40+ Hermosos Diseños de Uñas con Flores Para Probar en Esta Temporada


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Spring is the ultimate cheery season. It is a picturesque season with the birds chirping, and flowers sprouting. Temperatures are more pleasant and the landscape is brighter. It is hard to not take notice of the bright flowers blooming.

I know florals are hardly a groundbreaking pattern for the warmer weather, but they do remain popular each year for a reason. After a gloomy and cold winter, flowers are a refreshing sight after all the snow and ice on the ground. The bright and vivid colors can be most notably expressed with flower nails. I personally love flower nails. I find you can make them as delicate or bold as you want. They are one of the few designs where you can let your personality shine.

Flower Nail Designs

Flower nail designs are what you make of it. There are edgy, unexpected floral designs. These are great for those who shy away from overly feminine designs. There are even floral photo decals for those who don’t want to commit to a completely floral design. 70’s vibes have been a large trend in fashion and the trend also is shown in floral nail designs. For those who like the soft and delicate designs, there are plenty of daisy and wildflower ideas for the warmer weather. There are even floral designs that have trendy ideas, like studded nails and gold leaf.

Whatever your floral preference level, I have rounded up 40+ designs that will satisfy all floral design personalities. Scroll below for 40+ floral nail designs to try out for Springtime or beyond.

Flower Nails

The gold outlining make these floral designs luxurious. The design looks like a work of art.

A groovy take on flowers. There is no doubt that the 70s has been back and 70s nails have recently been spotted on Gigi Hadid.

This is a manicure that is too pretty to resist. The bright colors puts you in a cheery mood.

Cherry blossoms represent a time of renewal and optimism. What better way to express that optimism with cherry blossom nails.

The best way to beat the Winter blues? A handful of colorful daisies.

Add some sparkle to your flower nails. The glitter adds some warmth to the floral design.

The milky base adds a cool vibe to the 70s flower design. A groovy take on floral nail designs.

These holographic nails give the floral designs an expected, fun edge.

There is nothing more classic than a French manicure. Instead of the white tips, floral tips are used. These nails remind of a beautiful, summer day in Palm Springs.

Step up your nail game with these clear cherry blossom nails. There are a lot of cherry blossom designs, but these are really a work of art.

The oversized floral prints are a different take on the 70s floral nails. I prefer these because, why not?

I love the holographic effect for Spring. It looks like a whole garden is on your nails.

If you prefer bold nails, these nails are for you. The black is a very unexpected take on something as demure as flowers.

Toughen up floral nails with these studded beauties. These would be great for Summer.

Donut glaze has been all the rage since Hailey Bieber wore them. Add a twist to the trendy nails with floral tips.

These 3D floral nails designs are a show stopper. You can transform any basic manicure into a Springtime floral garden.

Perfect for the hippie at heart. These scream out I am a wild child at heart.

This is perfect for those who like to make a statement. The rhinestone nail adds glam to the French manicure.

It doesn’t get more romantic than roses? These would be perfect for a bridal shower.

A more minimalistic take on rose nail art. One single rose on each nail.

The white matte background make the roses really pop out. It is such a fresh manicure for the Springtime.

The pink background is also a really nice option. It is for the person who enjoys more feminine nails.

The gold foil is an unexpected take with the usual delicate floral designs.

Sunflowers are known as the happy flower. They are the perfect bloom to brighten your nails and mood. The following few nails are sunflower nail designs.

These nails are not for the faint of heart. They are gorgeous, but not minimalistic in any sense.

The pastel colors remind me of an Easter egg. Hence, these nails would be perfect for Easter time.

Ever since celebs like Kaia Gerber and Hailey Bieber have rocked daisy nail art, they have been a fan favorite. They are perfect for Summer.

These multicolored daisies will be a scene stealer in all your mirror selfies.

Take a walk through a botanical garden with these whimsical floral nails.

How dreamy! Perfect for a Summer wedding or engagement. These nails are the accessory you need for any event.

Reminds of a Summer sunset on a beautiful night.

The milky white color makes every detail of this intricate floral design pop.

Orange blossom flowers symbolize good luck and purity. Hopefully, these nails will bring you good luck as well.

These nails resemble a stained glass mosaic. These are absolutely stunning.

A gorgeous manicure for the bride to be who is looking for something different.

Another possible bridal manicure for the big day.

I love the almost transparent appearance of these floral nails.

I don’t know how these don’t put a smile on your face.

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