40 Gorgeous Orange Nail Designs You Must Experiment With!


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Are you looking to add a pop of color to your next manicure? This post is all about the most stunning orange nail designs that will have you feeling fun and vibrant!

I feel like orange is such an underrated color when it comes to manicures. Which I totally do not get because orange is such fun, bright and playful color. You’ll always get the most fun, bright and bold manicures with the color.

Honestly I get it, it can be an intimidating color but the beauty about it is that it is so flattering on everyone and especially pops on people with darker skin tones. And you don’t have to get the crazy neon shades if you’re not in the mood for that. Orange has gorgeous pastel shades that are so flattering and the most beautiful dark, burnt shades and honestly everything in between as well.

The beauty about getting a manicure in this beautiful color is that you can make it work for you, like in the spring you could get some pastel orange nails with flower designs and in the summer you could go for like a bright orange manicure and then for autumn, this color is so so perfect! You could go for burnt orange shades in particular for autumn because they match the whole aesthetic of the season so well.

This post is a roundup of the coolest orange nail designs, it has all the designs; from minimal, light orange designs to the crazy, neon nails, hopefully you’ll find something to inspire your next manicure!

40 Cute Orange Nail Designs That You Gotta Try!

Two Tone Orange Manicure
instagram: nailsbypaulin

We’re starting the post off with a cute, two toned manicure. With a couple of the fingers in this gorgeous deep orange shade and the rest a light classic orange shade, so cute!

Mixed Orange Nails
instagram: glossy.studios

These nails are a gorgeous mix of oranges and this yummy nudish brown shade. And the mix of french tips and solid nails is so cute for these shades of orange and brown.

Orange Aura Nails with Chrome Nails Art
instagram: sweettsets

This manicure is a combination the latest best nail trends, which are aura nails and chrome nail art. I’m obsessed with each of these trends separately but together they go so well!

Orange Swirl French Tip Nails
instagram: klawsbysonia

French tip nails with a unique twist and in bright orange as well! If you want to change up your usual classic french manicure for something fun and bright and bold then this is a nail design that you gotta try!

Side French Nails with Two Orange Shades
instagram: vivianmariewong

Are side french tips actually better than the classic? In this case, the answer is yes. These two toned orange french nails to the side are so so cute!

French Tip Nails with Moon Outline
instagram: nailsbyharriet_

I’ll never get sick of moon nail designs, they’re so cute and paired with french tips is always an amazing combination!

Orange and White Nails
instagram: nailsbypaulin

So obsessed with the nail designs that have the two middle fingers be a different and fun design from the rest of the nails in the manicure, and the rest of the nails are usually like a simple solid color.

Orange Swirl Nails on Milky Base
instagram: vivianmariewong

I mean who doesn’t love like a good milky, transparent base for their nail design? In this case it makes the orange swirls pop all the more!

Orange Moon Nails
instagram: klawsbysonia

This is such a unique and simple nail design that is so good! The little negative moon spaces on these nails, takes a regular boring manicure and elevates it!

Orange Wavey Nail Art
instagram: jessicawashick

Using like a transparent or nude base for this type of nail design makes the burnt orange wavy nail art pop so much! Definitely a cute manicure to copy…

Orange and White French Nails with Little Daisies Art
instagram: vivianmariewong

Ugh daisy nail art is so cute and there is just something about the combination of this shade of orange and white that’s absolutely gorgeous!

Orange Aura Nails with Some French Tips
instagram: cosmicnailzz

Aura nails with little stars is a nail design that’s been trending lately, and for a good reason! It’s such a gorgeous, kinda dreamy nail design!

Orange and Dark Brown Swirl Nails

This dark shade of orange goes so well with the the dark brown shades in this manicure. If you want to do swirl nails with two shades this is it done right!

French Tip Outline Nails
instagram: gelsbyfliss

This creamy popsicle shade of orange is so yummy! The perfect light and playful shade for a french tip nail design with a little extra outline to make the design more fun!

Two Tone of Orange Swirl Nails
instagram: aimeestokesbeauty

Skinny swirls are great and all for your nail designs but sometimes you gotta try solid, filled in swirls and orange is such a fun color for this type of wavy manicure.

Orange Manicure with Marble
instagram: ellzabethm

Marble nail art (when done right) is to die for, especially when you pick cute colors. Adding one or two accent nails with marble nail art is a great way to elevate something that would otherwise be a plain and simple manicure!

Orange Flower Nail Art Manicure
instagram: glossy.studios

You can never go wrong with a manicure with flower nail art, they’re always so so cute! Especially with these gorgeous bright orange and pastel orange shades. This is a manicure that would look so so good for the spring!

Wavy Orange Nails
instagram: glammertized

I live for nail designs like this one, it’s bright, fun and groovy! The neon orange wavy swirls alternating with the peach pastel orange make this such a fun, bold and unique manicure to try!

Burnt Orange French Nails
instagram: samrosenails

French tips look especially good on almond shaped nails and a great way to switch up a classic french manicure is to throw in a different design on one fingernail like this filled in swirl design that’s so fun…

Orange Manicure with Reverse French

So the reverse french tip is when you take the classic french tip design and you reverse it, so instead you get your design on the base or cuticle area of your nails instead of at the tips. It’s such a fun, new design and an interesting reimagining of the classic design that we love so much. It’s definitely a great design to throw onto a few fingernails of a manicure for an elegant, elevated nail look.

Hot Orange Nails with Light Marble Design
instagram: nailsby_jukus

Are you a fan of matte nails? Because these nails are definitely interesting combining matte and glossy finishes in one manicure. But definitely a stunning hot orange nail design to try out if you’re feeling bold.

Neon Tips with White Base
instagram: motylove_paznokcie

French tip nails with a white base always stand out more than the ones with like a nude or pink base. White just has a little more pop and it makes whatever color you use on the tips all the more vibrant.

Orange French Ombre with White Swirls
instagram: cosmicnailzz

French ombre nails are always so so cute, but this set looks so unique in this color and the white swirly lines add such a fun twist to the manicure…

Snake Skin Inspired Nails
instagram: aimeestokesbeauty

Snake skin print nails have been trendy for a while now and this orange take on the popular nail design is so cute.

Bright Orange French Tips with Flowers
instagram: samrosenails

You can never get tired of a little flower magic. And honestly flower nail art on nails is always so cute, especially if it is white petal daisies!

Funky Orange Swirl Nails
instagram: bycheznails

Honestly you can do swirly nails in a million different ways and they’ll always look fun and cute, it’s a nail design that isn’t too serious and you can have fun with!

Checkerboard French Nails
instagram: nailsbysmf

Looking to do something different and fun with your manicure? An orange and white checkboard pattern on your french tips is definitely something different to try out!

Orange and Pink Ombre Nails
instagram: avrnailswatches

These sunset inspired nails are so gorgeous! This set is a gorgeous mix of like the best orange and pink shades. If you need inspo for a fun and unique nail design then this is definitely it!

Orange French Tip Nails
instagram: yodeebs

Sometimes you just want a simple manicure and there is nothing as classic and simple as a good old frenchie. You gotta step out of the box and do it in this beautiful creamy orange shade though. This would be great for like a summer or fall manicure.

Little Flower Nails
instagram: nailsbypaular

Who doesn’t love a good mix and matched nail design, like a combination of cute little nail styles in one manicure. In this set, the little orange flowers are so cute, right?!

Moon Nails with French Tips
instagram: glossytipped

Moon nail design paired with french tips just works so well, there is something so eye catching about a negative space nail design like this one!

Orange Flower Nails
instagram: nailsbysmf

This style of flower nail art has been everywhere lately and it looks so so stunning with the bright orange base. It’s giving tropical, beach vibes in all the best ways!

Orange and Gold Swirl Nails
instagram: gelsbybry

Who knew orange and gold pair so well together! This set is absolutely gorgeous and it just shows that orange nails aren’t just bright and fun and chaotic, they can be simple and elegant too!

Orange and Pink Aura Nails
instagram: phoebesummernails

Orange and pink is such a match made in heaven, ugh it is a color combination that is unmatched! This is the manicure you get if you need something that’s colorful and fun…

Almond Shaped Nails with Orange Swirls
instagram: heluviee

I think I said it before, that you can do swirly nails in a million different ways, it’s all about having fun with it and doing the swirls in whatever artistic way speaks to you. This particular set though is extra cute!

Different Shades of Orange Wavy Nails
instagram: alyshanailartist

I see this manicure being like the perfect set for fall! The different shades of orange and brown in this wavy design make this manicure so eye catching!

White Orange Ombre Nails
instagram: glammertized

This color combination is just wow! Cannot get enough of it. This is such a great way to get the orange to pop, if you’re thinking of choosing the color for your next manicure.

Orange Ombre Nails
instagram: avrnailswatches

The perfect ombre set of nails, honestly. The way it goes from a bright orange to like a yellowy orange is perfection!

instagram: _nailsbybethany

Mixing different nail styles is always great if you mix styles that work together. A combination that is always great is swirl nails with french tips and solid nails in the same manicure…

Neon Orange Gradient Nails
instagram: amanda.sudolll

If you’re in the mood for something bright and fun then this simple gradient set of various shades of bright coral orange is a must try.

Did you love these orange nail designs and are you inspired for your next manicure? Orange nails are a must try if you love colorful, fun manicures and are especially perfect for summer and fall but honestly you can rock an orange manicure whenever you want to feel fierce.

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