32 Beautiful Black-and-White Bathroom Ideas

By Maria Sabella
Maria Sabella
32 Beautiful Black-and-White Bathroom Ideas
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Bathroom with Black Beaded Board

Black and white bathroom
James Nathan Schroder

If you want to go bold with wall color but don’t want to commit to painting an entire wall black, consider adding black beaded board. In this bathroom, it adds striking contrast to white walls without being too overpowering. The color scheme continues throughout the space with a black-and-white dresser, floor tile, and decorative wall accents. Add a natural element, such as floating wood shelves or a colorful bunch of flowers, to avoid an overly monochromatic look.

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Modern Bathroom with Black Vanity

gray and white master bathroom with double vanity
Annie Schlechter

A stylish black vanity is the showstopper in this modern black-and-white bathroom. Brass hardware and lighting add warmth and an additional layer of color to punctuate the two-tone space. If you’re using a minimal bathroom color palette, a good way to vary solid colors without introducing a new color is with pattern, such as this geometric floor tile. It adds great visual interest, plays with scale, and breaks up large solid surfaces.

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Small Black-and-White Bathroom

white bathroom with black accents
Brie Williams

Strike the right balance in a small black-and-white bathroom by using each color on both large surfaces, like the white subway tile walls and black ceiling here, as well as in small accents. Incorporate different shapes and patterns, such as this room’s round mirror, tasseled shower curtain, or hexagonal tile, to add interest to the space without more colors.

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Black-and-White Floor Tile

bathroom with patterned floor and white bathtub
Anthony Masterson

Patterned black-and-white floor tile grounds this otherwise neutral bathroom. The small-scale organic pattern juxtaposes a solid white rectangular tub. The built-in wood shelves and paint-dipped stool pull in shades of brown found in the tile and bring in a natural element to warm up the space.

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Transitional Black-and-White Bathroom

black vanity in corner with round mirror
Anthony Masterson

A charcoal vanity with brass-wrapped crystal knobs pairs with a stone countertop for a fresh, clean look. Natural tones and textures on the wood mirror, vanity tray, and picture frame add an organic feel and contrast the clean lines of the vanity and the hexagon floor tile. Add a vase of fresh-cut flowers for a temporary note of color in a black-and-white bathroom—they’re inexpensive and instantly transform a room.

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Black and Brass Accents

black and white bathroom counter with mirror
Adam Albright

A mix of linear and organic black-and-white accents make up this stunning small bathroom. The black lines of the glass shower door contrast the small-scale pattern on the floor tile and complement the black vanity and mirror frame. Brass hardware, wood accents, and houseplants warm up the space and create a layered look.

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Rustic Shiplap Wall

black corner vanity with round mirror and white shiplap wall
Adam Albright

white shiplap wall adds a rustic touch to this elegant black-and-white bathroom. It’s subtle enough to allow the black vanity to be the focal point and provides a clean backdrop for traditional sconces. Use trays or baskets to incorporate texture and stylishly corral toiletries.

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Black Herringbone Tile

bathroom with black floor and white vanities
Edmund Barr

Dark herringbone floor tile balances this sophisticated bathroom’s white and cream tones. If you have the room, large mirrors are an excellent way to bounce light around and create the illusion of space. Crystal drawer knobs, glass storage canisters, and polished nickel hardware keep this space light and airy.

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Matte Black Hardware

bathroom with marble vanity top and white shiplap walls
John Granen

Sometimes simple is best, as this black-and-white bathroom demonstrates. A thick stone countertop gives the otherwise plain white vanity a luxurious feel. The matte black hardware, mirror, and sconce create a sleek contemporary look, while white shiplap walls add a subtle rustic feel. Turquoise in the floor tile adds just enough color to brighten the space while maintaining the black-and-white color scheme.

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Patterned Wallpaper

corner with black and white patterned wallpaper
Nancy Nolan

A small space like a powder room is the perfect spot for bold black-and-white wallpaper. It provides an impressive backdrop for a traditional black vanity and ornate brass mirror. A crystal chandelier and warm hardwood floors enhance the stately look.

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Floating Black Vanity

black vanity and mirror in hallway
Brie Williams

For high-end style, play with scale. This oversized wall mirror creates a sense of grandeur and openness, while the single-bulb pendant light adds a sleek, minimalist touch. The clean lines and modern feel of the floating vanity juxtapose the organic texture and pattern of the area rug for an eclectic look.

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Bathroom with Black Ceiling

bathroom with wooden vanity and subway tiled walls
David Land

For some drama, go bold and paint your bathroom ceiling black. For balance, classic white subway tile walls brighten this space and create a neutral backdrop for furnishings and accessories. A glass cabinet offers vintage-style storage and coordinates with a black mirror, hardware, and lighting. A rustic wood vanity breaks up the black-and-white bathroom design and provides plenty of open and closed storage.

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Black-and-White Bathroom Floor Tile

newly renovated bathroom with black-and-white tiles
Julie Soefer

bold pattern floor tile acts as an area rug in this bathroom. It also emphasizes the black-and-white color scheme of the hardware, lighting, and wall accents. When you cover a large surface with a bold pattern, keep others, such as the vanity or shower curtain, solid to prevent the space from feeling cluttered.

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Stylish Black-and-White Bath

black vanity with two sinks
Lisa Romerein

Symmetry is a great way to achieve a classic look. This mix of old and new—a vintage-style black double vanity with modern, minimalist bathroom decor—elevates a monochromatic color palette. This bathroom features round mirrors, a rectangular vanity, and hexagonal tile for a mix of shapes that work well together.

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Black Paneled Shower Door

black and white bathroom with marble vanity top
Helen Norman

Tiles of various colors and shapes are used in this black-and-white bathroom to separate the shower and vanity visually. A black shower door adds an industrial touch; a bright white vanity and marble wall tiles brighten the look. You can’t go wrong with polished chrome hardware—it pairs well with other metals and will never go out of style.

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Buffalo-Check Painted Floor

bathroom buffalo check vinyl floor
Adam Albright

painted buffalo-check floor is an unexpected whimsical detail that completely transforms this bathroom. It’s a creative way to incorporate pattern and a fun DIY if you want a project. Farmhouse-style sconces flank the tub, and touches of black and white throughout the space maintain visual balance. Greenery adds a fresh splash of color and a natural element.

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Simple and Neutral

white master bathroom dual sinks with black countertop and black pattern tiled flooring
Edmund Barr

Clean lines and a neutral color palette add sophistication to this bathroom. Simple soap bottles decorate the vanity, while its bottom shelf provides ample room for storing crisp white towels and a wicker basket. Geometric floor tile adds pattern to the black-and-white decor.

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Black-and-White Pattern Tile

white bathroom with black decorative tile flooring
John Gruen

This black-and-white bathroom proves that neutrals are anything but boring. Mixing various materials, such as tile, wood, glass, and metal, creates a layered look. The vanity showcases clean, modern lines, while brass sconces add a second metal to complement a chrome faucet. To inject a little color, use an accent piece like this round velvet stool that introduces texture.

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Cost-Conscious Update

bathroom with black and white wallpaper
Josh Grubbs

If you’re nervous about wallpapering an entire bathroom or want to cut costs, consider using paneling or tile on half of the wall. In this bathroom, white ceramic tile highlights the stunning black-and-white wallpaper. A rustic wood cabinet in the corner holds daily essentials and extra toilet paper.

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Brass Bathroom Accents

black corner vanity with hanging mirror
Dane Tashima

Warm brass hardware with patina pairs beautifully with a black-and-white bathroom color scheme. This built-in black vanity and marble countertop perfectly fill a small nook, and a tall mirror and wall sconce draw the eyes up, creating a sense of height. If you’re tired of plain white doors, consider painting your bathroom door black for a bold, timeless statement.

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Classic Black-and-White Bathroom

freestanding tub on black and white patterned floor
Jay Wilde

freestanding tub is the epitome of elegance. In this black-and-white bathroom, patterned floor tile allows the tub to be front and center, while black window frames and a chandelier make the nook feel more spacious. White window blinds further the monochromatic design.

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Functional Black Double Vanity

Double sink with hexagonal tile walls
James Nathan Schroder

Add interest to walls with floor-to-ceiling tile, such as the hexagon mosaic wall behind this double vanity. It’s a great alternative to wallpaper or plain wall paint and is easy to keep clean. Substantial wood mirrors contrast the shiny black lacquered vanity and polished chrome hardware. A striped runner adds a cheery accent.

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Dark-Stained Wood Floor

white bathroom flowers towels tub gray bench
Emily Followill

The clean, white built-ins and streamlined soaking tub are grounded by the room’s rich espresso-stain wood flooring. This black-and-white bathroom also has a clever storage tower that transitions into a bench where a wall once divided this primary bath.

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Mix-and-Match Finishes

purple flowers bathroom colorful tile walls
Werner Straube

The simple styling of high-gloss lacquered cabinetry balances dramatic tilework on the walls and floors of this black-and-white bathroom. Polished marble counters with a mitered edge add heft, while a serene egg-shaped tub stands out against the busy patterns.

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Luxe Bathroom Touches

black tile floor wall yellow stool white tub windows
Michael Partenio

Crisp white walls practically sparkle against dark wood paneling. This elegant bathroom includes oversized black floor tiles and a traditional freestanding bathtub. Yellow accessories and art keep the black-and-white bathroom sunny and warm.

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Creative Contrast

baskets under sink bathroom mirror lights white vanity
Christina Wedge

Varied tiles, including large slate floor tiles and subway wall tiles installed in a vertical running pattern, add interest to classic black-and-white. Warm textures, like a driftwood-inspired mirror and woven baskets, balance this bathroom’s unobtrusive wall treatment and modern fixtures.

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Contemporary Black-and-White Bathroom

black white tile backsplash bathroom black vanity yellow flowers
Beth Singer

The eye-catching narrow tile on the wall behind a contemporary marble-top vanity is a focal point for this modern primary bathroom. Cool gray paint on the walls and similarly hued floor tiles keep the pattern from overwhelming the small space. Glossy black trim highlights the backsplash and makes the vanity the focal point.

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Spa-Like Features

white simple bathroom tile vanity sink mirror
Werner Straube

Clean lines and ethereal white decor make this primary bath a spa-worthy retreat. Matching all-white vanities float above a luminous white marble floor, while a black-and-white backsplash showcases an oversized beveled-glass mirror. The mosaic tiles make a big textural statement quieted with pale gray paint.

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Black-and-White Shower Tile

black white bathroom black white tile shower
Emily Followill

A wall of all-black tile adds drama to the classic white subway tile shower. Shades of gray, including light Carrara marble tiles on the floor, distinguish this walk-in shower. Using tiles in a mix of colors, shapes, and textures adds dimension to the small space. A glass shower door keeps the look bright and open.

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Charcoal Walls

simple bathroom windows white tub vanity
John Gruen

Don’t discount dark wall colors for a bathroom. Deep gray walls warm this big, bright bath where vintage-inspired light and dark finished tile reflects personal style. The charcoal paint helps the primarily white space feel more intimate while showcasing elegant embellishments.

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Gray Bathroom Color Scheme

gray bathroom tile tub rug shower bathtub
Beth Singer

Black and white linear tiles and no-slip river-rock floor repeat in this primary bath’s spacious glass shower and built-in soaking tub. Gray walls and flooring coordinate with the black-and-white accent tiles. Classic white trim contrasts modern fixtures to blend seamlessly with the home’s style.

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Marble Bathroom Surfaces

transitional bathroom glass shower white gray wall
Edward Gohlich

Charcoal-gray upper walls and marble below create a calm, elegant look in this monochromatic bath. Contrasting marble mosaic tiles form a ribbon around the perimeter of the black-and-white bathroom, adding a decorative focal point. Crisp white furnishings, including the sinks, medicine cabinet, and vanity stool, brighten the look.

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