38 Farmhouse Porch Ideas That Are Full of Charm


Choose Classic Plaid

Plaid door mat in front of light blue porch door

Finding Lovely

When it comes to classic farmhouse style, you can’t go wrong with plaid. Incorporate the charming pattern into your porch through a doormat by the front door, bows on seasonal wreaths, an outdoor rug, or throw pillows on another farmhouse staple—rocking chairs.

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Create Welcoming Seating

Rattan chairs and wood table on front porch

Finding Lovely

Create a warm welcome with a cozy seating arrangement on your porch. Keep spatial constraints in mind to allow for plenty of walking room and make sure to use outdoor-friendly furniture and decor that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

A couple of porch seating options include wicker chairs and a small table, a bistro set, or a bench—all of which also provide a great backdrop for seasonal decorative touches.

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Install a Dutch Door

Light blue Dutch door on a white front porch

White Sands Design & Build

Dutch door will add instant character to your farmhouse porch. The two-part door is divided in half horizontally, allowing you to keep the top half open to let fresh air in while keeping the bottom half closed to keep small children and pets inside. While it’s a more expensive option than a regular front door, it’s an excellent way to add rustic charm and create an inviting feel.

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Paint It White

White painted porch with rattan chairs and fall decor on the steps

@kirsten.diane / Instagram

Update an old brick exterior with a fresh coat of white paint and continue it onto the porch for a seamless transition that sets a neutral scene for seasonal decor throughout the year. White is a classic choice when it comes to farmhouse exteriors and it looks just as good when contrasted with black for a modern feel, as it does with more subdued tonal trim accents.

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Hang a Swing

Porch swing surrounded by fall decor

Musings by Madison

A porch swing is the ultimate way to set a welcoming tone and add a playful touch. It invites guests to sit and linger, and visually, it’s a fun alternative to a traditional seating arrangement. Dress a porch swing with plenty of solid, checkered, and plaid pillows and anchor it with an outdoor rug underneath it.

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Add Potted Plants

Plants by the door on a porch

Kate Marker Interiors

Surround the front door with potted plants and create dimension with different-sized and colored pots and plants for an organic look. Tall, bushy plants help fill vertical space and are a continuation of outdoor landscaping. An eclectic assortment of planters will create a relaxed and unfussy aesthetic for a homey welcome.

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Install a Door Knocker

White door with brass door knocker and sign

Kate Marker Interiors

For a touch of old-world farmhouse charm, adorn your front door with a classic knocker. Find a vintage brass knocker at a flea market or antique shop, or opt for a more streamlined and contemporary matte black design if you going for a more modern farmhouse-style porch.

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Layer Door Mats

Layered door mats in front of a blue front door

Finding Lovely

Layer doormats to give a practical element a decorative quality. Use two doormats that are different in size, material, and design for a layered, contrasting effect. For the bottom mat, choose a thinner, rug-style mat with a pattern, then top it with a thicker, smaller mat such as coir that’s either plain or features typography.

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Incorporate Wood Elements

Front porch with wood beams

@kirsten.diane / Instagram

Whether for structural support or purely decorative, add wood elements to your farmhouse porch to create visual warmth. Natural wood pairs well with any metal, so you can go with matte black door hardware and wall sconces for a modern farmhouse design, or stick with a warm color palette and opt for antique brass accents.

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Bring Out a Vintage Rug

Vintage rug on a front porch

Kate Marker Interiors

For some vintage flair and a lived-in, welcoming farmhouse porch, bring out a vintage-style outdoor rug. Depending on the size of your porch, it can either serve as a doormat or if space permits, to anchor a seating arrangement.

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Create Height

Potted plants on a back porch

@kirsten.diane / Instagram

Plant stands are an excellent way to create height variation on your front porch. Place potted plants on wood or metal stands of different heights to allow the eye to move around and to create a full, bountiful look.

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Repurpose Salvaged Items

Rustic ladder turned into a fall sign on the porch

Finding Lovely

Repurpose salvaged treasures such as an old wood ladder to make a festive sign for your porch. Add lettering to celebrate a season, adorn it with twinkle lights for a cozy ambiance, or hang shatterproof ornaments off the ladder for a fun holiday decoration.

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Use Hanging Baskets

Hanging basket with flowers

Finding Lovely

Suspend planters from the ceiling for a charming addition to your farmhouse porch. Use S-hooks to hang the planters and be conscious of where you hang them because of drainage. Hanging planters with coco liners are a popular choice as they are affordable, allow for good drainage, and have a natural look that’s perfectly in keeping with the farmhouse aesthetic.

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Paint the Front Door

Greige front door and trim with brick front steps

Design by Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

Spruce up the front porch by giving your front door a fresh coat of paint. Go with a traditional farmhouse look and paint the door black, or soften the exterior with a muted neutral as seen here.

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Warm Up With Brass Accents

Blue front door on white farmhouse with brass hardware

Hannah Tyler Designs

Brass is a timeless metal that will never go out of style and is the perfect pick to warm up your farmhouse porch. Polished brass is shiny and more suited for a formal aesthetic while antique brass has an aged patina that adds an elevated yet rustic accent.

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Flank the Front Door

Front door and porch decorated for Christmas with live greenery

@lemonleafhomeinteriors / Instagram

Flank the front door with planters for a symmetrical design that’s pleasing to the eye and frames the entrance. A front door is often the focal point of a porch, and styling it with planters is a great way to add some color and height. Continue the symmetry with wall sconces on either side of the door and the house numbers centered above it.

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Hang a Flag

Front porch with flag hanging from column

Kate Marker Interiors

Hang a flag off your porch following the proper rules, whether on special holidays such as the Fourth of July or year-round. If you choose to fly a flag on certain days only, follow these directions for folding and storing it the right way.

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Stick With Black and White

Black rockers and seating area on a front porch

@weremodelit / Instagram

black and white exterior has become synonymous with the modern farmhouse style thanks to its classic look. Choose white siding for a clean and crisp porch, then create contrast with black trim and outdoor furniture and decor.

Use black rocking chairs, incorporate black metal lanterns, soften the space with patterned pillows, and tone down the contrast with natural materials such as a rattan side table or a coir doormat.

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Use Terracotta Pots

White farmhouse with wood porch and fall decor on front steps

@kirsten.diane / Instagram

The rustic warmth of terracotta pots makes a farmhouse porch extra inviting. They only look better with time as their weathered exterior gives them a beautiful aged patina. They are especially well-fitting for a fall porch, filled with autumnal mums and surrounded by pumpkins and gourds in varying shades of orange.

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Add a Pop of Color

Mint green Dutch door on a porch

Finding Lovely

Give your porch a touch of playfulness by painting the front door an unexpected color. It’s a great way to transform the outdoor space in an easy, inexpensive, and quick way and a fun way to boost curb appeal and draw guests inside.

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Extend the Space

Screened in porch with dining and living area

Kate Marker Interiors

Make your farmhouse porch extra cozy and extend your living space by screening it in. This gives you more opportunity to enjoy the space and helps keep furniture and decorative pieces safe from the elements.

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Paint the Porch Floor Black

Black painted front porch on a white house

Kate Marker Interiors

Instead of leaving porch floors a natural wood color, go bold and paint them black. This will create great depth and contrast and help tie in other black elements such as a black door, railing, or trim.

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Cozy It Up

Outdoor seating on a porch

Jessica Nelson Design

Just like an indoor rug, an outdoor rug or runner helps anchor furniture, defines an area, and adds a cozy layer. Make sure to use an outdoor rug that is fade and mildew-resistant in order to ensure it lasts well and can withstand the elements.

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Choose a Gas Light

Black and white exterior with potted plants

Interior Impressions

Elevate your porch with a gas wall sconce that ushers in an old farmhouse atmosphere and a touch of sophistication. A step above a traditional outdoor light, this less frequently used lighting option will illuminate your porch while incorporating a timeless and nostalgic design element.

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Bring in Rattan Accents

Two rattan chairs on a porch

Chelius House of Design

Rattan is a farmhouse staple that not only brings in a textural element but exudes comfort. The material is sturdy, durable, and a classic choice whose neutral appearance fits perfectly with the farmhouse aesthetic.

Create a seating area with rattan armchairs that beg friends and neighbors to sit and linger over a steaming cup of coffee for the ultimate warm welcome.

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Hang a Wreath

Wreath on front door and plants flanking the door

Chelius House of Design

festive wreath on the front door is a simple and inexpensive way to add cheer and seasonal decor to your porch. Hang it using a metal wreath hanger or a self-adhesive hook depending on the size and weight of the wreath.

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Incorporate Color and Pattern

Blue and white pillows and rug on a porch

Finding Lovely

Incorporate color and pattern into your porch through textiles such as seat cushions on outdoor armchairs, plush pillows on a hanging swing, and a striped runner rug leading to the front door. Outdoor textiles are an excellent vehicle for implementing a color scheme and celebrating various holidays throughout the year.

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Set a Welcoming Table

Porch dining table set in a blue and white color scheme

Finding Lovely

If space permits and weather allows, set a welcoming table on your porch. Decorate it with seasonal greenery from the backyard and opt for mismatched seating for a casual feel, or incorporate a bench if space is tight.

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Dress the Porch Steps

Front porch steps decorated for fall

Design by Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

The tiered nature of porch steps naturally creates height and dimension to make a seasonal display visually interesting. The steps also provide the perfect spot to display seasonal plants and other decor and visually draw the eye toward the entrance to the home.

Stick with a traditional look and opt for symmetry, or go with an asymmetrical layout when dressing the steps for a more organic, contemporary feel.

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Decorate With Lanterns

Double front doors decorated with fresh greenery

@weremodelit / Instagram

Outdoor lanterns are one of the best accessories when it comes to creating a warm and welcoming porch. It’s worth the investment to buy a quality set of lanterns, as they can be used year-round and for multiple holidays with just a couple of small tweaks.

Make sure the lanterns you pick are outdoor-friendly and select several different heights for contrast. Use flameless candles for safety and to eliminate the hassle of having to replace candles. Switch things up throughout the year by filling the lanterns with pebbles and shells in the summertime, and adding festive bows for Christmas.

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Opt for Timeless Classics

Black and white porch decor and furniture

@lemonleafhomeinteriors / Instagram

Farmhouse style is truly timeless and while it’s been trendy for the last several years, its main elements will always be in style. That’s why it’s important to invest in classic pieces that you can use for years to come, no matter what trends come and go.

One item is outdoor chairs for your porch—rattan armchairs, rockers, and Adirondack chairs are all timeless pieces that will never go out of style. To make these classics look trendy, simply switch out the pillows you use on them or the type of side table you place between them. Keep the basics neutral and classic, and go trendy with the less expensive, easy-to-switch-out accents.

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Don’t Forget the Back Porch

Porch with black trim decorated for Halloween

Design by Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

When it comes to decorating your farmhouse porch, don’t forget about the back, especially if you and your guests typically enter the house through a back door because of a driveway or garage.

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Hang Window Boxes

Window box hanging on a front porch

Kate Stoupas / Getty Images

In addition to planters by the front door and scattered around the porch or hanging from the ceiling, display seasonal plants in window boxes. They add so much charm and character—if you use colorful, seasonal flowers, they’re an excellent way to incorporate pops of color that stand out against exterior siding.

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Get a Bench

Front porch with a bench and small tree in a basket

Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona

A bench is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture for your home, both for the inside and outside of your home. It can be a way to convey a certain design style, and it lends itself well to being adorned with an assortment of seasonal throw pillows.

Some benches also offer closed storage space that’s also a plus for storing fragile porch items and textiles before a storm.

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Boost Curb Appeal

Farmhouse style porch with wooden front door, layered mats, and fall decor

@lemonleafhomeinteriors / Instagram

One of the best ways to boost curb appeal and freshen up your farmhouse porch is by replacing outdated wall sconces with new ones. The small and relatively inexpensive swap can make a world of difference in updating your outdoor space and adding an extra decorative layer for a welcoming experience for guests.

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Suspend Pendant Lights

White house with oversized windows with wood shutters

Kate Marker Interiors

Alternately or in addition to wall sconces, suspend pendant lights from the porch ceiling to add charm and a practical feature—extra light.

For a more traditional and sophisticated farmhouse look, choose lantern-style pendants that have a classic quality. For a more modern, industrial-inspired choice, opt for black metal pendants that are more relaxed and utilitarian in nature.

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Embrace the Season

White potted plants on porch steps

Finding Lovely

Embrace every season when it comes to decorating your farmhouse porch. You can do so through potted plants, decorative outdoor signs, festive throw pillows and blankets, a statement wreath on the door, or a fun doormat—the possibilities are endless.

View your porch as an extension of your indoor living space and a way to greet guests and make them feel welcome the moment they see the porch.

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Go for Comfort

Screened in porch with rattan seating arrangement

Andi Morse Design

Ultimately, go for comfort. A true farmhouse porch is all about a relaxing place where you can sit and linger, drink your morning cup of coffee, chat with a neighbor, and enjoy a moment to slow down. That’s why deep armchairs, plush pillows, and comfy porch swings are quintessential farmhouse staples you absolutely need on your porch.

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