38 Splashy Pool House Ideas for Endless Summer Fun

Kristin Hohenadel
38 Pool House Ideas for the Ultimate Backyard Oasis

pool house is a luxury that can be anything you want it to be—a guest house, rec room, lounge space, summer kitchenbar, and dining area, yoga room, or even a home office. The size of your pool house can range from tiny to grand. Its design style can mirror the main house, offer a contrasting look that sets its own tone, or seamlessly blend into the rest of the backyard or natural landscape. On the inside, a pool house can be as simple as a dedicated lounge space, or include the full range of amenities that you would find in the main house.

Check out these splashy pool houses to help you design your own ultimate backyard oasis for endless summer fun.

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    Paint It Black

    pool house

    Design by Raili CA Design / Photo by David Tsay

    This Costa Mesa, California pool house from Raili CA Design has a graphic black A-frame structure and reflective facade that mirrors the palm trees and blue skies of the surrounding landscape. A large pink typeset neon sign framed by the entry door and comfortable black lounge furniture inside and out completes the effortlessly chic design.

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    Consider the Setting

    pool house ideas

    Design by Crisp Architects / Photo by Rob Karosis

    This adorable little pool house from Crisp Architects takes its clues from its bucolic setting on a property surrounded by horse farms. The small structure has an area at the back to house pool equipment, and the front side facing the pool includes a half-bath and a wet bar. With its bold green paint, crisp white trim, and a rooftop weathervane, it looks more like a tiny barn than a pool house, perfectly at home in its rural setting.

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    Add Terracotta Roof Tiles

    pool house ideas

    Design by The Novogratz / Photo by Amy Neunsinger

    This breezy backyard Los Angeles pool house from The Novogratz has white stucco walls, terracotta roof tiles, and accordion doors that allow you to practically swim right up to the bar.

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    Keep It Zen

    pool house

    Design by General Assembly / Photo by Joe Fletcher

    This Shelter Island, New York pool house designed by General Assembly wasn’t built to house a crowd, but tailored to the lifestyle of a mother and daughter. Set in a lush green landscape, the minimalist pool house has clean lines, shou sugi ban cedar siding, and streamlined interiors that include a living room, dining space, and yoga and meditation room.

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    Channel Midcentury Style

    pool house

    Design by Raili CA Design / Photo by David Tsay

    This midcentury style pool house from Raili CA Design is tucked into a corner of the backyard, maximizing the available lot and allowing the structure to blend in without intruding on the spacious poolside terrace.

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    Create an Oasis

    pool house ideas

    Design by Matthew Carter Interiors

    This dreamy St. Helena, California pool house from Lexington, Kentucky-based Matthew Carter Interiors seamlessly blends into a backyard that is landscaped to perfection with a green lawn and canopy of trees to provide shade and promote tranquility.

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    Mix Old and New

    pool house ideas

    Design by Joan Miquel Seguí

    Spanish architect Joan Miquel Seguí created the ultimate pool house home office on the island of Mallorca. Built on the far end of a courtyard in the back of the main house, the contemporary white studio was designed to hover over the pool. With its clean lines and large windows facing the traditional home and a huge olive tree that presides over the courtyard, it’s a harmonious mix of old and new that is the stuff that working from home dreams are made of.

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    Choose a Stone Facade

    pool house ideas

    Design by Jean Liu Design / Photo by Casey Dunn and Lisa Petrole

    This semi-detached pool house from Jean Liu Design has a warm golden stone facade that extends to an outdoor lounge and TV area and helps the structure blend in with the rest of the home.

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    Make It Open Plan

    pool house

    Design by Michelle Gerson Interiors / Photo by Marco Ricca

    This Hamptons pool house from NYC-based Michelle Gerson Interiors has a mixture of open and closed spaces and an extensive lounging, dining, and kitchen area sheltered beneath the slanted roof.

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    Add Wood Cladding

    pool house ideas

    Design by Randell Design Group / Photo by Adelina Iliev Photography

    This West Sussex, England pool house Randell Design Group doubles as a guest house. Its wood-clad, vaulted ceilings and black metal-and-glass accordion doors give it a seamless indoor outdoor feel. Boho chic decor like a hanging rattan chair adds a laid back sense of cool.

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    Use Coastal Colors

    pool house ideas

    Design by K+Co. Living / Raquel Langworthy Photography

    When decorating a pool house, you can’t go wrong with coastal style, like this New Jersey pool house from K+Co. Living.

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    Add Arched Windows

    mediterranean style pool house

    Fantastic Frank

    This Mediterranean-style pool house from Fantastic Frank is built in the style of the main house. Large arched glass and black metal grid windows facing the pool allow for views from the inside.

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    Make It Multifunctional

    pool house

    Design by Maestri Studio / Photo by Jennifer McNeil Baker

    This pool house from Maestri Studio is a multi-functional space that includes an open outdoor poolside terrace with separate lounging, dining, and bar and grill areas.

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    Add Indoor Outdoor Bar Seating

    pool house ideas

    Design by Christina Kim Interior Design / Photo by Raquel Langworthy Photography

    This New Jersey pool house cabana from Christina Kim Interior Design is painted in a minty shade of green, with an indoor/outdoor bar counter and French bistro style bar stools that give it an easygoing style.

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    Bring the Indoors Outside

    pool house

    Design by Michelle Gerson Interiors / Photo by Marco Ricca

    Today it’s possible to find outdoor furniture and textiles that are engineered to withstand the elements without sacrificing an ounce of style. The u-shaped outdoor sofa in this luxurious Hamptons open plan pool house from Michelle Gerson Interiors is as comfortable and chic as anything you would find inside.

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    Add Classical Details

    pool house

    Design by Maestri Studio / Photo by Stephen Karlisch

    This pool house from Maestri Studio has a brick facade and central fireplace, with a terrace and seating area shaded by a painted white wood pergola. Classical columns and Greek key detailing lends the simple structure a sense of grandeur.

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    Use Contrasting Materials

    pool house

    Design by Mark Langos Interior Design / Photo by Meghan Beierle-O’Brien

    This pool house from Mark Langos Interior Design has an open layout with several seating areas that allow groups to congregate as they like. Inside, a vaulted ceiling with warm rustic wood beams contrasts with the gray-toned stone flooring.

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    Create a Dedicated Bar

    pool house ideas

    Design and Photo by The Novogratz

    This pool house bar from The Novogratz is a fun spot to sip some lemonade between dips or to relax with a cocktail in the evening. Crisp white walls, wood cabinetry, marble countertops, and a framed black-and-white photo elevate the design while steering clear of pool house clichés.

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    Make It Welcoming

    pool house

    Design by Studio Life/Style / Photo by Stephen Busken

    This pool house from Studio Life/Style doubles as a guest house at the back of a large entertaining space. With its flat roof just about level with privacy hedges lining the backyard, it has a low profile that feels built into the landscape.

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    Use French Doors

    pool house

    Design by Alexander Design

    Three sets of French window doors with white trim create a light and airy facade for this classic pool house from interior designer Vanessa Alexander of LA-based Alexander Design.

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    Style the Bar Shelves

    pool house ideas

    Design by Christina Kim Interior Design / Photo by Raquel Langworthy Photography

    Indoor outdoor seating in this cabana pool house from Christina Kim Interior Design gives those seated at the bar a view inside, where built-in bar shelves in painted white wood and glass are stocked with kid-friendly refreshments and styled with framed photos and shiny knicknacks.

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    Add A Murphy Bed

    pool house

    Design by Studio Life/Style / Photo by Stephen Busken

    This pool house from Studio Life/Style has a lounge area and a Murphy bed hidden behind a floor-to-ceiling cabinet on the side wall that allows it to double as a guest house.

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    Leave It Open

    pool house ideas

    Design by Michelle Boudreau Design

    If you don’t have the budget or the space for a self-contained pool house, this Venice Beach pool house pavilion from Michelle Boudreau Design has two open sides but is otherwise wired and plumbed for optimal use, with a lounge and TV area, a sink and refrigeration for refreshments, and a waterfall edge bar counter that seats four. The Southern California weather makes this a year-round entertaining space within inches of the pool.

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    Add a Rest Room

    pool house

    Design by Studio Life/Style / Photo by Stephen Busken

    This pool house shower from Studio Life/Style has a modern industrial look, with double entrances that makes bathroom breaks a breeze and allows it to function as a guest house once pool time is over.

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    Build a Bunk Room

    pool house ideas

    Design by Christina Kim Interior Design / Photo by Raquel Langworthy Photography

    This cabana pool house from Christina Kim Interior Design is a bunk room that’s kid friendly and comfortable for guests of all ages, with built-in bunk beds and open shelving that takes advantage of the high ceilings.

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    Incorporate Country Style

    pool house ideas

    Design by Crisp Architects / Photo by Rob Karosis

    This pool house from Crisp Architects has a rustic outdoor fireplace, criss-crossed wood detailing, and simple wooden deck furniture scattered around the poolside terrace that give it a country style vibe.

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    Add a Changing Station

    pool house

    Design by Christina Kim Interior Design / Photo by Raquel Langworthy Photography

    If you have room, create a designated area in the pool house where people can change, shower, towel off, and store swimming gear. In this pool house from Christina Kim Interior Design, shelves stacked with blue-and-white striped towels and a photo of a crowded beach set the summer mood.

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    Make It a Rec Room

    pool house

    Design by Maestri Studio / Photo by Jennifer McNeil Baker

    The interior of this pool house from Maestri Studio is decked out in shades of blue and white, with mismatched patterns and dark wood accents that echo the siding on the outside. On the opposite side of a wet bar and seating area, a ping pong table provides a place to burn off some energy on a rainy day, or simply take a break in the shade after sunbathing and swimming.

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    Use Neutral Tones

    pool house ideas

    Design by Christina Kim Interior Design / Photo by Raquel Langworthy Photography

    This pool house from Christina Kim Interior Design has a full kitchen that opens to the outdoors thanks to accordion windows that create an indoor outdoor bar seating. A large dining table and chairs creates a space for sit-down summer meals.

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    Light It Up

    pool house ideas

    Design by Crisp Architects / Photo by Rob Karosis

    Don’t forget to light the exterior of the pool house so that it looks good and feels welcoming after dark, like this pool house from Crisp Architects.

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    Create an All-Season Space

    pool house

    Design by Christina Kim Interior Design / Photo by Raquel Langworthy Photography

    Inside this pool house from Christina Kim Interior Design, a comfy lounging area that accommodates a crowd, and a large kitchen and bar make this a self-contained fun zone that’s suitable for year-round use.

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    Add a Kitchenette

    pool house with kitchen

    Design by K+Co. Living / Raquel Langworthy Photography

    This coastal-style pool house from K+Co. Living includes a kitchenette with a full-size fridge for storing drinks and snacks, and a central dining table with a view of the pool.

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    Decorate the Shelves

    coastal style pool house

    Design by K+Co. Living / Raquel Langworthy Photography

    On the opposite side of this pool house from K+Co. Living, a niche with open shelving displays decor objects to make the space around the large sectional sofa feel cozy.

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    Put the Pool in the House

    indoor pool house

    Design by Framestudio / Photo by David Wakely

    This Los Altos, CA, pool house from Framestudio is an addition to a 1966 ranch-style home that houses an indoor pool and includes a wellness space.

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    Level Down

    pool house bar

    Design by Ghislaine Vinas / Photo by Garrett Rowland

    This Montauk, New York pool house from interior designer Ghislaine Viñas has a fully stocked sunken poolside bar that is a few steps down from the pool.

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    Embrace Americana

    pool house with TV

    Design by Martha O’Hara Interiors / Photo by Troy Thies

    This Minnesota pool house from Martha O’Hara Interiors has a TV and a fireplace for cozy movie nights, and a covered outdoor dining area for al fresco meals protected from harsh rays and rainstorms. A palette of red, white, and blue gives off Americana vibes.

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    Install Glass Walls

    plunge pool

    Tiffani Baumgart Interiors / Photo by Jenny Siegwart

    For this oceanfront home with unobstructed views of the sand and the sea, Tiffani Baumgart Interiors created an indoor/outdoor covered patio with a plunge pool off of the primary bedroom that is a luxurious modern take on a pool house. Glass half walls preserve the view and the ocean breezes, while tie-back curtains can be closed for privacy.

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    Add Shingles

    shingled pool house

    Tina Ramchandani Creative

    This shingled pool house from Tina Ramchandani Creative anchors the pool area in a large tiered outdoor space and is built in the style of the home for a cohesive look.

What should you put in a pool house? 

You can outfit a pool house with anything from a lounge space to create a rec room complete with a pool table and a home bar, to a changing room with lockers and a shower, a yoga room, a screening room for game nights and movie nights, a second kitchen and dining space, or a home office. You can also store gear such as pool floats inside the pool house to keep your yard tidy and protect them from the elements when not in use.

Are a pool house and a guest house the same thing?

Pool houses can double as guest houses depending on the size of the structure and your hosting needs. To make your pool house comfortable for guests but usable when you don’t have visitors, you can install a Murphy bed that will disappear when not in use. While many pool houses include outdoor showers, if yours doubles as a guest house, an indoor shower and bathroom and a kitchenette will make the pool house extra comfortable for guests, and they can be used for bathroom breaks or poolside lunch prep the rest of the year. 

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