48 Modern Bathroom Ideas for a Spa-Like Escape


Chad R. Mellon

Turn your bath into a sanctuary by giving the most-used elements an unexpected twist, such as a floating vanity with tiled countertops that extend from the backsplash all the way to the ceiling. Wall-mounted fixtures and brass accents create a clean look with just the right amount of sparkle.

James Nathan Schroder

Graphic flooring can take a ho-hum space to new heights in a flash. Strategize ways to keep the surrounding elements more subdued to play up what’s underfoot. A simple palette, natural elements like wood and marble, and pared-down decor will complement the focal flooring without competing for the limelight. 

Julie Soefer

Natural elements are key in creating a modern bathroom that still has a warm feel. Items like jute or sisal rugs, natural wood paneling, and decorative elements like vases, pendant light fixtures, and more can soften the cool surfaces and angular elements of modern design.


Sleek lines and simple colors are what set a contemporary bath apart from a traditional bath. Dark paneled walls contrast clean, white countertops and a natural wood vanity in this small bathroom. Straight lines from the wall paneling and modern vanity drawers pair nicely with the rounded mirror and curved light fixtures.

Trua Giovan

Angles, shapes, and surfaces can all work to deliver a decidedly modern feel, but sometimes nothing proves quite as transformative as a pared-down color palette. Keep it cool and modern with icy grays, matte black hardware, and sleek white porcelain fixtures.

Edmund Barr

Stone surfaces ranging from floors to walls to even a slate-look tub and shower bench create a modern feel in this gorgeous bathroom. The natural surfaces provide a unique juxtaposition to the tub’s sleek hardware. To meld the various styles together, the vanity draws on a natural wood finish paired with a stone sink.

Emily Followill

Natural wood, stone countertops, and green glass tiles come together to form a bathroom that is a relaxing place to retreat after a long day. The sharp lines of the room lend a contemporary feel to the space that utilizes simplicity. Matte black hardware and gold accents lend softness and warmth to the space.

John Granen

Anything goes when creating your custom bathroom. A glam-meets-modern aesthetic can be as simple as opting for a romantic chandelier with a more contemporary shower enclosure design, or as intricate as two flooring types to create distinct feels within the same space. Here, the industrial-style shower and elegant stand-alone tub create a juxtaposition with just enough modern appeal.

Adam Albright

A simple paned glass shower wall gives an open feel while still creating a clear delineation between the two separate-use spaces. Black and white tile in various shapes and sizes creates a cohesive feel that’s not at all matchy-matchy. For a real splash of drama, consider tiling the ceiling above the shower too.

Erica Van Slyke

Consider contemporary bathroom decorating ideas when planning a makeover for a spacious bath. Features like a glass-enclosed shower, sleek built-in tub, and modern vanity help make this bathroom a clean and contemporary space. A simple color palette of beige, white, and black also helps keep the room from being too busy.

Stacy Zarin Goldberg

A bold teal half-wall and neutral wallpaper pattern keeps this small bathroom space from feeling stark. The colorful wall paneling energizes the space while continuing the clean lines found throughout.

Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Gold hardware and floor-to-ceiling hexagon shower tiles form a tailored and modern bathroom design. A two-tone color scheme is perfect for simple contemporary bathrooms.

John Granen

What’s underfoot is just as important as any other element in a room, especially when it comes to a bathroom. The surface needs to be resilient, resistant to water, and not too slick. But that doesn’t mean aesthetics aren’t important, too. Think about how flooring can further the design of the space, for instance, opting for large, slate-style tiles to lend a more utilitarian feel.

John Bessler

Whether open shelves, a zero-entry shower, or windows with a roll shade that can be completely hidden when not in use, keeping the sightlines open will make the lines, shapes, and materials the main focus. Once you find the right mix, you won’t want doors and unnecessary flourishes to stand in the way of showing them off. 

Not all contemporary bathrooms look the same. In this farmhouse-inspired bathroom, clean lines and large features—including the oversized mirrors and long floating vanity—give the space modern appeal.

Dane Tashima

A dark vanity becomes the main focal point in this simple bathroom. The moody shade of the vanity pairs well with the mirror and dark bathroom door, while providing contrast to the otherwise all-white bathroom. Contemporary bathroom vanities don’t need much dressing up, so keeping other bathroom decor to a minimum is ideal.

Lisa Romerein

Create a stunning but simple bathroom by covering the walls in patterned wallpaper. Here, the mostly-white wallpaper brightens this small bathroom while a simple vanity and sleek faucet add to the modern appeal.

Ryan Garvin

Enlarged showers make contemporary bathrooms feel spa-like. In this stunning example, sparkling subway tiles in a non-traditional pattern give the shower life, while a glass half-wall ensures the room still feels spacious.

Werner Straube

An intricate accent wall made of marble tile creates a mosaic that makes this contemporary small bathroom design unique. Various marble patterns continue on the shower floor, ceiling, and walls, along with large marble floor tiles throughout the rest of the space.

Julie Soefer Photography LLC

A combination of tile styles can create a dynamic room design when used boldly. White subway tiles and white wall paneling provide a background for a striking floor tile design that continues partway up the walls.

Kimberly Gavin

Just because a bathroom isn’t a main living space doesn’t mean you can’t have some major fun with the design. In a seamless shower, the unobstructed view is key, so play it up with a stunning marble wall. The solid surface (as opposed to tiled) lends a more modern feel with definite show-stopping appeal.

Werner Straube

Herringbone wall tiles and an intricate, colorful floor design give this modern bathroom design a sophisticated look, especially when paired with a statement sink. Clean lines from the floating sink, tiles, and wall mirror give the space a sense of simplicity and ease.

Adam Albright

If you think art has no place in a bathroom, think again. Create your own gallery-inspired look with unique lighting, elegant fixtures, and a large framed piece hung just above a focal point area like the tub. Situate it in a place where it can have a moment, but one that won’t be in a splash zone. 

Sara Bradley

Gentle pattern play can stand against dark countertops and tile in a decidedly modern way. The trick is tying the two together. Here a white tile acts as a bridge between the patterned wallpaper and solid features, creating cohesion that still lends an air of the unexpected.

Jessical Glynn Klewicki

When it comes to contemporary bathrooms, some designs are as simple as black and white. This ultra-sleek space remains calm and collected thanks to all-white walls and a spa-worthy stand-alone bathtub. Chalky black window shutters make a bold statement whether they’re left open or closed. Beige tile floors and brass finishes warm up the neutral bathroom.

Annie Schlechter

A wall of linear black subway tiles creates a stunning accent wall in this modern bathroom. Marble sinks and floors add a touch of luxury, while a subtle area rug softens the space.

Kritsada Panichgul

In a space like the bathroom where there are more constraints when it comes to the must-have elements, consider how you can give the mainstays an unexpected twist. For instance, a floating vanity certainly lends a more modern feel, particularly when paired with geometric tile, zero-profile cabinets with sleek pulls, and an oblong sink.

Kritsada Panichgul

There’s a decidedly modern feel to allowing your plumbing to shine. Chrome fixtures against a light wood grain backsplash and white sink and countertop, provide a pleasing contrast in this industrial-inspired bathroom. A floating wood shelf and blue tile border just below the vanity impart a feeling of warmth and a splash of color.

John Granen

These days, it’s all about the wet room. The doorless shower area creates a thoroughly modern feel with its clean look. Taking the shower tile throughout the entire space creates an envelope of sorts that pulls the entire room together. Surfaces are key in a wet room, both due to functionality and style, so play them up with well thought-out choices.

When planning contemporary bathrooms, consider what materials you’ll use. Concrete, exposed pipes, and natural wood can all help you achieve the look you desire. Clean, white geometric vessel sinks contrast with the concrete countertops in this bathroom. The result is a room that feels modern yet industrial with a bit of warmth from the wood-framed mirrors.

Better Homes & Gardens

Many contemporary bathroom ideas keep it simple when it comes to color. Clean lines and a monochromatic color palette create a soothing yet stylish bathroom. Ceramic tiles give the illusion of vein-cut travertine and add a high visual impact to the space. If you want to add a touch of color to the space, consider adding a decorative rug by the vanity or playful countertop decor.

When searching for contemporary bathroom ideas, consider elements with unique patterns and shapes. Geometric accents work great for a contemporary bathroom theme and can be featured on flooring, through furnishings, or as minute details. In this black and white contemporary bathroom, patterned floor tiles grab attention while a sleek circular mirror on the wall helps offset all the hard edges.

Stacey Brandford

Stone mosaic tile on one wall of the shower is the stand-out feature in contemporary small bathrooms like this. The grain of the bamboo vanity goes with veining in the large gray tiles on the remaining walls. The same gray stone is used on the floor but laid in an intricate herringbone pattern.

Contemporary bathroom tiles can make all the difference in your bathroom makeover. In this small space, gray, horizontal tiles work to add subtle visual interest and make the space feel larger. Floating the toilet and vanity also helped to free up visual space. White accessories and espresso-colored wood helps this bathroom feel like an upscale spa.

Edmund Barr 

A floor-to-ceiling pebble wall is naturally waterproof and smooth to the touch, and it creates a textural spa effect. Keep the wall simple and devoid of extra design elements to allow the eyes to rest and emphasize the simplicity of an unadorned freestanding bathtub.

Carrara marble tiles dress up the vanity wall as well as the inside of the glass-enclosed shower. A cool gray paint color was inspired by the mix of contemporary bathroom tiles and helps the white accessories stand out. Features such as a vessel sink, simple soaking tub, and floating vanity help this marble bathroom have a modern air.

Christina Wedge

Modern bathroom design isn’t limited to a space with lots of square feet. A streamlined vanity with matching vessel sinks leaves plenty of storage space below for rustic straw baskets. A classic black-and-white palette, employed in horizontal color blocking for a twist, lengthens this small but stylish bath.

Mark Lohman 

This is as close as you’ll get to an outdoor bathroom while maintaining a sense of privacy. The floor-to-ceiling windows in this contemporary bathroom are the obvious focal point, letting in plenty of natural light. With a view as great as this, the rest of the bathroom is kept simple with just a minimalist vanity and stand-alone bathtub.

Werner Straube

There’s a lot going on in this contemporary bathroom design. Polished marble countertops have a dramatic impact against white cabinetry. Tiny mosaic tiles of different colors and sizes cover the walls, while on the floor, hexagon tiles create another interesting pattern. The use of white helps to break up the space and give the eye a break from all of the tile work.

Make room for the shower.

A spacious walk-in shower divides two matching vanities and creates a sense of flow in this bathroom. Various neutral tiles cover the back wall of the shower, while marble helps to enclose the piece. Dark wood helps to ground the otherwise airy space.

Contemporary bathrooms take full advantage of natural elements and hues. The teak tub and pair of sinks warm up this distinctly minimal room. Cream-colored limestone on the floor and walls keeps a serene effect in full force in the bathroom. Throw a white robe into the mix, and this space will look just like a resort spa.

Werner Straube

For a classic modern style, finish your space with an eye on symmetry, which creates soothing visual order. This modern bathroom incorporates many materials, including glass tile, slate, and wood, but the look is cohesive and upscale thanks to mirrored built-in shelves and an overall uniformity.

Alise O’brien

For a clean, modern bathroom design, keep fixtures and finishes minimal. However, the room doesn’t have to be void of ornamentation or personality. Hang a graphic pendant light fixture above a freestanding egg-shaped tub for a look that wows.

John Granen

An evergreen view inspired the soothing scheme featured in this modern bathroom. Much like the colors found in nature, the muted green hues inspire tranquility. Hanging pendants contribute subtle luster and interest to the sleek space.

John Bessler

Many modern bathroom designs include walls of sparkling glass. If you shy away from complete visibility, try etched glass to add opacity to doors and windows. The tinted material allows for a more discreet view and lets in just enough light to keep a small bath bright.

Jay Wilde

Employ a mix of patterns and shapes for visual interest in an otherwise monochromatic modern bath. Small-scale glass tiles provide a shimmering backdrop for this freestanding bathtub. The black-and-white motif continues in the room’s geometric window treatments, which add interest to the dark wall.

Emily J. Followill

It’s easy to get caught up in the application of glass and tile so often associated with modern bathrooms. Adding curtain panels and a plush bench cushion provides the softness a modern bath needs to absorb sound and ease hard edges.

Update any design style by finding contemporary bathroom products with references to the past. This bathroom—with its silver soaking tub, pickled floor, and marble trough sink—is a chic answer to those who desire an updated take on country design.

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