35 Insanely Pretty Pastel Nails You Should Try this Year


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This post is all about the best pastel nails. These nail designs are cute enough to wear all year round but they’re especially perfect for spring and summer!

Why do pastels make everything so much prettier?! Honestly, make anything pastel and it becomes 10X cuter and you want to stare at it for longer! At this point it’s a scientific fact. Kinda like that shade of pink that went viral for having a calming effect of people.

Anyway… Seeing as it’s the season of pastels, it’s got me thinking a lot about how to incorporate the colors into my life. We all love a good pastel colored sweater or t-shirt but what about pastel nails? The colors make for such stunning nail designs you guys, it’s even kinda shocking how much you can do (in terms of like designs and effects)!

Since spring and summer are on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to get pastel nails (but I honestly feel like they’re just as stunning at any other time of the year too!). So hopefully the nail ideas in this post will give you some inspiration because they’re all super cute!

1. Purple Gradient Pastel Nails

pastel nails
@_nailsbyemmaa_ on instagram

Purple is literally one of the top tier of the pastels. So why not embrace it and do a stunning gradient of the color as a nail design?!

2. Rainbow Ombré Pastel Nails

pastel nails
@annagasienica_ on instagram

I’m convinced ombre nails only work when it’s pastel colors, because nothing looks prettier than a combo of nude polish or white polish with cute ombre pastels…

3. Negative Space Pastel French Tips

pastel nails
@_nailsbyemmaa_ on instagram

French tips on their own are stunning! And if theses nails were filled in with these colors they would be stunning, but man, there is something extra special and unique about the negative space design!

4. Topsy-Turvey Pastel French Tips

pastel nails
@artdecom on instagram

I don’t know if these should have been called negative space pastel frenchies instead because that is kinda what they are! Anyway, aren’t these so cute?

5. Pink Ombré Pastel Nails

pastel nails
@overglowedit on instagram

I think we’re all obsessed with cute ombre’s. And there is just something about the nude nail polish to pink ombre that is just stunning!

6. Purple Abstract Nail Design

pastel nails
@jadeandpolished on instagram

These abstract nail designs are somehow always stunning! And it’s just a bunch of colors swirled together (it blows my mind!)…

7. Rainbow Leopard Print Pastel Nails

Rainbow Leopard Print Nails
@ingridraiana on instagram

These rainbow pastel leopard print nails are the literal cutest! The best part about these nails is how unique they are, I mean a rainbow leopard print?? Stunning!

8. Daisies and Pastel French Tip Nails

Daisies and French Tip Nails
@_nailsbyemmaa_ on instagram

Captured spring in a manicure. If you’re looking for a good spring (maybe even summer) manicure then this is the prefect design!

9. Pastel Green and White Nails with Swirls

Green and White Nails with Swirls
@fasia.nails on instagram

Swirly design nails are always such a good choice because they take normal plain and boring nails and they make them fun and exciting…

10. Short Pastel Lilac French Tips

Lilac French Tips
@allnailss._ on instagram

Lilac is the best of all the purples, you can’t convince me otherwise… There’s something soothing about a nice lilac. I love the fact that not all the nails in this design are French tips, it makes the design different and fresh.

11. Pastel Yellow Daisy Nails

pastel nails
@artdecom on instagram

Nails with daisy designs are always so cute (and even better when paired with a cute pastel yellow)! And they’re especially perfect for seasons like spring and summer!

12. Color Block Design Nails

pastel nails
@jadeandpolished on instagram

I’ve honestly never understood why they call it color blocking. All I know is that it’s a really pretty effect when done right or with the right colors…

13. Peace, Love & Happiness Nails

pastel nails
@disseynails on instagram

These nails give off the whole peace, love and happiness vibe. Who’s going to say no to such chill (but also kinda not) nails?!

14. Pastel Yellow Geometric Nails

Yellow Geometric Nails
@heygreatnails on instagram

These alternating yellow, lowkey geometric design nails are gorgeous. Honestly obsessed with the simple yet unique design…

15. Purple Pastel Gradient French Tips

Purple Gradient French Tips
@nailsbyalsn on instagram

Didn’t I mention how obsessed I was with this shade of purple a few nail designs ago? So obviously, I’m just as obsessed with this set of nails.

16. Sage Green Pastel Nails

pastel nails
@nailpolishedlife on instagram

Does sage green count as a pastel color? But who cares, because sage green is an amazing color and sometimes you need a simple nail design (there’s beauty in that too!).

17. Daisy Nails With French Tips

pastel nails
@nailsbyravi_ on instagram

There’s something so pretty about the daisy design on nails. And this particular design (the white over the nude polish) is so pretty!

18. Cloudy Nail Design

pastel nails
@nail.art.by.tea on instagram

Nothing like a vibrant blue sky to put a smile on your face right? So why not bottle up that feeling in the form of a cute nail design. This is the kinda nail design that’ll make you smile every time you look at it…

19. Pastel French Tips with Flowers

pastel nails
@naileditbeauty on instagram

For the pastel obsessed! Honestly these are the perfect nails for spring season but you can rock them any other time too (they’re that stunning!).

20. Rainbow Pastel Nails

pastel nails
@gelsbybry on instagram

I’m loving this new nail design of like French tips with reverse French tips at the same time. It’s a super cute design especially pastel-ified.

21. Alternating Pastel Yellow French Tips and Daisy Nails

Yellow French Tips and Daisy Nails
@amanda.sudolll on instagram

Little daisy flowers on nails will always be so cute, alternate that with stunning yellow French tips and you honestly have a solid set of nails.

22. Swirly Rainbow Pastel Nails

Swirly Rainbow Nails
@marismanis on instagram

Swirly nails are perfect on their own but if you add pastel colors, it just takes them to the next level, right?

23. Prism Pastel Nails

pastel nails
@amanda.sudolll on instagram

This nail design is definitely one that is out of the box! Just think about it, a prismatic design but with pastel nail polish…

24. Pastel Green Alt French Tips Nails

Green Alternating French Tips Nails
@unhas.dedicadas on instagram

Is there a specific name for this shade of pastel green? I’m sure there is but I can’t remember it right now… Anyway, I love nail designs that alternate between French tip and fully painted nails, it makes the look so interesting!

25. Sparkly Lavender Nails

Sparkly Purple Nails
@marismanis on instagram

I mean, a lavender ombre French tip moment is cute enough as it is but add some glitter flakes and you take it to the next level! (If glitter flakes are your kinda thing of course.)

26. Pearly Pastel Frenchies

Pearly Pastel French Tip Nails
@tori.nailedit on instagram

These pearly nails have become super trendy and let’s face it they’re undeniably pretty but they are definitely an interesting thing to stick on nails.

27. Pastel Pink Negative Space Nails

Pink Negative Space Nails
@avrnailswatches on instagram

I’ve already mentioned how stunning negative space nails are. And these pink outline French tips are not any different. Maybe even ore stunning because they’re pink.

28. Gradient Pastel Nails

Gradient Pastel Nails
@lauren__opal on instagram

These are probably the most classic pastel nails ever! I mean it doesn’t get as simple as this. Which is why it’s a classic! Simple and cute…

29. Pastel Cow Print Nails

Pastel Cow Print Nails
@wiktoria_makeup on instagram

One of my favorite nail trends is cow print! It’s a trend that feels like it came out of nowhere and then swept all of us by storm. I’m definitely not complaining it’s a cute print, weird but cute…

30. Ballet Slipper French Tips

Ballet Slipper French Tips
@allthatsglossy on instagram

This is such a cute twist from the traditional French tip nails. The cute little ballet slipper details show just how easy it is to take a classic design and put your own little twist to it to make it new!

31. Pastel Hearts Nails

nail art with pastel hearts
@lackschaft on instagram

This is a nail design that is just too adorable agh! But then spring/summer is a time of sunshine and laughter and all the good things so these nails are definitely fitting for the season…

32. Sunny Pastel Yellow Daisy Nails

pastel yellow nails with daisies
@leelegends on instagram

Is it possible for a nail design to remind you of happiness? These are nails that are so bright and sunny, they’re meant to put a smile on your face!

33. Pastel Frenchies

Rainbow French Tips
@nailsbyalsn on instagram

Who else is thinking of skittles right now? I don’t know why these nails remind me of skittles (a pastel version of them anyways)…

34. Pastel Rainbow Ombré Nails

Pastel Rainbow Ombré Nails
@nolas.nails on instagram

Literally obsessed with these nails. The way they’re so subtle but also have so much color is gorgeous. The perfect spring/summer nails!

35. Bold Pastel Skittle Nails

Bold Pastel Skittle Nails
@avrnailswatches on instagram

Is there such a thing as a bold pastel? If there is then these nails are definitely it! They’re bright and bold and pretty but still fit in with the aesthetic!

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