37 Bold and Classic Blue Nail Designs for a Timeless Look!


Allow yourself to be inspired by these blue nail designs. The color blue represents many things, including trust, wisdom, confidence, and loyalty. These attributes make it the perfect color to use when creating a design that represents you and your personality.

If you’re looking for something classic, try a blue French manicure. For something more fun and playful, go for a blue ombre design.

You can also experiment with different shades of blue to create a unique look that’s all your own. No matter what style you choose, these blue nail designs are sure to make a statement.

blue butterfly nails
Artist Credit: alex_attheparlour

This blue butterfly nail design is perfect for springtime and summertime. Adding a few sparkles to the design will help to create a look that’s both fun and sophisticated.

beautiful blue nails
Artist Credit: bigfatjenna

I love how creative and feminine these nails are. They include a lovely double French tip design and cute blue and white hearts at the cuff of the nail.

blue and white gel nails
Artist Credit: bylucy

If you love square nails, I think you’ll love these blue and white square gel nails. Have fun getting creative with different patterns for your design.

blue and gold foil nails
Artist Credit: checkmynailssis

Gold foil and simplicity combine to create nails that are feminine, elegant, beautiful, and creative. Choose your favorite shade of blue for your nails.

blue and white swirl nails
Artist Credit: elenmarnails

You can’t go wrong with a set of gorgeous blue nails. These nails feature a fun blue and white swirl, that includes two different shades of blue.

Hearts of Comme de Garcons nails
Artist Credit: hanna.panka.educator

The nails were extended with the gel on the mold, we added a little pattern and color. If you love the hearts of Comme de Garcons, you should love these nails.

blue flame nails
Artist Credit: head2toe.hair

Those who love flame designs should try out these cool blue flames. For more, check out these flame nail designs.

baby blue nails
Artist Credit: julialejanails

For anyone who likes softer blues, consider choosing a baby blue nail polish for your nails. You can also add some gold foil to make them stand out.

ocean nails with waves
Artist Credit: kaminska_alexandra

Enjoy the waves with a set of ocean-themed nails with gold accents.

I like how the design has only been added to two of the nails. You can have it applied to all of your nails if that’s your preference.

Artist Credit: li_lac_nailbar

The hearts of Comme de Garcons design has been added to these blue nails to give them a fun and original look. This design would look great with short and long nails.

royal blue gel nails
Artist Credit: nadjavivesbatista_nails

If you’re looking for gel nail ideas, consider these square-shaped nails in royal blue. You can have your nails done with or without the gold flake accents.

blue flower nails
Artist Credit: nails_and_soul

These beautiful blue nails have been handpainted by the talented Nia Ho. I just love her style and recommend checking out more of her work by following the link below.

blue ombre nails
Artist Credit: nailswithmelissa_x

If you can’t decide on a shade of blue, why not choose five different shades? Each nail is painted a different color, giving the nails a beautiful ombre effect.

blue swirls and French tips
Artist Credit: nailswithmelissa_x

This design combines a French tip design with a swirl design, creating an elegant look. You can go lighter or darker when choosing your nail polish.

butterfly effect blue nails
Artist Credit: nailzbymarley

Combine blue ombre with a butterfly wing pattern to create these butterfly effect nails. This design would also look great with different shades of pink or purple.

blue doodle nails
Artist Credit: paiges.nail.kitchen

Play around with different colors, patterns, and doodles to create a fun set of nails. If you look at the thumbnail, you can even see that a cool cheetah print has been included.

minimalist blue nails
Artist Credit: poshmegsnails

These creative double French tip nails are great for anyone who wants something unique and minimalist. I love how these nails are perfect for any occasion.

blue sky nails
Artist Credit: tpnailbar

These long ballerina nails were inspired by the clouds in the sky. With a few minor changes, they would also represent the waves in the ocean.

Sparkling Blue Nails
Credit: shreddedcuticles

Add a touch of bling to your nails. Sparkling blue nails are all you need. Go for glossy royal blue nail polish and add glitter to your nails. This makes the perfect mix of sparkles and blue.

Marble Nails
Credit: nunu_nailss

Marble designs are becoming more popular, and this blue and white combination is a perfect way to try out the trend. The swirls of blue and white create a stunning effect.

Floral Nails
Credit: thehotblend

Floral designs are always in style, and this blue and white flower print is no exception. This design is perfect for the summertime or for those who want to add a feminine touch to their style.

Blue French Tip
Credit: sansungnails

This classic design gets a modern twist with blue French tips. It’s an easy way to add some color to a traditional look. You can also switch up the colors and use a different shade of blue for the tips.

Butterfly Nails
Credit: heygreatnails

Butterfly designs are perfect for the summertime, and this blue butterfly nail art is a perfect example. The shades of blue and the intricate designs make this design beautiful and eye-catching.

Modern Dark and Light Blue Nails
Credit: charsgelnails_

For a minimalist look, go for a combination of dark and light blue shades. This design can be achieved with two shades of blue nail polish and a steady hand.

Baby Blue Nails
Credit: thenaillologist

If you prefer a more subdued and graceful look, then you will love these beautiful baby blue nails. Baby blue polish is perfect for springtime or summertime and can match any outfit.

Wavy French Tips
Credit: nailsbysmf

If you’re looking for a unique twist on the classic French tips, this wavy design is a must-try. Go for a light blue for the base, then go for a dark blue wave on top.

Doodle Nails
Credit: mynailgirlness

With doodle nails, you can be as playful as you want. Go for a light blue base, and add different playful doodles. This design shows off your fun side.

Nails with Happy Faces
Credit: mynailgirlness

Sometimes, all we need is a little bit of happiness. Inject some sunshine into your day with happy face designs. You can also add happy faces with different facial expressions.

Cute Short Nails
Credit: allnailss._

If you have short nails, don’t worry – you can still have beautiful nails. Opt for a pastel blue shade, and keep the design simple. This is a perfect minimalistic design for short nails.

Blue Ombre Nails
Credit: suziemoon626

Ombre nails are still trending, and it’s easy to see why. The gradual fade from dark blue to light blue is a subtle yet beautiful way to add color to your nails.

Blue Nails with Rhinestones
Credit: l.anett.nails

According to Coco Chanel’s quote, less is more, but sometimes a little more is better. Go for a royal blue nail polish, and add some rhinestones for a classy look.

Blue French Tips with Rhinestones and Flowers
Credit: nailsbykimyy

If you’re going for a fun and elegant look, I suggest this blue French tip design. Add some rhinestones and white floral designs for a stand-out look.

Swirly Blue Nails
Credit: reshbavny

Swirly blue nails are for those who love a little bit of cuteness and fun. Go for a pale base, and creatively add different blue patterns. This gives your nails a chic look with swirls and fun patterns.

Long Blue Nails
Credit: pegi_nails

Long blue nails are an excellent choice to show off your hands. Go for a vibrant blue color, and you can even add a shimmering top coat.

Blue Nails with Stars
Credit: thehotblend

Stars are the perfect accent to blue nails. Go for a sheer cream base, and add blue stars to some nails. This adds a pop of elegance to the nails.

Short Blue and White Nails
Credit: l.anett.nails

If you still want to keep it simple but want some accents, short blue and white nails are for you. The rhinestone pattern used for these nails is amazingly unique.

Neon Blue Nails
Credit: karin.nailedit

Go bold with neon blue nails. This color will make sure you demand attention wherever you go. Opt for a simple nail design so that the neon blue shade can focus attention.

Whether you’re looking for a new way to express yourself or just need some inspiration, take a look at these blue nail designs. From subtle blues to bolder shades, there’s something for everyone.

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