37 Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas to Inspire Your Next Remodel


The bathroom is a sacred space to freshen up each morning and wind down at night. And since they’re one of the most frequented rooms of the house, bathrooms deserve just as much attention as the rest of our home. Whether you want to revamp your primary bathroom or have fun with a small powder room, bathroom wallpaper is an easy way to bring a unique touch to your space.

Wallpaper is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to bring fresh color, pattern, and texture to your bathroom. Available in almost every color, pattern, and texture you can dream of, it’s easy to find a wallpaper that perfectly matches your design style. Wallpaper is easy to install, conceals imperfections, and even protects walls from moisture. Check out these bathroom wallpaper ideas and gather inspiration for your next bathroom makeover.

 Annie Schlechter

Dark, moody shades are one of this year’s most popular design trends, so bold with color and pattern to give your bathroom a modern edge. Abstract shapes litter a rich dark green background in this contemporary wallpaper design, creating a powerful impact.

James Nathan Schroder

Imitate tiles with a tile-effect wallpaper for a quick, budget-friendly revamp. Wall tiles are much more expensive to buy and install than wallpaper and waterproofed wallpaper is just as effective. This gray tile-inspired wallpaper adds texture, depth, and interest to this bathroom and complements the pale pink vanity.

Laura Moss

A small bathroom is a great place to try out a new design trend, such as the coastal grandmother style. Channel a coastal feel with blue grasscloth wallpaper that evokes gentle ocean waves and compliments the Mediterranean-patterned floor tiles.

Adam Albright

Nature’s naturally grounding and soothing influence makes it the ideal inspiration for your bathroom design. Pick a nature-inspired pattern, like this green tree design, to create an idyllic setting to reset and recharge.

Julie Soefer

Looking at this stunning bathroom wallpaper, one can’t help but feel at peace. The muted color palette and imagery depicting swans, flowers, and fronds transport you to the banks of a lake on a sunny summer’s day.

Brie Williams

Feeling brave? Small guest rooms or powder rooms are the perfect place to experiment with big, bright, bold patterns. Add to the wow factor by taking it onto the ceiling, too.

Anthony-Masterson Photography

This delicate blush pink wallpaper is soothing enough for any bathroom in the house. The graceful curves of the swans are emulated in the gentle curves of the mirrors and taps, resulting in an effortlessly elegant and cohesive bathroom design.

Dana Gallagher

Sometimes simple is best, particularly if your design style leans more traditional. A muted nature-inspired pattern like this makes a timeless addition to a primary bathroom.

Josh Grubbs

Black and white is a timeless bathroom color scheme for a reason. White feels clean and fresh in a bathroom, while black accents offer striking contrast and depth. Play on a classic design with a contemporary black-and-white bathroom wallpaper pattern.

Nicole LaMotte

If you have a small bathroom, go big on pattern. Many homeowners are surprised to learn that a large, repeating pattern with negative space between motifs can actually make a room feel bigger.

Werner Straube

Draw the warmth of the tropics to your powder room with a statement wallpaper. Wainscoting painted in a matching shade breaks up the bold pattern with a solid color.

Greg Scheidemann

Blue and white is a classic bathroom color scheme favored for its fresh and clean feel. For a modern take on a timeless color scheme, adorn the walls with a graphic bathroom wallpaper paired with a statement vanity.

Lisa Romerein

To really create a splash in a small bathroom, opt for an outlandish wallpaper that makes people look twice. It’s not until you take a closer look at this kaleidoscope pattern that you realize it’s made up of lots of little insects.

David A Land

Forget cheetah and leopard prints! This animal print wallpaper features silhouettes of all kinds of pups. A pop of pattern like this is an easy way to jazz up a classic powder room with a light-hearted touch.

Paul Costello

Conjure the idyllic rural French countryside in a small powder room with toile wallpaper. Popular since the 18th century, toile de Jouy is a classic pattern depicting romantic rural scenes in a single color against a neutral backdrop. 


Wallpaper is an excellent tool for highlighting beautiful architectural features. Textured wallpaper draws our attention to the beautiful alcove in this bathroom while also zoning the space as a designated spot for R&R.

John Bessler

This skyscape in black and white is dramatic, moody, and full of energy. The understated color scheme allows you to focus on the etched pattern and makes the gray marble and chrome vanity almost go unnoticed.

Jay Wilde

Bring the English countryside to your bathroom with William Morris prints featuring fluid, interlacing lines and motifs drawn from English flora and fauna in rich color palettes. The naturalistic wallpaper creates an exciting interplay with the contemporary elements of the space.

Jay Wilde

This bathroom showcases a modern take on the quaint Chinoiserie wallpaper pattern, made popular in 17th-century Europe. The monochrome botanical backdrop is littered with birds and butterflies, giving the small bathroom pops of color and a fanciful feel.

Jay Wilde

Give your dated shower room a contemporary makeover with a cool geometric bathroom wallpaper design. Geometric patterns instantly transform a space and give it a modern feel, no matter how old or dated the bathroom is.

Rachel McGinn

The designer of this bathroom went all-out with color and pattern. The bright blue geometric wallpaper and dazzling red vanity and glossy floor bounce off each other, while the yellow door knobs complete the fabulous primary palette.

Kim Cornelison

A small powder room can actually seem smaller with tiny, repetitive patterns on the walls. Stick to large, random designs in small spaces to make the tight squeeze look and feel as large as the florals on these walls.

Jay Wilde

Employ graphic wallpaper with a quirky theme in your powder room for a hit of eccentric style. This fun ostrich print matches the small bathroom’s navy-painted vanity and creates one-of-a-kind character. If your bathroom sink doesn’t have a backsplash, be sure to use water-resistant wallpaper.

Gordon Beall

Snowy textiles and fittings spotlight a bathroom focal wall covered in pink-and-white wallpaper. If you’re papering a single wall in your bath, choose the wall farthest from the shower, which produces steam that could potentially damage the wallpaper adhesive. This sweet hue warms up the otherwise neutral primary bathroom that stays light and airy thanks to a glass-paneled walk-in shower and three oversize mirrors.


Wallpaper in a bathroom acts like artwork and gives the space another dimension. This chic Greek-key-inspired wallpaper creates dramatic contrast against ebony-stained wood floors and a traditional freestanding bathtub. Be sure to stick to tranquil wallpaper designs in your spa-like bath spaces.

Edmund Barr

Don’t be afraid to flirt with color and pattern; a small space like a powder room is a great place to go bold with wallpaper. These bright blooms honor the classic look of traditional white fixtures while contributing a touch of modernity with the pattern’s oversize scale. Before putting up this pretty bathroom wallpaper, be sure to sufficiently prep and prime the walls for optimal application.

John Bessler

Make a large bathroom feel more welcoming by carrying wallpaper up onto the ceiling. The innovative wallpaper placement contains the space and delivers a sense of grandeur thanks to an Art Deco pattern that creates an overhead canopy. As ceilings tend to collect condensation from hot showers, be sure that any wallpapered bathroom has a vent in or near the ceiling.

Laurie Black

Wallpaper with a graphic nature-inspired print gives a sense of depth in this new-meets-old powder room. Placed above tall wainscoting, the wall treatment evokes vintage style when paired with a branch-framed mirror, brass faucet, and antique-style washbasin. The wainscoting also helps protect the wallpaper from damage such as splashes from the sink or condensation from pipes.

James R. Salomon

Balance a bright, busy wallpaper pattern with a clean white subway tile backsplash. The tropical print in this guest bathroom takes the space from boring to breathtaking while still honoring the home’s traditional touches. Be sure to do the math on your wallpapering measurements.

Scott Little 

While grass cloth offers subtle color and texture to a bathroom with small square footage, the woven layers are prime for collecting water that could harbor dangerous mold and mildew. In spaces prone to splashes and steam, faux variations (like this Better Homes & Gardens Peel and Stick Wallpaper, Faux Textured Grasscloth, $40, Walmart) offer the same look but are easier to maintain.

Emily Followill 

If there’s one thing this kiwi-and-purple color scheme proves, it’s that opposites attract attention. Stylized floral wallpaper with subtly different shades of greens and purples inspires the vibrant green used on this bathroom’s vanity and mirror frame. To make your paper last longer, allow your vanity’s countertop to curve into a backsplash.

Stacey Brandford 

Cherry-blossom-inspired wallpaper climbs the wall above crisp white paneling in this sophisticated space. The soft gray detail adds interest to a white-on-white palette and sparkles in the light of a glass chandelier. For pretty patterned wallpaper like this, be sure to use flat, non-embossed designs for walls that will last.

Tria Giovan Photography

Love vintage style? Express it in your bathroom wallpaper. This leafy pattern picks up on the patina of antique sconces, and it adds feminine flair to the neutral room. Keeping wallpaper above the splash limits of the sink and tub is ideal for families with children.


If you think modest dimensions demand quiet colors and diminutive designs, this fashion-forward powder room will make you reconsider. Metallic damask wallpaper pops against a black-and-white checked floor. Minimalist white fixtures with black hardware ground the look. This metallic design is especially good for its cleanability—spills and splashes wipe right off.

Dustin Peck

Subtly patterned wallpaper in a neutral shade (similar to this Better Homes & Gardens Blue Adaline Floral, $45, Walmart) adds warmth, character, and depth to this petite powder room. A shapely vintage-style faucet and vanity pick up the curvaceous shape of the elegant wallpaper pattern. A vinyl wall covering like this isn’t susceptible to water damage and won’t stain.

Werner Straube

Limited wall space makes expensive designer wallpaper or a custom wall treatment affordable. For a guest bath, try a daring animal print, like this fun zebra wall covering, or an unexpected color that excites as well as invites. Many animal-print wallpapers incorporate embellishments; avoid flocking and highly textured wallpapers that won’t lend themselves to humid rooms.

Christina Wedge

Continue the style of your wallpaper’s pattern throughout the room for a cohesive look. Here, the wall’s swirling design echoes in the shape of a shimmering chandelier and the slipcover of a Parsons chair. For pattern-heavy prints like this one, be sure to carefully line up your wallpaper and match seams.

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