34 Dreamy Fall French Nail Designs with Classic Colors but Widely Used

Looking for fall French tip nails? These insanely cute fall French tips will have you feeling warm and cozy all season!

Fall French Tip Nails

There’s nothing like classic French tip nails that gets us all going, am I right? They are all the rage right now and come in so many varieties and designs that are bound to swoon anyone.

So, if you’re in the mood for some fall-friendly French nails that are going to get you compliments, look no further.

Welcome the fall season with these fresh and fun nail designs that you will immediately want to copy.

From half moons and chocolaty tips to deep-colored Frenchies, these are guaranteed to spice up your fall outfits in no time.

And if you just love getting a good French manicure, I have some great news for you!

Keep scrolling for the most chic and flattering fall French tip nails to slay this season.


1. Neutral French Splits

Black and brown tip nails
source: @thehangedit

Who said French tip nails have to always look basic? This two-shade French manicure looks so subtle and chic for fall, I’m in love!!

2. Magenta Fall French Tip Nails

plum fall french nail tips
source: @maniwithsami

I cannot tell you how much I love this rich plum color. It’s the most flattering fall nail color out there and this sleek French nail art is everything and more!

3. Neutral Frenchies

Neutral Frenchies for fall have my whole heart. And don’t tell me you don’t think these look absolutely gorgeous and classy. Because they are all the rage!!

4. Outline French Manicure

silver double french tip nails
source: @amberjhnails

Okay, these outline French tips look unreal! If you want something unique and eye-catching, let this French nail art be your inspiration!

5. Burgundy Tips

burgundy french tip nails
source: @amyle.nails

Wow, how goddamn gorgeous are these fall French tip nails? It’s giving fall in the simplest but most stunning way possible and I’m here for it!

6. Cute Autumn Flowers

Autumn french flowers
source: @maniwithsami

For all my floral girlies, here is the cutest fall French nail design for you! Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the use of the autumn-inspired palette to create this beauty.

7. Brown on White French Nails

brown tips with white underline
source: @avnailspa

Take the classic brown French nails to the next level by drawing white lines below for an understated look everyone will love!

8. Pretty Teal Tips

If you didn’t already know, teal tips for fall are such an attractive yet underrated design. I could stare at these nails for hours.

9. Fall Skittle French Tip Nails

fall colored skittle
source: @kuypernailart

Stuck choosing which color you should get for your next mani? How about painting all the fall-friendly hues on the tips? Oh yes!

10. Classic Chrome Tips

classic white tips
source: @maniwithsami

These glazed chrome Frenchies are giving me all the classy, elegant vibes. Perfect to go with any fall outfit of the season, don’t you think?

11. Brown Ombre French Manicure

brown ombre fall french tip nails
source: @disseynails

Omygod. I’ve been seeing this ombre French trend for a while now, and I can confirm this French manicure is the “it” design for fall. So chic and perfect!

12. Brown Abstract French Nails

brown abstract fall french tip nails
source: @disseynails

Are you kidding me?? Y2k inspired nail designs are all the rage right now, and these adorable fall tips are here to steal the show!

13. Fall Mixed Tips

fall color french tips
source: @amyle.nails

Simple French tips are always in, but these colorful Frenchies are the trend! Mix and match your favorite fall hues for a look that’s super chic and timeless.

14. Black on Gold Wavy Tips

black with gold tips
source: @maniwithsami

Black nails never go out of style. I loveee this French tip style that looks soo elegant and cute. And don’t even get me started on the subtle touch of gold!

15. Fall Dotted French Nails

fall dotted brown french tips
source: @amyle.nails

Put a minimal twist on the usual French tip nails that’s been all over your feed this season.

16. Neutral Wavy Nails

brown wavy nude french nails
source: @stormiinailss

We all live for neutral nails and these super easy wavy French tips are here to swoon you away.

17. Royal Navy Frenchies

navy blue tips
source: @amberjhnails

Make heads turn with these lush French tips. I swear, babe, dark colors are all you need for simple yet striking nail art this season.

18. Bottega Green Cuticle Frenchie

green tips with white cuticle
source: @maniwithsami

And if you want to try a modern French manicure, try these cuticle Frenchies for a spin on the classics. They are so fancy yet subtle, aren’t they?

19. Pumpkin Half Moons

Want to spice up a simple French mani? Just a swipe of a half-moon design around the cuticle is all you need to take your nails to the next level!

20. Golden Chrome Tips

gold tips
source: @maniwithsami

And if you want a nail art that lasts through fall, thanksgiving, AND Christmas, look no further because this versatile set is all you need.

21. Fall Flower Tips

fall color floral tips
source: @thehangedit

I seriously cannot get over how cute and playful these fall flower tips look. I mean, this floral nail art is perfect for adding a pop of color to your autumn manicure!

22. Fall Marbeled Frenchies 

brown marble french tips
source: @_blendnails

Marble nails are one of the most stunning nail designs ever, I have always been a fan, but these shiny marbled Frenchies just made my heart skip a beat.

23. Red Velvet French Tips

red velvet tips
source: @amberjhnails

Let’s not pretend that red velvet isn’t the hottest color to rock for fall. Have it on your tips as a classic or as swirls, either way, will get you tons of compliments!

24. Dark Brown Tips

brown nude french tips
source: @iiselarodriguez

Brown nude nails = perfection. And these nude French tips say exactly that!

25. Fall Nude Tips

fall nude tips
source: @nailedby_lyss

Okay, how gorgeous are these studded nude nails? It looks cute, but extremely stylish as well!

26. Pumpkin Spice Latte Frenchie

These are the perfect tips to go with when you’re sipping on your annual pumpkin spice latte drink. Love the accent nails with white swirls!

27. Coffee Swirls 

brown swirls tips
source: @maniwithsami

If you want to try this season’s swirl trend, pick your favorite coffee color and have fun painting your tips!

28. Electric Blue Edges 

bright blue wavy tips
source: @amberjhnails

Something about these electric blue edges is making me want to drop everything and get them on my nails. They look so crisp and clean, I’m obsessed!

29. Butterfly Cuticles 

butterfly cuticles
source: @polished_yogi

Wow. I’ve never seen butterflies at the cuticles and I loveee the placement. This HAS to be on your fall nails wishlist.

30. Soft French Slits

pink and red tips
source: @maniwithsami

Elevate your fall French tip nails with these two-tone French tips that are all the rage!

31. Fall Pallete with Pinky Accent

The accent nail is clearly the star of the show. Pair muted earthy fall colors together to give your nails a fresh pop of color.

32. Autumn French Florals

fall florals
source: @nailsbykatiedutra

How cute and detailed do these autumn florals look? I’m obsessed. 🥹

33. Black Diagonal French

black diagonal tips
source: @thehangedit

Get creative and go for a diagonal French to stand out. I swear, it gives your nails that classic and understated look everyone will love!

34. Sparkly French Tip Nails

gold on white tips
source: @amberjhnails

A touch of gold on the tip is stunning and simply states you are ready to welcome the next best months with open arms. I don’t make the rules. Let on the glitter!

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