50 Gorgeous Neon Nails Designed to Impress and Inspire


Defining a fashion statement with your nail paint can be a breeze with neon nail colors. Join us as we take you through some hot neon nail trends. You will get thousands of exciting and daring bright nail ideas if you search Instagram. And because these trends look gorgeous on celebrities like Katy Perry and Rihanna, there’s no reason why we should shy away and not try a few of these gel polish trends on our nails.

Neon Green Nails – Trendy Mani

If you have decided to go in for neon green nails, there are more options for your next manicure. Try these nail art ideas – green marble effect, lime green nails with holographic shapes, olive-green base on nails with lighter lime swirls for a monochromatic look, slime-drip green nail design, nude and neon ombre nails, or dare to go all out with the glow-in-the-dark neon green nails.

Neon Green Matte Nails with Leopard Print

via @malowanki.nails

Almond Neon Green Nails with French Tips

via @nailsbysmf

Neon Orange Nails – Zesty & Fiery

The neon orange color indeed looks zesty and fiery, decorating your nails with a unique style. Bright orange nails, long or short, on manicured hands are the ideal style for summer. Make your hands bright and stylish with one of the best neon nail ideas. If you wish to experiment, you can try this idea – a tangerine orange tip on the nail matching it with a silver base.

Long Bright Orange Neon Nails

via @black_pazy

Square Orange Neon Nails with Design

via @magdula.es

Neon Yellow Manicure – Vivid Nail Art

There are various ideas for neon yellow nails. Try full tennis-yellow nail paint with yellow press-on nails that are very simple to apply. If you want to keep your nail look toned down, try highlighter-yellow nails in which the base color is yellow with crisp gray or other neutral colors. You can go bold with highlighter-yellow matched with bright colored accents like pink and orange.

Long Round Yellow Neon Nails with Bees

via @slowianka_nails

Square Yellow Neon Nails with Rhinestones

via @_bettynails_

Neon Pink Nails for Sparkling Nails

Pink nails in neon add sparkle to your nails. There are various ways to decorate your nails with this luscious color.

Long Pink Matte Neon Nails

via @esovskaya.nails

One way is going the accent way – start with your little finger; paint it dark pink. As you move away from it, you can transition from pink to orange and then yellow on the thumb. Another excellent pink neon nail design is to combine it with a light pink tone for ombre nails.

Want to get a hot pink manicure look on your nails? Go in for nails with pink tips with neutral base colors.

Long Square Pink Matte Nails with Zebra Print

via @amanda.sudolll

Acrylic Neon Nails for an Eye-Catching Manicure

Shift from gel manicures to acrylic nail ideas because of their durable looks. Long acrylic nails look beautiful and eye-catching with acrylic. Your manicurist can create some fantastic neon nail colors in combination with acrylic and other hues and paint art styles. You can try excellent styles, including cherry acrylic, rose quartz, marbled acrylic paint, Barbie Pink acrylic, rainbow-flared, starry-eyed, and checkered tips.

Long Stiletto Acrylic Nails with Flame Design

via @courtneycantwell_nails

Long Black Acrylic Nails with Flame Design

via @insta_beauty_marketing

Neon Blue Nails – Eclectic and Amazing Finesse

Go in for a head-turning bright blue mani for your nails with yellow, orange, and lime accents. You can go in for geometric patterns alongside accents. The other blue neon nail paint idea to make your short or long nails look electric is to pair it with leopard prints or go chic by contrasting it with nude and purple. French manicure stickers or stencils can create these layers with great finesse.

Long Neon Blue Nails with Glitter

via @carooline.e

Pointy Blue Matte Neon Nails

via @katiy.nails.kamenskoe

Neon Ombre Nails – Stylish Simple Look

Are you planning to go minimalistic and yet look chic? Use ombre nail ideas because these can be done with much simplicity. A mix-and-match of two to three colors can help achieve a brilliant look. Use any neon nail color and see the result.

Long Square Pink to Yellow Ombre Nails

via @fabrykapazurkow

A few fun nail designs for any season include a colorway that begins from pink and goes to orange and yellow. Or, use an array of colors in the vertical frame to get a bold look.

Long Round Blue to Green Ombre Nails

via @kamjaw_indigo

Go Contemporary with Rainbow Neon Nails

A French colorful manicure on plain white tips in a rainbow-colored manner is classical indeed. Not just simple, it’s eye-catching too. You can choose from a mismatched French manicure making it the perfect rainbow nail design on your nails.

Long Square Rainbow French Tip Nails

via @radiantnailart

Neon colors can make your rainbow nail paint stands out. These bring in a great deal of motivation to your bright summer nail.

Long Pointy Colorful Nails

via @n_adanails

Glittery or Nude Purple Neon Nails

To achieve some striking shade of purple nails, pair them with nude and neutral colors or match them with the blue color. Purple neon nail polish goes impressively well with the pink color; looks fabulous as ombre nail paint. You can experiment, too – try the bluish-purplish-pinkish neon paint with a white spider web design. Go ahead to have purple nails with glitter or a matte look.

Long Round Light Purple Neon Nails

via @kamjaw_indigo

Long Round Purple Matte Nails with Design

via @olootka_nailart

Black and Neon Green Nails for a Trendy You

Some neon black nail designs can be highlighted with smiley face designs. Buy press-ons to make it simpler for you to apply at home and remain up-to-date with the latest nail art trends.

Square Black and Green Neon Nail Design

via @nastroenie.nails

Here’s how to apply a trendy design to neon nails for every season – apply a neon green base, detail out a section with cocoa color, and apply the black line between these contrasting colors.

Long Pointy Green and Black Neon Nails with Design

via @puro.nails

Go Chic with Neon French Tip Nails

Go chic with neon colors by applying a French manicure. Colors like lime and neon yellow on French nails with geometric shapes, stars, or clouds look pretty stylish.

Short Square Neon French Tip Nails

via @_nailsbybethany

You can combine neon pink or green nail tips to get that perfect look. In fact, you can mix and match multiple colors to look fantastic and smart.

Long Round Rainbow Neon French Tip Nails

via @nails_and_soul

Coffin Neon Nails to Highlight the Shape

Coffin nail shapes are like pointed wooden shoes. Hence, these are also called ballerina nails. Some funky coffin-shaped nails include 80s-style swirl patterns, V-tip ombre coffin nails, abstract designs, confetti designs, geometric patterns, marble coffin nails, checkerboard, and chrome coffin nails. Apply neon colors on nails for outstanding results.

Long Coffin Rainbow Neon Nails with Rhinestones

via @roccokruemmling

Long Coffin Red Neon Nails with Design

via @justyna.reclaf_nails

Neon Red Nails for Added Charisma

You may be experienced in going over-the-top and bold with bright plain red nails. Now, try some neon red classy nail designs. Your nail art looks gorgeous with the charismatic red nails. There are so many designs possible – you can go traditional or contemporary with Haute acrylic and ombre red neon nails with designs.

Square Red Neon Nails with Floral Design

via @kuypernailart

Short Round Red Neon Nails

via @e_nails_

Matte Neon Nails – The Latest Trend

While glossy finishes of nail paint are dear to hear, recently, matte finishes on neon nails have seen growing popularity. The good part is that the designs can be accented with fun shades for your mani and trendy designs. You can share great ideas for your nail appointment with your manicurist on Instagram. Ideas like lacy design, neon tips, baby blues, peach contrasts, etc., are great to go with.

Round Marble Matte Neon Nails

via @paznokcie_malami

Long Square Matte Neon Nails

via @nailandby_vickaki

Nude and Neon Nails for a Subtle Look

Nude nail colors look good because they complement your skin tone adding a layer of blush. Nude neon looks great on short or long nail shapes. Interestingly, colors of all types look good – orange, yellow, or green neon nail designs. Add a spot of orange or yellow neon on a nude base for a subtle look.

Nude and Neon Yellow Nail Design

via @evelinenailsart

Nude and Pink Neon French Nail Design

via @catherina_kety

Cute Ideas for Neon Square Nails

Ten bright square nails can add so much to your personality that it is worth trying. Here are some cute nail ideas – add a touch of neon to a non-neon base and keep it all colored, add monochrome shapes to water-colored neon bases for square nail designs, or a scratchy design on a yellow neon base does the trick.

Short Square Colorful Neon Nail Design

via @astra_nailartist

Square Orange and Yellow Neon Nails

via @magdula.es

Black Neon Nails Suits All Nail Shapes

The black and yellow nail color combination is one of the vivid choices for your nail paint. Due to the powerful contrast between the two colors, you can brighten your mani with abstract neon lines on a black base. But you can DIY and experiment with different nail designs with rhinestones and achieve that impressive look. The black neon nail paint, filled with positivity and passion, suits any shape or length of nails.

Long Stiletto Black Nails with Neon Design

via @nailsbynick_la

Long Round Black Nails with Orange Neon Design

via @black_pazy

Short Neon Nails – Worth a Try

Short nails do not mean you cannot have fun and experiment with fluorescent short nail ideas. Since neon is trending, you can ask for a neon manicure on short nails the next time you visit your manicurist. Looks excellent in summer, try neon nails with black dots for a bright twisted look on your nails.

Short Neon Yellow Nails with Design

via @lesovskaya.nails

Short Nails with Neon Green Tips

via @gel.bymegan

Neon Nails with Zebra Print – Unique and Aspiring

Try zebra print nails to give it a unique look. It becomes exclusive as leopard and cheetah designs are so common. Go ahead with a black, white, and pink combo with neon nail polish.

Long Round Neon Pink Nails with Zebra Print

via @hybrydowemani_paulinaboho

You can also experiment with acrylic sparkly nail designs, like trying a shiny blue base topped with the zebra print. Or, try a girly pink zebra print for an extra-feminine touch!

Square Pink and Black Nails with Zebra Design

via @esovskaya.nails

Neon Stiletto Nails in Technicolor

Turn the sharp points of your nails with bright stiletto neon nail art. Doubling as a self-defence weapon, you can make your long pointy nails look seemingly attractive and manicured with the use of some cute neon nail paint designs.

Long Stiletto Neon Matte Nails with Design

via @p.bednarska_indigo

Want to keep things toned down? Try the technicolor tips. You can go ahead with the multi-colored tie-and-dye design for a fun summer manicure.

Long Stiletto Neon Nails with Colorful Design

via @karolina_orzechowska

Neon Nails with Foil – DIY is Easy

Are you bored with the plain neon design on your nails? You must try combining neon nails with designs like gold foil on nails. You can try some of the designs on your own with DIY methods.

Neon Green Nails with Foil Design

via @martakoszalka_abagroup

You can make it all more fun with a nude base with a foil design. The style is a perfect contrast that can feature different elements like rainbows, dots, smileys, and hearts and even add a touch of glitter to your nails.

Neon Green and Yellow Nails with Foil Design

via @nailandby_vickaki

Neon Bright Summer Nails for a Hot Look

Summer is here. You take care of your skin, face, and hair. It’s time to binge on bright summer nail designs for that hot, tempting look. Try neon pink for a more glowing you.

Neon Pink Nails with Summer Fruit Design

via @paulina_migdalek

The hot pink nails for the holiday season can be experimented with using a range of pink hues and designs. Next on your list should be the bright orange nails that reflect the sun’s fiery spirits and power.

Neon Matte Nails with Summer Floral Design

via @amanda.sudolll

Black and Neon Yellow Nails for a Creative You

Go bold with highlighter yellow nail polish with bright colored accents like black. Some cute mani ideas for black and neon yellow nails include yellow star prints on your nails or yellow-black checkered nails. You can get as creative as possible with black and yellow nails with design.

Neon Black and Yellow Nail Design

via @carooline.e

Long Round Black and Yellow Nails with Floral Design

via @kamjaw_indigo

Neon Almond Nails – The Versatile Type

Quite interestingly, all types of designs look good with almond-shaped nail art. You can experiment with different color ranges, starting from cute orange nails to neon twists on nails. Try Zebra hippie, cheetah prints on a purple base, a classic black and white Cruella, or highlight the edges with neon in orbit-styled nail art.

Almond Neon Nails with Cow Print

via @samrosenails

Almond Neon Colourful Nails

via @lightslacquer

Green and Orange Neon Nails Looks Great in Contrast

Another set of effective contrasting nail polish designs is to match green and orange neon nail paints. Not only do orange neon nails with green make your nails attractive, but they are also contemporarily stylish. There are hundreds of designs that you can try during your mani. The most common one is to go in for neon nail tips colored in orange with a green base.

Neon Green and Orange Ombre Nails

via @ewiloving.nails

Square Neon Green and Orange Nails

via @kamjaw_indigo


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