Christmas trees of varying shapes and sizes scattered down the middle.

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Vintage Crocks Centerpiece

vintage crock christmas centerpiece

My 100 Year Old Home

Before you go out and buy anything, take a look at what you have on hand. You can build your centerpiece around a collection of anything from cake plates to vintage crocks. My 100 Year Old Home brought out a collection of vintage ceramic crocks to create an inexpensive, rustic Christmas farmhouse table centerpiece, lining them down the center of the table and filling them with generous bunches of seasonal berries.

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Gold-Tone Details

easy christmas centerpiece

Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona

Create cohesion when assembling a casual Christmas table centerpiece by using a limited color palette and choosing items with similar motifs or details. Blogger Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona created an easy holiday season display on her dining table with an assortment of mini trees and ornaments lit with LED string lights. Honeycomb glasses, gold beeswax candles, gold flatware, and mini ornaments in gold-rimmed glass boxes complement the gold-toned framed art on the walls.

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Brass Reindeer Statuette

christmas reindeer centerpiece

Design by Brad Ramsey Interiors / Paige Rumore Photography

Design your holiday centerpiece around a sculptural decor object that will do most of the work for you. Brad Ramsey Interiors built a simple centerpiece around a brass reindeer statuette, surrounding the base with greens and ribbons to decorate an off-duty round table that is simple and striking.

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Cobalt Blue and Orange

christmas table centerpiece cobalt blue glass

Casa Watkins Living

Use an unconventional holiday color palette to add a twist to your Christmas tablescape, like this centerpiece from Casa Watkins Living that includes cobalt blue glass candlesticks and orange ball ornaments tucked into faux greenery.

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Canopy Centerpiece

christmas table centerpiece

M Starr Design

Add drama to your holiday table with a centerpiece canopy suspended over the table by a rod. M Starr Design mixed fresh greenery with dried, preserved, and faux florals to create a natural feel, lining the center of the table with simple greenery to tie it all together.

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Baking Tin Votives

christmas centerpiece ideas candles

Most Lovely Things

Create an understated centerpiece for a natural, relaxed holiday table by corralling a mix of candles in a small tray. Most Lovely Things added tea candles to mini tart tins and scattered them on either side of the centerpiece to spread the light.

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Woodland Theme

christmas centerpiece forest theme

@homesteadcitydwelling / Instagram

Mix simple greenery and a forest of miniature Christmas trees with a mix of candles, plates with a tree motif, and a simple neutral table runner to create a casual woodland-themed Christmas table centerpiece like this one from Homestead City Dwelling.

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Matching Place Setting

christmas table centerpiece

Design by GordonDunning / Photo by Emily Followill

If you are creating a centerpiece for a smaller table, make the display feel more substantial by making place settings using the same materials as the centerpiece and adding a few bells and whistles, like this Christmas table from GordonDunning.

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Vintage Stemware

christmas centerpiece with red berries

Lobster and Swan

Add height to a simple centerpiece garland of greens and red berries with some taper candles and vintage crystal champagne coupes filled with nuts or other treats, like this Christmas tea table from Lobster and Swan.

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Dried Florals

dried floral christmas centerpiece

@mstarrevdesign / Instagram

Use dried florals to add a natural spin to holiday decor. This airy dining room from M Starr Design has a delicate dried flower centerpiece that is complemented with natural branches laced onto the pendant light above the table for a simple and charming feel.

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Greenhouse Table

greenhouse christmas table centerpiece

Liz Marie Blog

If you’re hosting a holiday meal in an auxiliary building like a barn or a greenhouse, adding a centerpiece will help make your table feel warm and inviting. This greenhouse Christmas table from Liz Marie Blog includes a simple centerpiece made from mercury glass votives, brass taper candles, and simple greens.

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Off-Duty Forest

christmas trees centerpiece

@homesteadcitydwelling / Instagram

If you’re not planning to use your dining table until Christmas day, take advantage of the unused real estate and create a large-scale centerpiece that can be scaled down when it’s time to set the table for dinner. Homestead City Dwelling laid a rustic piece of burlap on the table and added a forest of neutral trees made from natural materials. Antique stepstools serve as perches, creating more visual intrigue.

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Deconstructed Centerpiece

affordable christmas table centerpiece ideas

Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona

You can create a free-form centerpiece on a bare table using simple elements that can be moved around as you host different events. Blogger Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona built this simple table centerpiece with mini trees, LED lights, and shiny ornaments in shades of green, gold, and white that are wrapped around a pair of cheese plates for cocktail hour, and can be rearranged for lunch, brunch, or dinner.

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Balcony Table Centerpiece

outdoor table christmas centerpiece

John McClain Design / Photo by Zeke Ruelas

Bring natural or nature-inspired elements into an outdoor table setting to create a harmonious mix, like this balcony Christmas table from John McClain Design that is decorated with red lillies, gold goblets, napkins, and placemats, and a mini flocked tree wrapped up in burlap.

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Kitchen Island Centerpiece

christmas centerpiece kitchen island

Ursula Carmona of Home Made By Carmona

If you eat most meals at your kitchen island, decorate it with an easy centerpiece that will make it feel festive, like this simple display from blogger Ursula Carmona of Home Made By Carmona that includes clear glass vases filled with greens, scattered pine cones, votive candles, and LED string lights.

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