30 Yellow Kitchens for a Sunshine Vibe in Your Home

Deirdre Sullivan
30 Beautiful Yellow Kitchen Ideas to Try

If your kitchen feels starved for natural light or could use a few pops of warming color, yellow will invigorate your space with a sunshiny vibe. But don’t think you have to paint everything lemon yellow during your kitchen remodel. The refreshing shade comes in a range of hues from amber to muted cream and chartreuse to saffron—and all shades will brighten things up while evoking that cozy feeling. To inspire you to liven up your cooking space, here are our favorite ideas for creating a stylish yellow kitchen.

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    Black Accents

    Modern yellow and black kitchen
     Atticus and Milo

    One of the freshest decor trends reinvents the classic yellow-and-brown 1970s kitchen. A favorite contemporary take is this cooking space by Australian design firm Atticus and Milo, which throws a black wall into the mix. Combining glossy surfaces with rustic textures makes this room feel up to date.

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    Yellow Base Cabinets

    Farmhouse kitchen with bright yellow base cabinets
     Alys Design

    In this Cape Cod-style home by Alys Design based in Pittsboro, NC, base cabinets serve up a heaping dose of lemon yellow. We appreciate how the bright shade warms up the crisp, pale walls.

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    Yellow Brick Backsplash

    yellow kitchen backsplash

    Pluck Kitchens

    A large yellow backsplash with vertical stacked subway tile functions like an accent wall in this space from Pluck Kitchens.

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    Yellow Window Trim

    yellow window trim

    Fantastic Frank

    A small dose of yellow can make your kitchen feel brighter. This Scandinavian kitchen from Fantastic Frank has bright yellow window trim that highlights the window and augments the natural light, a simple makeover with a big impact.

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    Maple Gold Kitchen

    Bright yellow cabinets and windows in kitchen with soapstone countertops
     Heide Hendricks

    When it comes to bold colors, the kitchen is the one place in a home you do not have to play it safe. A relevant instance is this charming example by interior designer, Heide Hendricks from Sharon, CT. The cooking space conveys happiness thanks to a brilliant shade of maple gold. We just love how the energizing hue plays up the soapstone countertop.

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    Yellow, Red, and Gray

    Kitchen with yellow cabinetry, red floor, and gray tile walls
     Aline Architecture

    The brilliant primary hues in this kitchen by Aline Architecture are an artistic feast for the eyes. Providing the backdrop are hand-painted gray subway tiles. Next yellow cabinets with hunter green detailing satisfy our inner Van Gogh. Lastly, red features, including the herringbone tile floor, sprinkle on exuberance.

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    Pair With Dark Red

    mustard yellow kitchen

    deVOL Kitchens

    Mustard yellow paired with dark red is a classic color combination that works well in traditional interiors. This space from deVOL Kitchens pairs mustard yellow painted walls with a block of dark red cabinetry finished with brass handles and pulls for a harmonious mix.

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    Small Decor Accents

    yellow kitchen decor accents

    Pluck Kitchens

    Even small decor accents in bright shades of yellow can have an outsize effect on your kitchen. A bright yellow butter dish and yellow planter add contrast with the royal blue kitchen cabinets in this bright space from Pluck Kitchens. Be sure to use varying shades, materials, and textures to add variation and interest.

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    Neutral Pairing

    yellow bar stools

    A Beautiful Mess

    Lift a black-and-white kitchen with a few yellow accents for a winning mix. A Beautiful Mess wallpapered the base of the kitchen island with patterned black-and-white wallpaper that is contrasted with bright yellow bar stools that structure the seating area.

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    Mustard, Blush, and Wood

    buttercup yellow kitchen cabinets

    Pluck Kitchens

    Strong mustard yellow cabinets add punch when mixed with blush pink and natural wood. This space from Pluck Kitchens gets the balance just right with a mix that makes the space feel spontaneous and warm rather than overly styled.

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    Yellow Fridge

    yellow refrigerator

    Fantastic Frank

    A bright yellow vintage-style fridge makes a striking focal point in any color kitchen. This eclectic Swedish country kitchen from Fantastic Frank is done up in Mondrian colors and antique furnishings and decor, with a large yellow fridge that is echoed by wall tiles and cabinet doors throughout the red, blue, and yellow space.

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    Yellow Kitchen Island

    yellow kitchen island
     Chairma Design Group

    The eat-in kitchen is the heart of this Austin, TX home by Chairma Design Group. Making a big splash is the yellow island with countertop seating. Wood accents and leafy plants contribute to the room’s buoyant aesthetic.

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    Gold Velvet

    golden yellow velvet kitchen table chairs

    Design by Cathie Hong Interiors / Photo by Margaret Austin Photo

    Yellow accents can steal the show, but they can also be a supporting player for other colors. Cathie Hong Interiors chose gold velvet upholstered dining chairs for the round table in this midcentury modern-style eat-in kitchen that add warmth to the dining table corner and complement shades of blue, orange, and green.

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    Yellow Sideboard

    yellow kitchen cabinet

    deVOL Kitchens

    Paint a freestanding kitchen cabinet to create a makeshift sideboard in an eat-in kitchen. Yellow paint and a white marble countertop adds a fresh note to this rustic kitchen from deVOL Kitchens, adding modern contrast with the stone walls and vintage accents.

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    Old-World Charm

    traditional yellow kitchen
     Fein Construction

    Historic renovations like this one by New Jersey-based Fein Construction combine old-world charm with modern functionality. The design team captured the kitchen’s original flavor with primitive-style cabinets in chrome yellow, a historic paint color. Where is the refrigerator, you may be wondering? All of the major appliances except for the oven are kept out of sight using cabinet panels. Doing so enhances the period look of the cooking space.

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    Yellow Ceiling Beams

    painted yellow ceiling beams

    deVOL Kitchens

    Introduce yellow accents in unexpected places to make an impact in your kitchen. The wooden ceiling beams in this country-style English kitchen from deVOL Kitchens are painted in a cheerful shade of yellow that lifts the neutral palette of the sunny space that is decorated with shiny copper pots and hanging plants.

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    Pops of Yellow

    Industrial-style kitchen with bold yellow cabinetry and retro-styled refrigerator
     Julia Staroselsky

    Interior designer and architect Julia Staroselsky perked up this industrial-style white kitchen with bold, yellow features. The cabinetry and also the retro-style refrigerator by SMEG take the cooking space to a fresh new level. The brick wall adds a layer of visual warmth.

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    Neon Focal Point

    neon yellow base cabinets

    A Beautiful Mess

    Pair neon yellow base cabinets with black countertops for an electrifying mix. In this modern kitchen renovation from A Beautiful Mess, the bright base cabinets create an instant focal point in the mostly white space.

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    Vintage Oven

    vintage yellow kitchen oven

    deVOL Kitchens

    Introduce a touch of yellow into your kitchen with a vintage appliance. In this U-shaped kitchen from deVOL Kitchens, a vintage pastel yellow oven is a perfect complement to the creamy walls and cabinets of the space.

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    Buttercup Yellow Banquette

    yellow kitchen banquette

    Neva Interior Design / Photo by Picthouse – Patrick Manclière

    A burst of yellow can make a small kitchen feel extra cozy. This small Parisian eat-in kitchen from Neva Interior Design has a buttercup yellow banquette that infuses the neutral space with light and cheer.

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    Scandi-Style Butter Yellow

    scandi-style kitchen with pale yellow cabinets

    Fantastic Frank

    While pale yellow cabinetry can sometimes veer toward country when paired with traditional cabinets and finishes, it can be surprisingly modern depending on the context. This Scandinavian kitchen from Fantastic Frank has clean lines and neutral finishes that are softened with butter yellow cabinet doors. A pair of copper pendants adds metallic warmth.

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    Yellow Cabinet Interiors

    Yellow kitchen cabinet interior
     E2 Architecture and Interiors

    We think painting the inside of kitchen cabinets a contrasting shade should be a must. In this modern kitchen by London-based E2 Architecture and Interiors, white cabinetry opens to reveal an unexpected burst of yellow. 

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    Midcentury Modern

    yellow kitchen cabinets

    Dazey Den

    Yellow works like a charm in a midcentury modern-style home. Dazey Den updated this Palm Springs kitchen with a throwback mix of yellow and orange paint on the cabinets and walls that is lightened up with plenty of white to keep it from overwhelming.

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    yellow kitchen island
     B Architecture Studio

    A kitchen in a small vacation home by B Architecture Studio gets a lift thanks to several custom updates. The yellow kitchen island and turquoise door pour on color. The concrete countertops boost practical function. The reclaimed wood backsplash came from locally sourced materials.

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    Contemporary Tiling

    contemporary yellow kitchen

    Fantastic Frank

    Create a contemporary tonal look by committing to a high-voltage shock of yellow from the walls to the cabinets, kitchen island, ceiling, and flooring. This modern kitchen from Fantastic Frank is drenched in all-over yellow, with warm wood wall paneling to add natural warmth, and white accents from the waterfall island to the geometric floor tile for a graphic feel.

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    Industrial Yellow Stools

    Gray and white kitchen with yellow stools
     Alys Design

    A few pieces of yellow furniture can spice up a neutral kitchen. Four metal stools give this transitional kitchen by Alys Design a playful twist. 

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    Saffron Kitchen Cabinets

    White kitchen with yellow cabinets and island
     Tribe Creative London

    Tribe Creative London tricked out this kitchen in a London apartment with striking saffron-colored cabinets. The warm and cozy hue pairs beautifully with the oak herringbone flooring. The Carrara marble countertops and stainless steel backsplash add contrast. 

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    Bold Yellow Accents

    White and blue kitchen with bold yellow chairs
     The Jack and Mare Design and Build

    Several yellow accents bring out the best in this cooking space by The Jack and Mare Design and Build, a firm based in Portland, OR. A sunshiny pendant light offsets the custom white cabinetry. Two counter-height yellow stools complement the blue kitchen island. A couple of yellow decorative pieces displayed on open shelving add whimsy.

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    Vibrant Curry Walls

    yellow kitchen with gray cabinets

    deVOL Kitchens

    Pair warm curry yellow walls with cool gray cabinets to create balance. This traditional space from deVOL Kitchens has a vibrant feel. The rich paint color serves as a backdrop for everything from wooden cutting boards to vintage paintings and decor objects displayed on open shelving painted in the same color for a cohesive look.

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    Yellow Tile Backsplash

    Green and white kitchen with yellow subway tile backsplash
     Studio 3 Architecture

    In this modern rustic cooking space by Vermont-based Studio 3 Architecture, a yellow subway tile backsplash and sage green cabinetry warm up the stark white cabinets and cool stainless steel appliances.

Is yellow a good color for the kitchen? 

Yellow is a cheerful and energizing color that can work well in both traditional and modern kitchens. Pick a bright or mustard yellow for a modern kitchen accent wall or built-in cabinetry. Choose a softer pastel shade for a vintage kitchen to create a homey feel. Complement a yellow kitchen with white or stainless steel appliances, natural wood and woven accents, or green plants.

What accent colors go with a yellow kitchen?

Accent a yellow kitchen with white trim, cabinets, and countertops for a fresh feel. Choose gray, beige or taupe for a softer feel. You can also pair accent a yellow kitchen with other warm shades such as orange, red, or pink. Or go in an opposite direction with shades of green, blue, purple, or brown to create a bolder contrast.


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