47 Boho-Style Bedrooms That Are Effortless and Eclectic

Kristin Hohenadel
47 Boho-Style Bedrooms That Are Effortless and Eclectic

Bohemian style was originally characterized by a colorful and maximalist embrace of the eclectic and the eccentric, but today’s boho-style bedrooms are often mixed with popular styles such as Scandinavian, or interpreted with a minimalist touch using neutral palettes.

San Francisco-based French expat Siham Mazouz, author of the home decor book How the French Livesays that the ideal boho-style decor “layers colors, textures and artistic, travel or repurposed objects to ultimately create, almost in a happy accident, an unconventional, colorful, quirky, and outside-of-the-box decor. It’s about repurposing the old and mixing meaningful objects gathered through your personal experience, the countries you visited or lived in, and creating from scratch a personal scene that reflects who you are, and how unique your personal experiences are. It tells your story.”

Check out these stylish boho-style bedrooms for inspiration on how to add some boho chic design touches to your space.

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    Add a French Touch

    french boho-style bedroom

    Siham Mazouz  

    Mazouz combined white walls and nostalgic vintage elements to create what she describes as a “fresh, simple, quirky, and inviting” boho-style bedroom with a French touch. She layered a 1960’s-inspired shaggy rug with striped linen pillowcases, a silk blush pink pillow, a vintage Kantha throw, and hung a painting on the wall by her daughter Inès to achieve the look.

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    Make It Look Effortless

    colorful boho style bedroom

    Design by Emilie Fournet Interiors / Photo by Kasia Fizser

    This London bedroom from Emilie Fournet Interiors has a soft neutral palette punctuated with shades of blue, with boho-style decor elements like a woven pendant light and a macrame wall hanging over the bed. Edison bulb pendant lights with long cords are suspended from simple wood brackets on either side of the bed for an effortless look.

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    Think Pink

    vintage boho-style bedroom

    Erin Williamson Design

    Erin Williamson Design created a sweet boho-style bedroom with groovy pink print wallpaper, a mix of textiles including a kilim pillow and sheepskin-covered chair, and a vintage rattan dresser that is both practical and on trend.

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    Add an En Suite

    minimalist boho-style bedroom

    Fantastic Frank

    This Ibiza bedroom en suite from Fantastic Frank has vacation vibes and clean lines with boho-style touches like woven pendant lights, casual rumpled linens on the bed, and a decorative ladder leaning against the bathroom wall.

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    Use Black Accents

    neutral boho-style bedroom

    Home Consultant

    Home Consultant used black accents including a dark macrame wall hanging to create a minimalist boho-style vibe in this simple L.A. bedroom decorated in neutral and wood tones.

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    Focus on Texture

    cozy boho-style bedroom

    Sara Toufali

    Blogger Sara Toufali focused on texture in this cozy boho-style bedroom with a soft palette of white and blush pink, with natural woven accents and plants to add warmth.

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    Brighten It Up

    boho-style bedroom wallpaper

    A Beautiful Mess

    A dramatic, airy vintage-style rattan bed frame and kilim rug, a trio of hanging plants, and vibrant yellow wallpaper in a bold pattern lends this guest bedroom from A Beautiful Mess a dose of bright and modern boho style.

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    Add Layers

    moody boho-style bedroom

    Erin Williamson Design

    Erin Williamson Design turned a Texas lake house A-frame primary bedroom into a moody oasis with boho style, mixing dark paint and patterned wallpaper on the walls and ceiling. A carved wood Moroccan-style room divider, a Moroccan handira wedding blanket draped across the foot of the bed, and a vase of tall pampas grass create a layered look.

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    Add Palm Springs Vibes

    midcentury modern boho-style bedroom

    Michelle Boudreau Design

    This midcentury modern Palm Springs bedroom from Michelle Boudreau Design has white walls, modern lighting, beige toutrouned accents, and boho-style textiles that give it a relaxed and carefree vibe that screams vacation.

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    Make It Personal

    boho-style bedroom with bookcase headboard

    Design by Leanne Ford Interiors / Photo by Tessa Neustadt

    This primary bedroom from Leanne Ford Interiors has an integrated home library headboard to house favorite books, casual bedding, an oversized pendant light, and art on the walls to create a lived-in, boho-style feel perfect for book and art lovers.

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    Add a Canopy

    boho-style canopy bed

    Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    Emily Henderson Design added a gauzy white tasseled canopy around a rattan bed frame of this light-flooded bedroom to create some boho-style vibes, swapping one of the nightstands for a collection of plants.

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    Keep the Bed Low

    boho-style bedroom with macrame wall hanging

    Urbanology Designs / Photo by Convey Studios

    This girls room from interior designer Ginger Curtis of Urbanology Designs is a boho design dream with its low-slung platform wood bed, rattan accessories, macrame wall hanging, cozy reading corner, and pink and blue-gray accents,

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    Streamline It

    modern boho-style bedroom

    Design by Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop / Photo by Chad Mellon

    Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop added patterned textiles in warm tones, a tall wood and upholstery headboard, and industrial bedside lamps to give some very subtle boho-style vibes to this polished, ultra-comfortable bedroom with soft white wall paint and matching floor-to-ceiling drapes.

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    Go Black-and-White

    eclectic boho-style bedroom

    K Shan Design

    K Shan Design mixed patterned black and white textiles; a vintage chest of drawers; a vintage wicker lamp; colorful art; and a quirky metal arrow hung on the wall above the bed to create a warm and relaxing boho-style guest room.

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    Choose a Statement Piece

    boho-style bedroom armchair

    A Beautiful Mess

    This bedroom corner reading nook from A Beautiful Mess is anchored by a tall vintage-style rattan chair that sets the tone.

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    Renovate a Vintage Camper

    boho-style Airstream bedroom

    Blanco Bungalow 

    Blanco Bungalow turned a vintage camper into a laid-back modern boho-style getaway with a sleeping area as stylish as any full-size bedroom. Clean white walls and warm mid-tone wood floors are layered generously with soft neutral textiles: a mix of simple navy and white striped linens; a jumble of leather, embroidered and Moroccan pillows; a cozy wool blanket; a woven basket; and straw hats and woven bags hung up on the wall.

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    Make It Kid-Friendly

    boho-style kids bedroom

    Mindy Gayer Design Co.


    A vintage rattan chair, colorful wall art, and textiles in a mix of bright colors and patterns adds a sweet boho-style feel to this cheerful kids room from California-based Mindy Gayer Design Co.

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    Skip the Headboard

    warm boho-style bedroom

    Fantastic Frank

    This Mallorca bedroom from Fantastic Frank has an indoor outdoor feel and a casual boho design style that fits the Spanish island setting, with a headboard-free bed layered with textiles in natural fabrics and soft tones, and wood and woven accents.

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    Toughen It Up

    bold boho-style bedroom

    Erin Williamson Design

    This bedroom from Erin Williamson Design combines industrial lighting and shades of gray with an exposed stone wall, a potted palm plant, and a mix of patterned textiles in shades of red and black to create a streamlined bedroom with a tough boho-style edge.

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    Add Romance

    romantic boho-style bedroom

    French Country Cottage

    This romantic boho-style bedroom from French Country Cottage is decorated with simple vintage linens in shades of white, with an antique French chair, ornate chandelier, and rustic wooden bench at the foot of the bed. White paint on the walls and ceiling and gauzy white curtains create a light and airy feel, while straw hats nonchalantly hung over the bed sub in for a headboard.

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    Prioritize Natural Textures

    boho bedroom ideas

    Design by Emilie Fournet Interiors / Photo by Kasia Fizser

    An exposed brick fireplace styled with books, woven textures, casual linen bedding, and whitewashed floorboards give this London bedroom from Emilie Fournet Interiors a dose of Scandi-boho style.

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    Be My Guest

    boho bedroom ideas

    Design by Emily Bowser for Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    This office guest room designed by Emily Bowser for Emily Henderson Design has dark, moody paint on the walls and ceiling; art, books, and magazines; and an oversized daybed covered in cozy textiles to create a laid back boho-style vibe that is relaxing and inviting.

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    Add Moroccan Style

    boho bedroom ideas

    El Ramla Hamra


    This kids room from El Ramla Hamra has a boho-style spirit, with a vintage iron bed frame and Moroccan textiles like the handira wedding blanket hung on the wall and a colorful textural rug.

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    Use Warm Colors

    boho bedroom ideas

    Dazey Den

    Dazey Den used warm orange and yellows to create a colorful, feel-good midcentury-meets-boho-style bedroom.

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    Make It Monochrome

    boho bedroom ideas

    El Ramla Hamra



    This ethereal all-white bedroom from El Ramla Hamra highlights the soaring ceilings and airy proportions with a Scandi-Moroccan boho-style design scheme. Layered monochromatic textiles, from a Beni Ourain rug to a makeshift canopy using natural wood and large ribbons of fabric, to the layered Moroccan blankets and pillows create an inviting and cozy bed.

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    Keep It Symmetrical

    boho bedroom ideas

    Blanco Bungalow

    This bedroom from Blanco Bungalow has white walls, wood floors, matching midcentury-style nightstands and bedside plants, with a few choice textile accents to add a boho-style feel, like the wall hanging, throw pillows, and Moroccan leather pouf at the foot of the bed.

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    Start Small

    boho bedroom ideas

    Blanco Bungalow

    Blanco Bungalow decorated this nursery and future kids room with shades of bright white, wood accents, and patterned textiles, to create a modern boho-style room for baby that fits in with the casual decor style of the rest of the home.

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    Add Tassels and Pompoms

    boho bedroom ideas

    A Beautiful Mess

    This primary bedroom from A Beautiful Mess includes blushing pink walls, a tasseled hand-woven wall hanging, pompoms on the curtains, and a Moroccan blanket at the foot of the bed to give it a soft boho-style feel.

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    Add Whimsy

    boho bedroom ideas

    A Beautiful Mess

    Elsie Larson from A Beautiful Mess created a whimsical boho design-inspired girls bedroom with an intricately scrolled vintage-style wicker headboard, a Moroccan pouf and wedding blanket, a tall wicker giraffe sculpture, and graphic neutral-toned wallpaper.

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    Go Dark

    boho bedroom ideas

    Design by Emilie Fournet Interiors / Photo by Rachael Smith

    This London Victorian bedroom from Emilie Fournet Interiors has a period fireplace that is painted black and complemented with deep blue walls, a collection of quirky art, and a bed layered in a motley assortment of textures and patterns for a lived-in, bohemian style feel.

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    Float the Bed

    boho bedroom ideas

    JL Design / Photo by Leslee Mitchell

    JL Design gave this airy bedroom a dose of boho-style irreverence by suspending the bed from ropes attached to the tall pitched ceilings.

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    Be Subtle

    boho bedroom ideas

    Design by Living with Lolo / Photo by Life Created

    This teen room from Living with Lolo that has clean lines and a modern feel, with free-spirited touches like a hanging rattan chair and a vase of white pampas grass on the dresser to add some boho-style flair.

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    Layer Textiles

    boho bedroom ideas

    Design by Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop / Photo by Chad Mellon

    Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop added layers of textiles in soft neutral tones that complement the off white walls and wood accents and add a whisper of boho style that makes it feel effortless.

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    Add Botanical Prints

    boho bedroom

    K Shan Design

    K Shan Design hung a color photograph of palm trees and patterned botanical print wallpaper in shades of green on the wall behind a wood-and-cane headboard to add some abstract flora to the boho-style bedroom.

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    Prioritize Plants

    boho bedroom ideas

    Sara Toufali

    In this easy, minimalist take on boho style from blogger Sara Toufali, crisp white walls and curtains contrast with warm medium-toned furniture and linens. The room is accessorized with a rattan ceiling light, a patterned rug, and plenty of fresh, natural greenery.

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    Minimize It

    boho bedroom ideas

    Home Consultant

    This spacious primary bedroom suite from Home Consultant has a minimalist feel, with black and white textiles, natural woven accents, and a pair of rattan chairs that add a touch of boho style.

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    Dress It Up

    boho bedroom ideas

    Sara Toufali

    Opposite the bed, blogger Sara Toufali dressed up her double dresser corner with plants and decorative objects in natural tones to carry the light and airy boho-style theme throughout the room.

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    Loosen It Up

    boho bedroom ideas

    JL Design / Photo by Leslee Mitchell

    JL Design finished an otherwise luxe and spacious bedroom decorated in understated neutral tones with some eye-catching, casual boho-style touches like a vibrant throw pillow, patterned wall art, and a pair of pendant lights in place of bedside lamps.

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    White It Out

    boho bedroom ideas

    Design by Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop / Photo by Chad Mellon

    Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop painted a vintage-style rattan headboard and hanging chair white to fit with the white, rose, and black palette of the room, retaining a subtle boho-style vibe that is reinforced with a textural wall hanging and patterned rug.

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    Add Midcentury Vibes

    boho bedroom ideas

    Dazey Den

    Dazey Den used a bold retro color palette of orange, yellow, and blue, a mix of textiles, and vintage style nightstands and lighting in this kitschy take on boho meets midcentury style.

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    Keep It Open

    boho bedroom ideas

    @houseofharvee / Instagram

    This open en suite bedroom from House of Harvee has a neutral palette and a cozy cottage feel that includes a bathtub located a few feet from the bed.

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    Embrace Flower Power

    boho bedroom

    K Shan Design

    K Shan Design added a flower power rattan headboard to give some unmistakable boho design vibes to this neutral-toned bedroom, with matching vintage lamps and casual bedding.

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    Hang Some Art

    black and white boho bedroom

    Lobster and Swan

    This English country cottage bedroom from Lobster and Swan has a black and white palette and a boho-style feel thanks to vintage furniture and eclectic wall art and decor.

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    Mix In Midcentury Touches

    pink and orange boho style bedroom

     Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    A vintage-style rattan daybed, a Moroccan leather pouf, pink and orange textiles, and a pair of midcentury modern nightstands give this bedroom from Emily Henderson Design a modern boho-style feel.

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    Add Coastal Notes

    boho style bedroom wall hanging

    K Shan Design hung a large macrame wall hanging above a cane bed dressed in light blue linens to give this room a coastal boho-style feel.

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    Mix in Vintage Pieces

    modern boho style bedroom

    Velinda Hellen for Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Veronica Crawford

    In this bedroom from Velinda Hellen for Emily Henderson Design, an eclectic mix of vintage furniture and decor creates a breezy boho-style feel.

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    Embrace Earth Tones

    earth tone boho style bedroom

    Lobster and Swan

    Warm earth-tone walls give this bedroom from Lobster and Swan a cozy and enveloping feel, while a live-edge bedside table and natural decor accents add an effortless boho-style feel.

What is a boho-style bedroom?

Today’s boho-style bedrooms don’t look much like the bohemian interiors of the past, but they channel the spirit of the originals with a free-spirited and eclectic approach that mixes textures, patterns, materials, and time periods for a layered feel. Many modern boho-style interiors incorporate natural accents and materials such as wicker and rattan, macrame wall hangings, and an overflowing collection of plants. But a boho-style bedroom can also encompass a mix of clashing patterns, styles, materials, and global accents. 

What colors are in a boho bedroom? 

Today’s modern boho-style interiors are often neutral, with white walls, light wood and woven accents, and greenery in the form of plants. You can also add bright colors and patterns in a boho-style room according to your taste, from vibrant kilim rugs to jewel tones on the walls, depending on your style.

What are the elements of a boho bedroom?

Boho-style bedrooms designed for modern free spirits have eclectic decor, natural elements, and a chic, effortless vibe that’s easy to live with and emulate. Think textiles with plenty of texture and pattern such as Moroccan-style or kilim rugs; macrame plant hangers; woven accessories like pendant lights and straw hats; and lots of plants. 

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