30 Spooky Ghost Nail Ideas


Nail extensions come in so many designs and shapes. Why settle for bland and ombre designs when there’s an endless world of unique and creative twists you can explore?  

It’s time to shake things off a bit and get your hands dirty (pun intended). You can start with something spooky and brilliant. Ghost nail designs! A perfect combo of cute and creepy. These designs are suitable for both Halloween and everyday use.

30 Ghost Nail Ideas You’ll Love

Whether you’re looking for downright spooky designs or ones that create an air of mystery yet alluring, we have put together the best ghost nail designs for you.

1. Bloody French Manicure

A screaming ghost with blood flowing on pointed nails. Wearing this ghost nail design creates an aura of mystery yet beautiful. A French nail design never misses. If you can get the ghost design right, you can probably do this yourself.

2. Blue Ombre Graveyard Manicure

The thought of ghosts brings images of the cemetery to mind. Combining both on your fingernails is wild and brilliant. The moody blue ombre background will make your fingers look like they have been dipped in a juicy blueberry. You may need a nail tech to replicate this design.

3. Black Neon Halloween Nails

With this neon ghost nail design, you’ll be the life of the party. It is a multicolor freehand design of different hair-raising elements on a black backdrop, and it is eerie and fun at the same time. You can try it yourself or simply get the stick-on nails.

4. Simple and Classy Ghost Nails

This nail design is for you if you love to keep things simple. Nude tones have a way of giving your hands a natural look. You can take this minimalist design a notch higher by spicing it up with ghosts, coffins, and skeletons. This style is suitable for occasions that require you to look polished with discreet elegance.

5. Pointy Orange Halloween Nails

What’s Halloween without the orange color? You can add more flare to your Halloween nail design by adding a ghost on an orange background, pumpkins on a pastel background, bones, and cobwebs with love in the middle. This is so unique and stylish!

6. French Mani with Spooky Tips

You don’t have to be extra to do the ghost nail design. A simple acrylic polish with ghosts and bats on the tips of your nails can give your hands a spooky touch (don’t miss the pun). The best part is you don’t have to be a professional to snatch this look.

7. Spooky Dark Night Design

For the love of black and white. We can see the smiley ghost with the stars beaming, spider and cobweb, a screaming undead, menacing bats flying by, and blood flowing on the pinky finger in black and white. This design may have many elements, but black and white can never be too cannot be too colorful. (pun intended)

8. Red Nails with Goofy Ghost

Who said ghosts have to be always scary? Well, this ghost nail design begs to differ. It is just another simple yet so brilliant nail design with a goofy ghost in a pool of red. You might not need a nail tech to get this done.

9. Checkered Pastel Nails

Just like I said earlier, there’s no limit to what you can do with nail design. Have you ever thought about making a checkered nail? Well, this is right in front of you—ghost on the middle finger with another spooky element on the others. A combo of pastel and orange is always on fleek.

10. Short Black and White Ghosties Nails

One wonderful thing about nail art is how you can create many designs using just two colors. This is another style of black and white ghost nail design. This time around, you can use white as a backdrop for one hand and black for the other. Also, you can alternate the ghosties’ moods and make them smile, laugh and cry.

11. Horror Film Acrylic Nails

The horror film fan in all of us will appreciate these nails. Each of these coffin-shaped nails has a unique pattern influenced by one of our favorite horror films, painted in traditional hues like black, white, and red. You could even paint your nails all white and add a few tiny red accents if you’re looking for something modest.

12. Bizarre Halloween Nail Design

These nails are just crazy in every way. A lively and festive aesthetic ideal for Halloween is created with various colors and patterns, and you might even combine various hues and patterns to create a truly original style.

13. Minimalist Short Nails

This season, wrap your hands in adorable ghosts. They’re incredible, and everyone will wonder where you had your nails done. The juicy part is how simple this design is to recreate. Has Casper, the friendly ghost, been spotted by anyone?

14. Funky Halloween Design

Black cats, ghosts, pumpkins, and corn candy. This October nail art design includes all you need for a great Halloween. The only thing lacking are goblins! The hues complement all your Halloween attire and are ideal for the fall.

15. Swirling Ghost French Manicure

Impress your pals with these original French manicures for Halloween. Every nail features a unique pattern, ranging from eerie ghosts to traditional black bats. Looking stylish has never been this easy! 

16. Horror Movie Stilleto Nails

You should be able to use your imagination and explore new ideas while choosing fun nail art for your manicure. If you want to express your ideas and feelings about the spooky season, try to blend various colors and images. You can include characters from your favorite movie. Coffin and stilettos nails are fantastic for this nail art because they offer larger space.

17. Short Floral Blue Nails

The color blue is a favorite for nails. Given the variety of shades available, picking a style that meets your preferences and harmonizes with your skin tone is simple. They are considered to be symbols of serenity and tranquillity. Just add a floral design with a ghost floating over it, and you are good to go! 

18. Starry Frankenstein Nails

This ghost nail art in black and white has it all: weird, charming, and endlessly entertaining. For a stitch-like appearance, apply vertical black lines to a white base, add dots for eyes, and add zigzags for a Frankenstein-inspired look (see middle finger).  

19. Yin-Yang Ghosty Design

With this simple ghost nail and spider web art, you may bring your thrills to your upcoming Halloween party. For a manicure that will get anyone in the Halloween mood, paint webs on one or all of the nails, then finish it off by adding a sheet ghost glossy finish.

20. Ghostbusters and Nickelodeon Slime Design

Hey, bbs from the ’90s! This Halloween manicure design will satisfy your love of Ghostbusters and Nickelodeon Slime, two timeless childhood favorites. Even if you can’t DIY these ghosts, some slime-green nail paint on your accent nails will delight your inner child.

21. Baby Pink Ghost Decal Nails

If nasty, bleeding nails aren’t quite your style, you’ll love these delightfully adorable ghost decals. If you want to go all out, swap the light pink lacquer for something moodier (try purple or charcoal polish).

22. Eerie Ghostown Design

This is for those who want to take scary to another level – An undead, a faceless monster, and a blood-crying witch with ghosts in the background. This might be the last piece you need for a spooky Halloween outfit. 

23. Short Bloody Ghost Nail Design

To recreate this classic style, start with a matte black base with crimson drips to the tips. Don’t forget to use a striping brush to apply the distinctive screaming ghost on your ring fingers.

24. Halloween Color Riot Design

Halloween can’t get weirder than this, from the colors to the elements. And what’s Halloween without weirdness? This design is tailor-made for the Halloween season.

25. Yellow Graffiti Ghost Design

Walls are not the only place to draw graffiti; ghosties don’t have to be black or white. You can also add your favorite spooky words to these brilliant black and yellow design ghost nail designs.

26. Pretty Smiley Ghost Nail Design

A colorful world with ghosts and bats in the night sky. This is a happy and playful design, and the bright colors and smiley make it perfect.

27. Short Orange Floral Nails

This looks like capturing the seasons on your fingers: Falls meets Halloween. You can get a floral design on your middle and index finger with just two colors. Simple and flamboyant!

28. Lovely Barbie Pink Design

This is for those that want to maintain their barbie style while participating in Halloween. It’s a pinky affair with ghosts, stitches, cobwebs, and love.

29. Glow-In-The-Dark Nails

Dot your nails with these little glowy ghosties and watch them shine bright in the dark. You might need a nail tech to pull this off.

30. Matte Nude with Ghosties

Put some spooky ghosties on that nude nails. You can have them floating in various directions. Remember, nail art and designs have no limits.

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