50 Nail Designs for Christmas 2023


Christmas is here again! It’s that time of the year when one goes all out. Looking stylish this season should not be limited only to your clothing, shoes, and bags; your nails should not be left out. Your nail design will help to add to your overall appearance and style, improve your attractiveness, and add color to the festivities.

50 Christmas Nail Design and Color Ideas

Bring out the beauty and joy of the season and jingle in this jolly season with your nail design. This is why you should know what nail design to pick for this Christmas season. Here are 50 nail designs to add color to your style this season of joy.

1. Simple Christmas Nails

Simple Christmas Nails

Do you want something simple yet chic, these are some simple designs you can try this Christmas. You can easily do them yourself or have a nail specialist do them for you. A simple red and nude round-shaped nail design with snowflakes adds more joy to the festivities.

2. Multicoloured Christmas Design

Red, green, and white nail designs get you right into the jolly season.

3. Snowman Christmas Design

A simple snow-tipped Christmas green nail design with a snowman gives you a feel of Christmas.

4. Red and White Pattern Christmas Nails

Red is one of the colors of Christmas; it brings out the excitement, happiness, and feeling of joy associated with Christmas. An almond-shaped red Christmas nail design with snowflakes and candy canes pattern to bring the season’s beauty to your nails.

5. Red and white Christmas Nails

For lovers of simple, short, squarely rounded nails, this nail design with glitters, snowflakes, and Candy canes is for you.

6. Glitters Nails

This simple red Christmas glitter design brings your nail alive and adds color to your appearance.

7. Nude and White Christmas Nails

If white and simple is your thing, this design is for you. An almond-shaped white-tipped nail design with a Christmas tree gives that peaceful look to your nails.

8. Swirl Nail Design

 A classy nail design with white and silver glitter swirl with white tipped nails.

9. White Christmas Nails

 A white glittering simple nail design

10. Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Christmas nail design with snowflakes, sweaters, glitter, and candy cane patterns to give you that Christmas feel.

11. Multicolored Acrylic Nails

 Acrylic nail designs to boost your mood this festive season

12. Cute Christmas Nails

Are you looking for something cute and light this festive season? This design is for you.

13. Pink Christmas Nails

Cute Christmas nail design with snowflakes, reindeer, sweaters, and Christmas bells to make your holiday jolly.

14.  Red Gel Christmas Nails

Gel red and glitter platinum Christmas nail design is perfect for bringing out the holiday spirit.

15.  Simple Gel Nail Design

Simple gel nail design to bring out the perfection in you this season.

16. Nightmare Before Christmas Nails

 Spice up your Christmas with this amazing Nightmare Before Christmas nail design.

17. Ghoul Nail Design 

Are you looking to give your nails a different feel this Christmas? This nail design might be just what you’re looking for to give your holiday a different feel.

18. Brown Plaid Nails

A coffin-shaped nail design that will light up your Christmas.

19. Glossy Pink and White Nails

A simple pink coffin-shaped nail design is perfect for increasing your overall appearance this Christmas season.

20. Sweater Christmas Nails

An almond-shaped nail with a green sweater nail design to bring warmth and freshness to your appearance this Christmas season.

21. Green and White Christmas Nails

Get your nails into the festive mood with this gold, green, and white colored nail design with snowflakes, glitter, and Christmas bells this Christmas.

22. Blue and White Christmas Nails 

 Complete your look with this amazing short Christmas nail design.

23. Nude Glassy Nails

Get creative with your nails this festive season by trying on this amazing short nail design.

24. Icy Blue Nails

 Icy blue snowflaked nail design that brings the season to life.

25. Glossy Blue Nails

Simple blue nail design with glitters that you can jingle all the way this Christmas season.

26. Nude Christmas Nails

 Spread a little bit of love and cheer this holiday season with this pink heart on nude nail design

27. Easy Pink Christmas Nails

 Different shades of pink give you the utmost satisfaction this Christmas.

28. Pink Glassy Nails

Candy canes, snowflakes, and glitter nail designs add to your Christmas cheer.

29. Short Black Christmas Nails

 Black Christmas with lots of cheer

30. Red French Tipped Nails 

You can easily pull this one Christmas nail design off this Christmas season.

31.  Nude French Christmas nails

Nude French Christmas nails are easy on the look.

32.  Black Christmas nails

Snowflakes on black Christmas nail design to flavor your holiday season.

33. Red matt nails

Spread the holiday cheer with an almond-shaped red matte nail design.

34. Glossy silver-tipped French nails

Looking for a simple yet classy nail design? This nail design got you covered.

35. Classy Nude Christmas Nails

Nude sweater pattern with glitter nail design to give your nails the sheen they deserve.

36. Green Christmas Nails

Green Christmas Nails

 Lush your nails with this green plaid pattern, Christmas tree with glitter nail design.

37. Green and Pink Nails

Show the freshness of the Christmas season and the joy that comes with it with this almond-shaped nail design with a Christmas tree on a pink base with a green-tipped nail design.

38. Red, Black, and White Christmas Nails 

Fancy yet simple red, black and white colored nail design with a Christmas tree.

39. Multicolored Classy Christmas Nails

Christmas light, candy canes, snowflakes, reindeer, and multicolored squarely rounded nail design is just the right thing for you this Christmas.

40. Christmas Tree Nails

 Snow-flaked Christmas tree nails on a green base will highlight your nail features this holiday season.

41. Simple Ombre Nails

Makeover your nails this Christmas with this simple pinkish ombre nail design.

42. Glitter Ombre Nails

 With this ombre nail design, you can always keep your nails glowing this Christmas.

43.  Christmas Tree and Gnomes Nails

Christmas tree on a white base, gnomes on nude base nail design, simple easy, and chic nail design you can rock this holiday season.

44. Santa Nails

Want to rock red and white Christmas color nail design? Try this coffin-shaped nail design with Santa’s coat and cap with candy canes and glitters.

45. The Grinch Christmas Nails

Spice up your holiday season with this green, white and red multicolored nail design with a grinch, sweater, and lots of cheers.

46. Red-Tipped Christmas Nails

Red-Tipped Santa hat Christmas Nails


Red French-tipped Christmas cap nails you can rock this festive season.

47. Black-Tipped Christmas Nails

 French black-tipped, glossy nude nails for an easy yet fancy look this holiday season.

48.  Blue Christmas Nails

Fleek, lush blue snow-flaked plaid pattern and sweater classy Christmas nail design.

49.  White and Nude Christmas Nails

Give your nails the makeover they deserve with this nude and white snowflakes, Christmas bell with glitter nail design.

50. Glittery Red Christmas Nails

Up your nail game this Christmas season with this classy and elegant nail design.

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